AUGUST / S E P T E M B E R 2000

Last time updated September 27, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

Urho Kaleva Kekkonen 100 Years, 3 September 2000!

Aavikko: Viitostie (HAWAII-11, Hawaii Sounds, CDS)
DJ Magic Mike: The Journey (Era of Bass Part 1) (MWR121, Mo' Wax, 2-LP)
Japan: Tin Drum (V 2209, Virgin, LP, '81)
Le CAR: Autobiography (EZCD-13, Ersatz Audio)
Neu!: Neu! / Neu! 2 / Neu! 75 (CDs, '71/'73/'75)
Nico: The End (ILPS 9311, Island, LP, '74)
Señor Coconut y Su Conjunto: El Baile Alemane (Multicolor, EFA 56008-2, CD)
V/A: Fact by Fact (FACTCD018, Fact Records)
V/A: Geologists and Professional Tourists (NBRD-01, N&B Research Digest, CD-R)
V/A: Ohm - The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980 (CD3670, Ellipsis Arts, 3-CD)
Virtalähde: Master Copy II (CD-R)
Visage: Visage (Polydor 800 029-2, CD, '80)
V/Vm: Machine (VVMT0007, V/Vm, 7"s)


everything's perfect alright forever

the wire sound system, london, uk

(rob young and anne hilde neset from the wire magazine)
sep. 00

Disc - TransferLP (Deluxe)
The Sea And Cake - Oui (Thrill Jockey)
Him - Our Point Of Departure (Perishable)
Flanger - Midnight Sound (Ntone)
Req - Car Paint Scheme (Skint)
Voice Crack - Shock_late (Entenpfuhl)
Nils Økland - Straum (Rune Grammofon)
Dean Roberts/Werner Dafeldecker - Aluminium (Erstwhile)
Dean Roberts/Werner Dafeldecker - Aluminium (Erstwhile)
New York Dolls - Lipstick Killers: The Mercer Street Sessions 1972 (ROIR)
Achim Wollscheid - Shifts (Ritornell)
Uusitalo - Vapaa Muurari Live (Force Inc)
William Parker Trio - Painter's Spring (Thirsty Ear)
Tungtvann - Lappa (EMI)
Various - Hmm (Sprawl)
Kid 606 - PS I Love You (Mille Plateaux)

Radio Mental Alaska, Radio Moreeni, Tampere, Finland

playlist 25 August 2000

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND: I heard her call my name
AMON DÜÜL: Im garten Sandosa
FAUST: The sad skinhead
NICK DRAKE: Day is done
JANDEK: Know thy self
THE SHAGGS: That little sports car
ALBERT AYLER: Truth is marching in
SUN RA: Sea of sounds
SUN CITY GIRLS: Cruel and thin
GHOST: Guru in the echo
BOREDOMS: Milky way
BOREDOMS: Songs without electric guitars
BOREDOMS: TV scorpion
THE DEAD C.: Children
SONIC YOUTH: Lee is free

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany

charts. thaddi. september.

01. snd - stdiosnd types (mille plateaux 092)
02. all the pretty things (involve 05)
03. the remote viewer - surface shake off your cares (atomic 05)
04. cathars - early bells & voices (atomic 06)
05. low - one more reason to forget (blue sanct musak 040)
06. unagi patrol - elevate and pool (carpet bomb 06)
07. gamers in exile (unbearable 05)

sakke, tampere, finland

top 5

01 plaid - trainer [2cd, warp]
02 funkstörung - appetite for disctruction [cd, !k7]
03 rob hood - nighttime world vol 2 [cd, m-plant]
04 britney spears - oops!... (rodney's electro mix)[cds, jive]
05 masters at work - the tenth anniversary collection [4cd, bbe]

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump CD
2. Stock, Hausen and Walkman - Organ Transplants VOL 2. CD
3. V/A - Electronic Toys (a retrospective of 70's synthesizer music) CD
4. ESG - A South Bronx Story CD
5. City Of Women - 1. 12"
6. pHinn - Kommandomix CDR
7. Kid 606 - Dont Sweat The Technics CD
8. Mark Vail - Vintage Synthesizers Book
9. Imatran Voima 12"
10. I-f - The Man From Pack CD

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

September chart...

. V/A: Putting the Morr Back in Morrisey comp 2xcd (Morr Music)
. B. Fleischmann: a choir of empty beds cd (Fuzzybox)
. Detroit Escalator Co: black buildings 2x10" (Peacefrog)
. Jega: geometry cd (Matador)
. Kim Cascone: parasites cd (Anechoic)
. Burnt Friedman: love songs 12" (Nonplace 004)
. Unagi Patrol: elevate and pool cd (Carpet bomb)
. Lackluster: r u oho? 12" (deFocus)
. CiM: reference cd (deFocus)
. Vert: the köln konzert cd (Sonig)
. C-Schulz & Hajsch: s/t cd (Sonig)
. Sean Deason: allegory & metaphor cd (Intuit Solar)
. Move D/Sutekh split 10" (Plug Research)
. Lester Lewitt: kombinations hypothetiqs cd (Elf Cut)
. Tomas Jirku: variants cd (Alien8)
. Microstoria: improvisors lp (Sonig)
. Metamatics & Clatterbox: project unison cd (Neo Ouija)
. Thomas Brinkmann: rosa cd (Ernst)
. Schlammpeitziger: augenwischwaldmopp cd (A-Musik)
. Christophe Charles: undirected/dok cd (Ritornell)

