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The new album, Go Pets Go (CD/LP), out on CoS Records 7 June 2004.

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Plugs Plus info:

Plugs Plus is the fourth and new album of the computer trio DAT POLITICS. Based in the historic industrial city of Lille, their cheap laptops generate more than ever some epileptic micro-rhythm escorted by childlike acid melodies. But the real novelty resides in the warped and distortioned singing exercises which are this time mixed-up to their digital hymns.

Help in their experiments came by some protagonists of the international electronica jet-set, as BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM (two lovely ladies from California: Christine Erickson and Bevin Kelley, who also released on Kid 606's Label Tigerbeat6), MATMOS (Björk programmer on her Vespertine release), KID 606, FELIX KUBIN or LESSER, DAT POLITICS flash by the way of music but also texts some pixellised and pop snapshot focused on failed flirt and gastronomy.

After work with innovative and respectable labels as A-MUSIK; MILLE PLATEAUX, SKIPP or TIGERBEAT6, now the laptop band collaborates with electro trash label from the Berlin-based trio CHICKS ON SPEED to diffuse their domestic and terribly exotic new sonic adventures. Funny, futuristic and radical: THIS is future electronic pop! The CD is designed by CHICKS ON SPEED in cooperation with DAT POLITICS.

Watch the stories with the band in the April 2002 issues of Groove, de:bug and Spex: it'll be an eyecatcher.

DAT Politics on Chicks on Speed Records:


DAT Politics
Plugs Plus (CD)
cosr 006 / efa 29906-2
March 28 2002


1. dat politics
2. re - folk
3. pie (feat. Blectum From Blechdom)
4. Allo! Pepperberg
5. Morgens, Mittags (feat. Felix Kubin)
6. Senior Actif
7. tout bleu
8. icq
9. food
10. nitpickers
11. love noodle (feat. Blectum From Blechdom)
12. nude noodle (feat. Blectum From Blechdom)
13. pass our class (feat. Matmos and Kid 606)

Recorded at Lovestock Studio Summer/Fall 2001.
All tracks by Dat Politics.

With voices & lyrics by:
Kristin Erickson (3, 9, 11)
Bevin Kelley (3, 9, 11)
Felix Kubin (5)
Jo Zimmermann (11)
Martin Schmidt (13)
Gaëtan Colet (3, 7)
Drew Daniel (13)
Claude Pailliot (7)
Jason Doerck (13)

Additional sounds & keyboards: Emaric Aelters (4, 11), Felix Kubin (5), Miquel Dipedro (13).

Thanks for their participation:
Alex, Kiki, Melissa & Chicks on Speed team, Blectum From Blechdom, Schlammpeitziger, Felix Kubin, Lesser, Kid 606, Matmos, Aelters.

Photography by Elsa Pharaon.

Design by Skipp on Speed.

Thanks also to: all the bookers, gig organizers & friends who helped us.

Published by Edition Chicks SACEM.

Digipak inlay with an image and credits

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Go Pets 

DAT Politics
Go Pets Go
7 June 2004


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