OCTOBER / N O V E M B E R 2000

Last time updated November 29, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

your car will drive you there

And The Lefthanded comeback gig @ Alternative Night 5 Years 211000
Chicks On Speed: Chix 52 (COS CD 002, Chicks On Speed Records, CDS)
Chicks On Speed: John Peel Session (bootleg CDR)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft: Für Immer (V2239, Virgin, LP, '82)
Fun-Tourist: demo CDR
Japan: Quiet Life (201 261-320, Hansa International, LP, '80)
Kemialliset Ystävät @ Club Telex 061000
Kraftwerk: Computer World (1A 062-64370, Kling Klang/EMI, LP, '81)
Pimmon: Kinetica (K021, (K-RAA-K)³, CD)
Sylvesterboy: Monsters Rule This World (COS CD 003, Chicks On Speed Records)
V/A: Brain In The Wire (Disc A) (brainwashed 004 A, Brainwashed, CD)
V/A: Colors - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (925 713-1, Warner Bros, LP, '88)
Yazoo: Upstairs At Eric's (STUMM7, Mute Records, LP, '82)

special mentions:

  • Yasir Gaily & Co @ TVTV Chat Show (another embarrassingly stupid & addictive night-time activity)

    banned finnish(?) expressions @ pHinnWeb:

  • "edustaa"
  • "matzku"
  • "oikeesti"
  • "roku"
  • "taagi" / "taaki"
  • "vetää läskeihin"
  • "vetää pataan"
  • "vitun"

    pHinnWeb - vitun jumputusta ja teknopaskaa jo vuodesta 1996!

    Imatran Voima, Kostamus Records, Finland

    All time greatest

    1. 2 live Crew: Fuck Martinez
    2. 2 live Crew: We want some p...y
    3. 2 live Crew: Face down a.. up
    4. 2 live Crew: Me so horny
    5. 2 live Crew: Fuck shop
    6. 2 live Crew: Throw the D
    7. 2 live Crew: One and one
    8. 2 live Crew: Do-wah-diddy
    9. 2 live Crew: In the dust
    10. 2 live Crew: All the megamixes

    Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

    1. Add N To (X) - Add Insult To Injury (CD)
    2. V/VM - Sick Love (CD)
    3. Joel & Ethan Coen - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (film)
    4. Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research Inc. (2-CD)
    5. Hefner - We Love The City (CD + Live EP)
    6. The Specials - Singles (CD)
    7. Radiohead - Kid A (CD)
    8. V/A - Electronic Toys Volume Two (CD)
    9. Peaches - The Teaches Of Peaches (2-LP)
    10. And The Lefthanded - Walking On Mirror (7")

    DJ 3.14Sami, Bigpop, Tampere, Finland

    1. Sebastian Lager: Atomic pop (LP)
    2. We In Music: Now that love has gone
    3. Old Tracky Bastard: Radio electron
    4. Danny Tenaglia: From here to eternity
    5. Willy Sanjuan: The Rushian EP
    6. Soul Phusion: Housing project
    7. Baby Doll: Fast food
    8. Umek: Contra EP
    9. Bryan Zentz: Skufftones 1.0
    10. Public Enemy: Fight the power



    other favs this month:

    theo parrish
    kompakt label
    sonic youth
    cocteau twins
    johannes heil
    anthony rother
    purpose maker
    the persuader
    stereo total

    sakke, tampere, finland

    november hits

    1 jeff mills - metropolis [cd, tresor]
    2 björk - selmasongs [cd, polydor]
    3 frontline assembly - retribution (front 242 dioxin mix) [cds, energy]
    4 poke - unnamed [12", d]
    5 cristian vogel - busca invisibles [cd, tresor]
    6 front 242 - 06:21:03:11 up evil [cd, play it again sam]
    7 garbage - version 2.0 (cd, mushroom)

    Bitnik, Finland

    Records I've been listening lately:

    Bobby Trafalgar - In Person CD (Repap 1999)
    Bonobo - Animal Magic 2xLP (Tru Thoughts 2000)
    Cesaria Evora - Carneval De Sao Vicente 12" (Lusafrica 1999)
    Tad - Wood Goblins 12" (Glitterhouse 1989)
    When Shapes Join Together CD (Tru Thoughts 1999)

    dj erkko (FLASH/niitty, jyväskylä, finland)

    chart 03.11.2000

    parallax corporation: cocadisco ii (viewlexx 12")
    dr.robotnik: i love you (cdr)
    fancy robots: robo-friend (keys of life cdr)
    imatran voima: in/out (cdr)
    senor coconut: grand baile & el baile aleman (multicolor 12"s)
    add n to (x): plug me in disco mix (mute 12")
    cristian vogel: rescate 137 (novamute 2xlp)
    black electric: ep (puzzlebox 12")
    luomo: synkro & tessio (forcetracks 12"s)
    mouse on mars: cache coeur naif (thrill jockey 12")
    duplex: ep4 (clone 12")

    ++ and the lefthanded: walking on mirror (lefta 7")
    ++ danny tenaglia: global underground london (boxed 2xcd)
    ++ indigo: trance '00 (mix cd)

    Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

    November chart

    . Fumble: s/t cd (Karaoke Kalk)
    . V/A: Across the Cell Wall comp cd (Kodama)
    . Komet: rausch cd (12k)
    . Joey Mook vs Lester Pride: s/t 12" (Aim)
    . Skein: venice 12" (Vertical Form)
    . Future Beat Alliance: audio photos 12" (Delsin)
    . So Takahashi: s/t 12" (Carpark)
    . Solvent: a pannel of experts 7" (Bad Jazz)
    . Aix Em Klemm: s/t cd (Kranky)
    . V/A: Cottage Industries comp cd (Neo Ouija)
    . Sutekh: Every Dot and Tittle 12" (Source)
    . V/A: Cashier Escape Route - Modern Supermarket Music comp cd (City Centre Offices)
    . Kit Clayton: lateral forces 12" (Vertical Form)
    . V/A: Immediate Action #6 comp 12" (Immediate Action #6)
    . Tomas Jirku: sequins cd (Force Inc)
    . Uusitalo: vapaa muurari live cd (Force Inc)
    . M.R.I.: rhythmogenesis cd/2xlp (Force Tracks)
    . Metamatics: spook tinsel shoal cd (Hydrogen Dukebox)
    . While: even cd (Chocolate Industries)
    . Microstoria: Model 3, Step 2 cd (Sonig)
    . SND: Stdiosnd Types 2x12"/CD  (Mille Plateaux)
    . Detroit Escalator Co: excerpts cd (Peacefrog)
    . V/A: Von Uns - Oni.tor Label Compilation cd (Onitor)
    . Process: Music Aus Buenos Aires Remixes 12" (Traum)
    . Solvent: A Panel Of Experts 7" (Bad Jazz)
    . Loam: s/t cd (Topscore)
    . B. Fleischmann: a choir of empty beds cd (Fuzzy Box)
    . Donnacha Costello: growing up in public cd (Force Inc)
    . Languis/Safety Scissors split 10" (Plug Research)
    . Christian Kleine: minus time 7" (City Centre Offices)
    . Komp: vena lp (Komplott)
    . Figurera: de reparera 12^Ô (Komplott)

    Saturday Morning Hangover Musak
    submitted by

    Diskono (UK)

    from Alloa

    1. Erik M - Frame 3"CD (Metakamine)
    2. Ornette Coleman - Change Of The Century CD (Atlantic)
    3. Glenn Branca - Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar 12" (99)
    4. Taylor Dupree / Tetsu Inoue - Active/Freeze CD (12K)
    5. Pimmon - Flimmer (CDR)
    6. Kevin Drumm / Jim O'Rourke / Fennesz / Dafledecker CD (Charizma)
    7. Lee Ranaldo / Zeena Parkins / William Hooker CD (Knitting Factory)
    8. Kazumoto Endo - Never Gonna Make you Cry CD (Kling-Film)
    9. Ultraphonist CD (Foton)
    10. Jan van den Dobblesteen - Panorama LP (Cosmic Volume)
    11. Klankrieg - Radionik CD (Kling Film)
    12. People Like Us - Thermos Explorer CD (Hot Air)
    13. Dennis Smalley (CDR)
    14. John Weise - Cat Woman Is A Cat Vampire 7" (Helikopter)
    15. Townes Van Zandt - Anthology 2xCD (Charley)