TLR, Holland

Chart aug/sept 2000 - In No Order

Cosmic Force - Who Can You Trust - Clone
Cocadisco vol 1 (A Side) - Viewlexx
Duracel - Inferior - Viewlexx
Adult. - New Object - Clone
Novamen - On the Wheels - Murder Capital
Teebee - Human Reptile - Subtitles
Inta Warriors - Inta Remix - Prototype
Ototax - Ototax Speaks - Phlegmatik
Michael Knight - Knight Rider - Devon
High Fidelity 3 - B Boys Breakdance Dub
Saukrates - Underground Tapes Vol 1&2
Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
Bass Junkies - Bass Time Continuum
Isaac Hayes - Theme from Truck Turner
Sean Paul - Strategy
Novamen - The Hague City - Bunker
+ about 30 more

Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

1. Kenny Dope: The Illout (Dopewax) 12"
2. Kehäkettu & Setä Koponen: EP (21" Produktio) 12"/CD
3. Pharoahe Monch: The Light (Rawkus) 12"
4. Miguel Migs: Take Me To The Paradise (Naked Music) 12"
5. De La Soul: Art Official Intelligence (Tommy Boy) LP/CD
6. Face Action: Samba (Nuphonic) 12"
7. Imatran Voima: Imatran Voima (Kostamus) 12"
8. Que D: Supa Shit (Royal Flyness) 12"
9. KMD: Black Bastards (Readyrock) LP/CD
10. Slum Village: Climax (Goodvibe) 12"
11. Platinum Doll Feat. P.Y. Anderson: Let Love Live (Suburban) 12"
12. Bahsamba: All I Ever Wanted (Estereo) 12"
13. Schools Of Thought: 1 of those days (Full Blast) 12"
14. Metro Area: Metro Area 2 (Environ) 12"
15. Erykah Badu: Bag Lady (Motown) 12"
16. Jill Scott: Love Rain (Hidden Beach) 12"
17. Freestyle Man: Going South (Cliche) LP/CD
18. V/A: Bare Essentials (Naked Music) LP/CD
19. Curtis Mayfield: Move On Up/Superfly/Freddie's Dead (Sequel) 12"
20. Innerzone Orchestra: People Make The World Go Round - J88 Remix (Planet E) 12"

DJ Lumpin (Verbrechan, Gargunok, UK)

Los Sampler's "Descargas"/Rather Interesting
Opopop "Justicia Digital"/Alku
Taylor Deupree "Polr"/Raster-noton
Birmingham "The Lucy Parr 7"/Hot Air
Goodiepal/Acustic "HI005"/Hobby Industries
Aeron Bergman "The Shed Album"/Diskono
Roli Widmer "Sali Sali/Tschau Tschau"/A-Musik
Felix Kubin "Schnitzler"/Pop'eclectic
Like A Tim "Red and Blue Boxing"/Rephlex

kemialliset ystävät (tampere, finland)

tämän viikon top 10

alphane moon: echoing grove cd
donovan: sunshine superman cd
hochenkeit: i love you cd
office building: to see only shadows cd
six organs of admittance: dust & chimes cd
skip spence: oar cd
sun city girls: rip-off campaign
tyrannosaurus rex: unicorn lp
v/a: blow of oblivion 3x7"
v/a: ohm - the early gurus of electronic music 1948-1980 3xcd
vermonster: spirit of yma lp

Walter Garber, Veloziped RadioTandem/BZ, Italy

I want to see my charts here because... it's a kind of egotrippin' :-)

1. Louie Austen: Hoping (cheap)
2. Theo Parrish: Parallel Dimensions (sound signature)
3. Luomo: Vocalcity (forcetracks)
4. Newworldaquarium (delsin)
5. Console vs. Tocotronic: Freiburg [Elegia mix] (ladomat)
6. Sascha Funke: Interlagos (cadeaux)
7. Anthony "Shake" Shakir: I hope you feel better soon!
8. Matthew Herbert: respect!
9. Lackluster: bring us new music!
10. Wang Inc.: monophonic living (coming soon)



johannes heil: "future primitives" (kanzleramt)
g d luxxe: "20th door" (interdimensional transmissions)
pole: "3" (kiff sm)
louie austen: "hoping" (cheap)
b.low: "croustiant leger" (cheap)
sascha funke: "safety first" (kompakt)
to rococo rot: "she loves animals" (city slang)
gas: "pop" (mille plateaux)
closer musik (kompakt)


i-f, mr velcro fastener, mini & pHinn @ club telex
aavikko @ läsnärock

Wille (Café Europa's Attic, Tampere, FI)


