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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

pHinnMilkman vs. Procrastinator

And The Lefthanded: Walking On Mirror (Lefta 010, Lefta Records/Hypermusic, 7")
Atomic Nation: Atomic Nation (incl. Parallax Corp & Passarani remixes) (3-220022, Elp, 12")
Bored Dudes Society: Ghettoheed Overlords/Goldmoor Funk (Stilleben 007, 7")
Chicks On Speed: Sell-Out (Web Shop)
Chromatix: Life-Like (SPR-004, Spelunk, 12")
Carl Craig & V/A: Designer Music V1 (PE65255, Planet , CD)
Dakar & Grinser: I Wanna Be Your Dog (db91, Disko B, 12")
Detroit Grand Pu Bahs: Sandwiches (9230250, Jive Electro, 12")
Ectomorph: Breakthrough/Magnetic (Version) (IT15, Interdimensional Transmissions, 12")
Ellen Allien: Dataromance/Ellen Allien (Bpitch Control 013, 10")
Tom Flair: mn8 (Craft Rec. 48, Craft/Sabotage, 12")
The Hacker: Mélodies en sous-sol (GLP 01, Good Life, 2-LP)
Hot Butter: Pop Corn (ESMLP 936, Castle Records, LP, '72/'00)
I-f & Mr. Velcro Fastener @ Club Telex 080900
Legendary Pink Dots: Farewell, Milky Way (CAD 5, Caciocavallo/Soleilmoon, CD)
Malaria! versus Chicks On Speed/Barbara Morgenstern: Kaltes Klares Wasser (Monika Enterprise 11/Go Records 5.5., 10")
MAS 2008: De-cyphered Music (e1001111, Elektrolux, 2-LP)
Monkey Business EP (Sendertechnik 002, 12")
Mr. Velcro Fastener: Who's Gonna Bend (Ltd. edition blue vinyl, i220 Music, 12")
Mr. Velcro Fastener feat. Laser Squad: Electric Appliances Remixes (i220023, i220 Music, 12")
Op:l Bastards: Scorpius EP (F&F026, Form & Function/Zomba, CDS)
Anthony Rother: Simulationszeitalter (PSI006, Psi49Net, LP)
Sigur Rós: Ágśtis byrjun (PIASV 001 CD, Fat Cat/Pias Recordings)
Stereolab: The First of the Microbe Hunters (D UHF C025, Duophonic, CD)
Tero: First Blood (RIKOS003, Rikos Records, 12")
Throbbing Gristle: 20 Jazz Funk Greats (TGCD4, Industrial Records/Mute, '78/'91)
Throbbing Gristle: The Third and Final Report of... (TGCD3, Industrial Records/Mute, '78/'91)
Unstar: Teenaged Killed Forever (Telomerase Single Edition 01, 7")
V/A: International Deejay Gigolos Compilation 4 (Gigolo 40, International DJ Gigolos, 2-CD)
Wiper: The Telefunken Sound (WP 01, 12")

special mentions:

  • Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 051000. But: meet the new boss, same as the old boss...?
  • Boxman going bankrupt! Ha ha, good riddance! Stop killing small record shops!
  • CoS: Your Car Will Take You There (off 'CoS Peel Session' bootleg CDR, the scariest track of month)
  • Chris Farlowe: Out of Time (track on Tonite Let's All Make Love In London soundtrack, '67/'90)
  • PornoStara (series on Moon TV)
  • Sigur Rós: Svefn-g-englar (track, off the album above)
  • The Sopranos (TV series)
  • Sylvesterboy: Monsters Rule This World (track, more info on November chart)

    dj mini, club telex, tampere, finland

    Syksyn disko-feelings.

    Patrick Cowley - Mindwarp LP (Megatone, 1983)
    Dancephonic Orchestra - Theme From E.T. 7" (Saban, 1982)
    The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord 12" (Rams Horn, 1982)
    Krisma - Nothing To Do With The Dog LP (Franton, 1983)
    The Miamis - Vamos A La Playa 7" (RKM, 1980)
    Motion - Gotta Keep On Dancing 12" (Rams Horn, 1983)
    Anthony Rother - Simulationszeitalter LP (Psi49Net, 2000)
    Tero - First Blood LP (Rikos Records, 2000)
    The Twins - Not The Loving Kind 12" (Hansa, 1983)
    Unknown DJ - Unknown's House LP (Tekno Kut, 1990)
    V/A - Classic HI-NRG vol.2 4 x CD (?, ?)
    V/A - Finndisco: 96 kotimaista discohittiš 8 x LP (Valitut Palat, 1979)
    V/A - Ghetto Blasters vol. 1 LP (Telaeg, 1984)
    V/A - Still / The Joint (Sugarhill remixed) 4 x 12" (?, ?)
    Sven Väth - Pathfinder 12" (2000, Virgin)
    Yazoo - Don't Go (Re-Mixes) (Mute, 1982)