    JVC2000.1 Fall Faves / Aistimus, Helsinki, Finland

    DJ Godfather: Transmit 12" (Twilight 76)
    Parallax Corporation: Cocadisco 2 12" (Viewlexx)
    Ectomorph: Breakthrough 12" (IT)
    Adult.: New Phonies 12" (Clone)
    AUX 88: My A.U.X. Mind 12" (Direct Beat)
    AUX 88: Break It Down 12" (Direct Beat)
    DJ Assault: Belle Isle Tech 3x12" (Mo' Wax)
    Anthony Rother: Sex With The Machines 12" (Kanzleramt)
    Kitbuilders: Rebuild 12" (Vertical)
    I-f: Disconix in the Mix I-II (Real Audio mixes at

    Coil: Musick To Play In The Dark 1&2 CDs (Chalice)
    The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVP CD (Ash Int.)
    Chris Watson: Outside The Circle Of Fire CD (Touch)
    Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure LP (Island)
    Brian Eno: Another Green World LP (Island)
    Various Lee Perry cassette dubs
    DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist: Brainfreeze LP (?)
    DJ Faust: Man Or Myth? CD (Bomb Hip Hop)

    Andrew Duke, Cognition, Halifax, NS, Canada

    10 for November '00 (no particular order)

    --Baretta--Velvet Brick (US Emanate)
    --So Takahashi--30/30 (US Carpark)
    --Komp--Vena (SW Komplott)
    --Adult.--Nausea EP (US Ersatz Audio)
    --Dan Curtin--NEAR EP (US Metamorphic)
    --Future Beat Alliance--Audio Photos EP (NL Delsin)
    --Various--Future Farmers EP (US Cornwarning)
    --Kit Clayton--Lateral Forces EP (UK Vertical Form)
    --Subhead--Neon Rocka (DM Tresor)
    --Colecovision--CDREP (CAN

    kemialliset ystävät (tampere, finland)

    VASHTI BUNYAN: just another diamond day (cd)
    THE DEAD C.: operation of the sonne (LP)
    DONOVAN: a gift from a flower to a garden (cd)
    FREAK EMPORIUM (mail order catalogue)
    HALL OF FAME: s/t (cd)
    V/A: i hear the devil calling me (7")
    MOONDOG: s/t (cd)
    THE SEEDS: march of the flower children (song)
    TYRANNOSAURUS REX: beard of stars LP
    NEIL YOUNG: everybody knows this is nowhere (cd)

    dj Ville Virus (Helsinki, Finland)

    -Team Doyobi: Pushchairs for Adults (Skam)
    -Mr Velcro Fastener: Electric Appliances - bontempi freshtime remix by Mat 101 (i220)
    -Brick: Dazz (Magic City Records)
    -Uncle Jamms Army: Dial-a-Freak (Freak beat)
    -Lucky & Easy: I would do anything for a dairylea (Delsin)
    -The Spin Masters: Brothers (Elektrobeat)
    -Rodney O: These are my beats (DMSR)
    -Malcolm X: No sell out (Tommy Boy)
    -Chapter 3: The Biters (Rappers rapp)
    -Artist Unknown: Future LP (Disko B)

    pasmando, turku, finland

    ilpoinen area block party 5:

    calibre: mystic/feelin (creative source)
    unknown artist: r&b vs d&b vol 1 (bootleg)
    george levin: when im with you (sonar kollektiv/recreation)
    nucleus & paradox: no spaced place (reinforced)
    figarro: caramel knowledge (diaspora)

