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February 4, 2000

Pluxus See Pluxemburg, the new label for Pluxus!

Pluxus comes from Sweden, the land of heavy monotrax techno and, of course, some world-famous pop music, though their own musical output is clearly a diversion from the typical sound the "scene people" and fanboy purists expect from Swedish electronic dance music. The Pluxus debut album Fas 2 has already gathered some exceptionally good reviews among electronic music connoisseurs around the world, combining electro and eclectica in an original way.

During spring 2000, Pluxus will play two gigs in Finland: first in Tampere on Friday 3 March, at Kaukana väijyy ystäviä (Far Away Lurk Some Friends / Därborta lurar några vänner) festival organised by Club Telex and Mental Alaska; then in Helsinki on Saturday 4 March, at the Ratto Club of Kaukolampi and Vilunki 3000 of Op:l Bastards, at Semifinal.

Though telling me they are not big fans of e-mail interviews, Sebastian of Pluxus agreed to share some secrets of his band with pHinnWeb...

- Who are in Pluxus?


We are Adam, Sebastian, Björn, and the flying member Anders (live percussion).

- How did Pluxus get started?

We started about 1995 as a pop band but we sucked and couldn't play. Then we discovered synths. Pluxus took its current form in about 1997. It was then and it is now a perfect way of wasting spare time.

- Any musical influences that deserve a mention?

We talked a bit about this and came up with the fact that we have many different influences (and more non-synth). I don't know if you can hear this on Fas 2, but, as we see it, it's a quite shattered record with many different sounds.

- And any current acts which would particularly impress you?

We have, but, when asked for, we couldn't come up with any bands operating today. Not meaning that there wouldn't be any good bands today, or some crap like that; it's just hard to come up with any names...

Pluxus - Are you into vintage analogue gear like many electronic musicians seem to be these days?

We're into good sounds! Any gear: analogue, digital, swimming or flying, which can produce a good sound, is something we want.

- How have your live performances been so far? Any interesting anecdotes?

Sometimes drunken catastrophe, sometimes pure and sober joy.

- It seems you have gathered some international following so far. For example, the folks of Suction Records, Canada, were very fond of your album, and I've also heard some similar comments. So, how about your contacts around the globe?

This is thanks to Jonas' (Slowball Recordings) gigantic work and World Wide spider Web.

- How is Swedish electronic dance music scene at the moment, on your opinion? For example, any great parties in Stockholm or other Swedish artists/labels you'd like to mention?

The thing is that we're not part of any Swedish dance music scene. The dance music scene is too much DJs and obscure record collections. And we're not into that kind of music at the moment. Over here it's mostly house and crappy techno. We don't see ourselves as a dance act. We play electronic pop or something like that.

- And since you're now coming to Finland, do you know anything about Finnish music or local scene?

Well, we know of Pan sonic and a few Sähkö acts, Jimi Tenor, Larry and the Lefthanded, and now Op:l Bastards. But we have heard that Finland has a great underground scene for electronic and alternative music.

- Have you heard the Finnish act Aavikko? I thought I detected - alongside the more obvious electro influences - some stylistic similarities in your tracks to them...?

No, we have not (we don't have Internet at home and none of us has sound cards at work, so we couldn't listen to them).

- The future plans of Pluxus?

A new release on Slowball before the summer. And a few 7"s maybe. That's all!
We're looking forward to visit Finland (it's the light at the end of this winter tunnel).

Pluxus @ Kaukana Väijyy Ystäviä festival, Tampere, Finland

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Pluxus in studio

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