    - I-f @ Telex & Hki Turbo
    - RealAudio mixes @
    - Sekoreko's Penthouse
    - Jallu

    dj erkko (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)


    man parrish: stupid (importe lp)
    giorgio moroder vs. danny tenaglia: from here to eternity (logic 12")
    samich jackson: sandwiches bootleg remix (white label 12")
    dead or alive: you spin me round bootleg remix (white label 12")
    richie hawtin: minus yellow (minus 12")
    dcom: bits (cdr)
    tero: first blood (rikos records lp)
    hexstatic: rewind (ninja tune 2xlp)
    daniel wang: mood mylar (balihu 12")
    alex moran: earth women are easy (glasgow underground 12")
    random factor: ricochet (20:20 vision 12")

    Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

    October chart

    . Microstoria: Model 3, Step 2 cd (Sonig)
    . SND: Stdiosnd Types 2x12"/CD† (Mille Plateaux)
    . Ibex: Bok Choy/Oasis 12" (Planet E)
    . Detroit Escalator Co: black buildings 2x10" (Peacefrog)
    . V/A: Von Uns - Oni.tor Label Compilation cd (Onitor)
    . Process: Music Aus Buenos Aires Remixes 12" (Traum)
    . Solvent: A Panel Of Experts 7" (Bad Jazz)
    . Aspen: Sugar/Spice 12" (Emanate)
    . Stephen P. McGreevy: Auroral Chorus II - The Music Of The Magnetosphere cd (SPM)
    . The Conet Project: Recordings Of Short-Wave Numbers Station 4Xcd (Irdial)
    . Jeremy Dower: sentimental dance music for couples cd (Plug Research)
    . V/A: Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey comp 2xcd (Morr Music)
    . Dot Wiggin: s/t 12" (Audisensa)
    . Loam: s/t cd (Topscore)
    . Christophe Charles: undirected/dok cd (Ritormell)
    . Schlammpeitziger: augenwischwaldmoppgeflöte cd (A-Musik)
    . B. Fleischmann: a choir of empty beds cd (Fuzzy Box)
    . V/A: Hmmm comp cd (Sprawl Imprint)
    . Donnacha Costello: growing up in public cd (Force Inc)
    . Kid606: ps i love you cd (Mille Plateaux)
    . Peel Seamus: shifting gears 12" (Delsin)
    . Languis/Safety Scissors split 10" (Plug Research)
    . Sybarite: otonomy 7" (Static Caravan)
    . Christian Kleine: minus time 7" (City Centre Offices)
    . Unagi Patrol: elevate and pool cd (Carpet bomb)

    sakke, tampere, finland


    01 frontline assembly - deadlock [off beat]
    02 russ gabriel - rare is the groove [trance europe express 5]
    03 richard h kirk - time high fiction [mute records]
    04 zulutronic - zululeptic [trance europe express 5]
    05 jerry goldsmith - the omen soundtrack [varese sarabande]

    "i can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. i'm frightened of the old ones" -- john cage

    dj pirkka (, helsinki, finland)

    Arnold Jarvis - Life Goes On (MAW)
    Arnold Blair - Tryin' To Get Next To You (Curtom/Sequel)
    Jody Watley - I Love†To Love (MAW)
    Lost Weight - Past/Future EP (Repap)
    Roundhead -†More Weed + others on Bad Weather rydim (VP)
    DJ Buck - Original Cisco Freaks (Leaf)
    Pole:†3 (Kiff LP)
    Ian O'Brien: Eden (Peacefrog)
    Siniset Punaiset Miehet: LME (Pomo)
    Dead Prez: Cop Shot (Raptivism)

    Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

    1. V/A: Ohm - The Early Gurus of Electronic Music 1948-1980 3xCD
    2. Mutantes - Jardim Electrico CD
    3. Ovuca - Onclements 2xCD
    4. Dick Hyman - Electronic Eclectics of Dick Hyman CD
    5. France Gall - Baby Pop CD
    6. Black Audio - Sweet Love 7"
    7. Chicken Run - wax animation
    8. Trans Am - Futureworld CD
    9. V/A: Ersatz Audio - The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow CD
    10. The Wisdom Of Harry - The House Of Binary LP
    11. SeŮor Coconut y Su Conjunto - El Baile Aleman CD

    Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland


    Erule: Listen Up / Synopsis (Pallas reissue 12")
    SPM: LME (Pomo EP)
    Nu Spirit Helsinki: Montana Roha Jazz (JCR EP)
    Kehäkettu & Setä Koponen: EP (21 Produktio EP)
    Candido: Thousand Finger Man (BBE reissue 12")
    Daniel Wang: Morning Kids (Balihu EP)
    Daniel Wang: The Probe, The Strobe (Balihu EP)
    Daniel Wang: Chroma Obscura (Balihu 12")
    Tero: First Blood (Rikos Records EP)
    New Phunk Theory feat Kerry Green: Always (Air Tight 12")
    Lee Fields: I'm A Man (Soul Fire 7")
    Alex Moran: Earth Women Are Easy (Glasgow Underground 12")
    Joshua: Watch The Bass EP (Tweekin EP)
    The Whole Darn Family: Seven Minutes Of Funk (Alpha Omega reissue 12")
    V/A: Dancefloor Jazz vol 9 (Mojo LP)
    Slum Village: Climax (Goodvibe 12")
    Losoul: Belong (Playhouse LP)
    David Shire: The Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3 SDTRK (MGM LP)
    Blackalicious: Deception (MoWax 12")
    DJ Premier: Unreleased Instrumentals vol 3 (White LP)

    Miss AMP, AMP, UK

    Peaches: The Teaches Of.... (kitty-yo)
    Venini: Italian Stallion (unreleased ep track)
    Anjali: Lazy Lagoon (wiiija)
    Couch: Fantasy (kitty-yo)
    Sad Rockets: Transition (matador)
    Magnetophone (4ad)
    Fucky Don't CD (fucky laibel)
    Le Tigre: Le Tigre (wiiija)
    Solex: Pick Up (matador)
    Ten Benson: Hiss (cottage records)

    DJ Reiner L., Come In, Bergneustadt, Germany

    Tom Flair - miami device, from mn8 e.p (
    Op:l Bastards - masqued lover from new scorpius e.p (RTD/Zomba)
    Artist Unknown - anthem
    Steril (not the EBM band) - SDI, from robofication album
    Turner - been out
    Jeans Team feat. MJ Lan - kleine Melodien (EFA)
    Man Parrish - man made
    Alexander Robotnick - les grands voyages de l'amour
    Bolz bolz - take a walk
    darker & grinser - take me naked
    Anthony Rother - red light district
    Alden Tyrell - love explosion
    Trinity - insanity
    Neoangin - why should be a winner
    Kissogram - i should have know this before

    Pasmando, Turku, Finland

    speaker bustin' 5:

    splash - babylon dillinja remix (juice)
    digital - tex97/survivor (function)
    ram jam world - krust rmx (higher education)
    digital - one ton (movement ep)
    suv - mine/ripcurl (full cycle)


    oktember 2000.

    gas: "oktember" (mille plateaux) *re*
    lords of svek: "vol.4" (svek) *new*
    lords of svek: "vol.3" (svek) *new*
    lords of svek: "stars" (svek) *new*
    jeans team: "ding dong" (kitty-yo) *new*
    the cure: "disintegration" (fiction) *re*
    i-f vs that nigger (murdercapital) *new*
    theo parrish: "took me all the way back" (kdj) *new*
    add n to (x): "avant hard" (mute) *new*
    population one: "hippnotic culture" (utensil) *new*
    ken stringfellow: "this sound like a goodbye" (munster) *new*
    pole: "3" (kiff sm) *last month's number three*

    Artificial Unintelligence, Finland

    A Seemingly Random List for October

    1. Ehlert & Lohberger - Vito EP (Kompakt)
    2. Multipara - Pocket Monster Remixes (Lux Nigra)
    3. M. Raumschmiere - Bolzplatz EP (Kompakt)
    4. Drastic - Machine's Awakening (Salo)
    5. Daniel Ibbotson - Celebrate (Glasgow Underground)