    J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI, USA

    1) Theo Parrish, "Dance of the Drunken Drums" (Sound Signature)
    2) Matmos/Motion (Fat Cat)
    3) Bloodclaat Gangsta Youth, "Kill Or Be Killed" (Full Watts)
    4) Jah Vengeance, "No Light" (Full Watts)
    5) Kreisel 20 (Kreisel)
    6) Stereo Total, MY MELODY (Bobsled Records)
    7) Alec Empire, VS. ELVIS PRESLEY (El Turco Loco)
    8) Ferrante & Teicher, PIANOS IN PARADISE (United Artists)
    9) Various Artists, CAVAGE 01 (Cavage)
    10) Various Artists, FISHCAKE: THE SOUND OF THULE (Thule)
    11) Various Artists, UNLOCKED: THE TRUE SOUND OF TWO-STEP (Locked On)

    Benn Glazier, Royaltech, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia

    latest top muzak list, npo.

    oasis - ibex (planet e)
    every dog has its day II - jeff mills (axis)
    southern outpost 004
    jaguar: d.may mix - rolando (white)
    dream disturbance - techione (nine09)
    follow the beat - various (technotourist)
    22 - stefan robbers (ifach)
    veinmelter - jonzon and cosmic baby(!) (gigolo)
    analog live - moodymann (kdj)
    let's all make mistakes: mix cd - herbert (tresor)

    DJ Pirkka,, Helsinki, Finland

    Ward 21: For The Ladies (CJ)
    Basic Things: Think Longer, Talk Faster (Tropic)
    Gotan Project: Triptico (Ya Basta)
    Jill Scott: Try (Hidden Beach)
    The Coup: Swervin (Stray)
    Anthony B: Want Lead Can't Lead (Studio 2000)
    Ceebrolistics: Me (EMI)
    Eligh: Soul Man (G&E)
    Photek: Solaris (Science)
    Kenny Bobien: Father (Soundmen On Wax)

    DJ Shuffle (Tampere City, Finland)

    Top 5*2

    Martin Venetjoki: Powder FRUNK RECORDS
    Echomen: Orient END RECORDINGS
    Umek: Voices of Africa vol.1 PRIMATE
    Halo, Hipp-E & Tony: Three to Tango TANGO RECORDS
    Jori Hulkkonen: We are invisible F-COMM
    Charley's Vault: Like I like it TWILIGHT
    Dano: Drifting on continents NRK
    Mr.G: Stressed out PHOENIX G
    Mr.C: Fondue free TIDE

    Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

    1. Basic Things (Murmur Recordings)
    2. Bebe Winans: Brand New Dance-Maw Remix (Motown)
    3. Bebel Gilberto: August Day Song (Ziriguiboom)
    4. Benny Blanco: Put Your Hands... (Homestyle)
    5. Cut Chemist/DJ Shadow: Brainfreeze (Sixty 7)
    6. Da Lata: Binti-Restless Soul Mix (Palm Pictures)
    7. Dayton: Sound Of Music (Disco Strut 2 comp.)
    8. DJ Shadow: Dark Days (Arista)
    9. Dorothy Ashby: Soul Vibrations (Cadet re-issue)
    10. Forme: Aqua-Note (Svek)
    11. Jackson Sisters: I Believe Miracles (Tiger Lily re-issue)
    12. Jerome Sydenham: Aro (Ibadan)
    13. Jus Aname: Antin Bailubiisi (Open Rec. collection)
    14. Jurassic 5: Long Road To Glory (Rawkus)
    15. Kehäkettu & Setä Koponen mukana Davo-Ukki: PL2000 (21")
    16. Op:l Bastards: Sinulle (For You) (Form & Function)
    17. Photek: Mine To Give - vocals Robert Owens (Science)
    18. Raimo: Ostarin rokkitähti (Suomi Lyriikkaa Tuotanto)
    19. Sir Joe Quarterman + Free Soul: (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind (GSF re-issue)
    20. Slam Mode: Orbium Celestium (Glasgow Underground)

    savas pascalidis (lasergun/kurbel, germany)

    birdy - diseau blue (birdy)
    ural 13 diktators - world domination (ural 13 rec.)
    woolph - the woolph ep (classic)
    angel alanis - our music our world (blueline)
    ´lectric workers - robot is systematic rmxs (lasergun07)
    kagami - tokyo ep (frogman)
    terence fixmer - body pressure (gigolo)
    kraftwerk - expo 2000 (rolando mix)
    savas pascalidis - space woman (gigolo)
    lil´ louis - white falls (bootleg)

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