Minus8 - Elysian fields (lp) (compost)
Aquanote - True love (naked music)
Round two - New day (main street)
Mettle music collective - lounge lizard (attaboy mix) (toko)
Various - Future sounds of jazz 7 (compost)
NuSpirit Helsinki - Montana Roha Jazz ep (JCR)
Jori Hulkkonen - The moment (F-Com)
+ Llorca - Little computer people (F-Com)
Tone Theory - Limbo of vanished possibilities (plink plonk)

erkko (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)


1. tero: first blood (rikos records)
2. op:l bastards: scorpius ep (forthcoming on cool globe agency)
3. block 16: electrokution (nuphonic)
4. aavikko: viitostie (hawaii sounds)
5. dr. robotnik: boogie track (unreleased)
6. plastique de reve: ?syntax error (gigolo)
7. dave clarke: compass (gigolo)
8. jonzon presents veinmelter (gigolo)
9. i-f, mr. velcro fastener, mini & pHinn @ club telex
10. i-f, imatran voima, ebony & wilai @ helsinki turbo

Rainer Trüby, (Trüby Trio, "Glücklich", Compost Records, Germany)

Current top 11:

1. Zero dB: Come Party (Fluid Ounce)
2. Meitz: Africa - Phil Asher Restless Soul Mix (Airdrops)
3. Nicola Conte: The In Samba - Kyoto Jazz Massive Rmx. (Schema)
4. Trüby Trio: Alegre (Compost)
5. Hajime Yoshizawa: Secret Flight - Orig. + West Tokyo Mixes (Especial)
6. De La Soul Feat. Chaka Khan - MJ Cole Rmx. (Test)
7. Amalgamation Of Sounds: Phuture Soundz (Compost)
8. Shawn Lee: Happiness - A. Beedle's Secret Bossa 7" Mix (We Love You)
9. Los Ladrones: Las Luces Del Norte (Earth Project)
10. Frank De Jojo: Turn Off The Lights (Fluid Ounce)
11. Julien Jabre: Sun Is Back (Versatile)

"Spaces and Places" Charts from Jazzanova Charts

Sept. 2000

1. Modaji "Rush" (Laws of Motion)
2. DJ Ghe "Afutatam" (Dialog/ Sonar Kollektiv)
3. Landslide "Incurable Voices" (Hospital)
4. Blackeyed Peas "Weekend" (Interscope)
5. Salavador Group "Crosswinds" (Compost)
6. Rhythm Travellers "Messages" (Slate)
7. Jazzanova "Soon" (JCR)
8. Eric Kupper "Havanna" (Hysteria)
9. Stereotype and Soothsayer "Dub Club Track" (G-Stone)
10. Snowboy "Casa Forte" Pathless Remix (Ubiquity)

Michael Reinboth (Compost Records, Beanfield)

Current top 20:

1. MJ Cole "Sincere²-Jazzanova Remix (white)
2. Minus 8 "Remixes Vol. 1 & 2² (white)
3. Meitz "Africa² Restless Soul Remix (Sonar Kollektiv)
4. Hipnotic "Naima² (Laws Of Motion)
5. Native Force "Music Box² (Compost)
6. Pure Filth Ne-Groove "It Should Have Been You² (People)
7. Soulpatrol "Love Variations² (white)
8. Voom : Voom: "Ginger & Fred² (white)
9. Jeymes Samuel "When It Rains² (Epic)
10. V.A. "Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 7² (Compost)
11. Trüby Trio "Alegre" (white)
12. Fauna Flash "Mother Nature" (white)
13. Zero Db "Come Party" (Fluid Ounce)
14. Leila "Do YouGot Time" XL
15. Neon Phusion "Timeless Motion" (Co-Operation)
16. Yukihiro Fukutomi "Music Is The Healer" (JCR)
17. Antibalas "Nesta" LP (Afrosound)
18. Les Gammas "Now I'll Sleep" (white)
19. Photek "Can't Come Down" (Virgin)
20. Attica Blues "all new tracks" (white)

resident club: Into Somethin¹, Friday @ Muffathalle Munich, Germany, a.o. (see Compost homepage)

J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI, USA

Recent Favorites

1) Theo Parrish, PARALLEL DIMENSIONS (Sound Signature)
2) DJ Assault, THE UNFUCKWITABLE EP (Electro Funk)
3) Attica Blues, "What Do You Want?" (Sony)
4) The Slits, CUT (Island)
5) 69, 4 JAZZ FUNK CLASSICS (Planet E)
6) Vainquer, ELEVATIONS (Chain Reaction)
7) Two Banks of Four, "Street Lullaby" (Four Tet Remix) (Sirkus)
8) Various Artists, SPIELKREIS 03 (Bungalow)
9) Sonic Youth, SONIC DEATH (SST)
10) Larry Levan, LIVE AT THE PARADISE GARAGE (Strut)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland

1. Underworld : Cowgirl
2. Pascal F.E.O.S : I Can Feel That
3. Timo Maas : Ubik
4. Body Shock : Body Snatchers
5. Meeker : Save Me
6. Element Four : Big Brother
7. Grooveyard feat. Michel De Hey : Let The Music Be your Guide
8. 5 HTP : Yucatan
9. Saucermen : United Worlds
10. Abaku : Your Wildest Dreams

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