    + Kapteeni Kixu feat. MC Peelo - Otaniemi Tanssiräjähdys '00 =)

    Andrew Duke, Cognition, Halifax, NS, Canada

    some current faves (in no particular order)

    artist releases:

    --everything new on Delsin! (NL Delsin)
    --Daniel Wang--Idealism (US Environ; out Feb 2001)
    --Jeff Mills--Metropolis soundtrack (DM Tresor/US Axis)
    --Jeremy Dower--Sentimental Dance Music For Couples (US Plug Research)
    --Colecovision--6 track CDREP (
    --Hanna--Sunday 12" (UK Paper)
    --Nigel Hayes--Fonkymuzak 12" (US Contrast)
    --Artist Unknown--Future 2 X LP (DM Disko B)
    --V/Vm--Sick Love (UK V/Vm Test)
    --Hesohi--Get This 12" (US Viva)
    --Daniel Lui--Big Smoke Nights Vol. 2 12" (CAN Chair)
    --Basic--Modern Times EP (US Aesoteric)
    --Andrew Duke--various new shit (CAN Cognition Audioworks)
    --Dettinger--Oasis LP (DM Kompakt)
    --Fluxion--2 X LP (DM Chain Reaction)
    --D'Enborage & Tronikgatan--Kaihoisa pt. 1 10" (NL EatThis)
    --Jacob Fairley--Zagloba EP (CAN Dumb-Unit)
    --Parallax Corp/I-F/IG--Cocadisco II (NL Viewlexx)
    --Dot Wiggin--EP (CAN Audi Sensa)
    --LoSoul--Belong 2 X LP (DM Playhouse)
    --Terrence Dixon--Minimalism II EP (DM Background)
    --Various--Necessary Pieces 2 (2 X LP) (CAN Nordic Trax)

    mix CDs:

    --Matthew Herbert--Globus Mix Vol. 5: LetsAllMakeMistakes (DM Tresor)
    --Owen Jay (Malta)--mix for Cognition
    --Safety Scissors (California)--mix for Cognition
    --Peter Crno (Montreal)--mix for Cognition

    live PAs:

    --Marcin Czubala/Ibrahim Alfa--live PA for Cognition
    --Dan Abrams (Shuttle 358)--live PA for Cognition
    --Rude 66--live PA for Cognition

    multipara (berlin, germany)

    tetsu inoue + taylor deupree: active / freeze (cd, 12k) [thanks to erik for recommending this!]
    blectum from blechdom: the messy jesse fiesta (cd, deluxe)
    quarks: rehmix (cd, monika)
    slepcy (12", kool.pop)
    luomo: vocalcity (3x12", force tracks)
    kid606: ps i love you (2x12", mille plateaux)
    various: be sure to wear baggy pants and a visor e.p. (12", addict)
    hellfish & producer: constant mutation (3x12", planet myu)
    fringeli / pure (12", subversion)
    scarcubem: 41'17 praesenz (12", heimelektro ulm)
    various: lily of the valley (2x12", schematic)
    ill-young kim: spielzeug (2x12", decode)
    nedjev / artificial duck flavour: heofonrice (12", to appear on ln in november)
    various: knottel remixes (12", to appear on ln in december)
    various: cashier escape route (12", to appear on city centre offices in november)
    akira shiozawa: submerge (demo track of the month)

    tiskijukka Ville Virus (Helsinki, Suomi)


    Sleezeboys: Robocop EP
    Ectomorph: Breakthrough EP
    Tom Flair: Mn 8 EP
    Bpitch control 14 EP
    Freakazoids: Open your mind EP
    DJ Assault: Dick by the pound (from Belle Isle Tech-LP)
    Losoul: Belong LP
    Kit Clayton: Repetition and nonsense miniLP
    Kompakt 2 V/A
    Daniel Wang: Balihu 005 + 007
    Aril Brikha: Deeparture in time EP

    Mono Junk, Dum Records, Turku, Finland

    current top 10 clubplay

    1. Patrick Cowley - Menergy
    2. Two Sisters - Destiny
    3. Gino Soccio - Dancer 12"
    4. Patrick Fernandez - Born to be alive
    5. Yvonne Kay - Rise up (for my love)
    6. Klapto - Mister game
    7. My mine - Hypnotic tango
    8. Motion - Don't stop
    9. Bobby O - She has a way
    10. Lime - Baby we gonna love tonight

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