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p l a y l i s t s

8 September 2000, Club Telex, Yo-Talo, Tampere

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At this season's first Telex, pHinn DJed (his hands felt sticky after three months' absence from the decks) back to back with Mini; live set was by the electro monster Mr Velcro Fastener from Turku, and the star of the evening was the legendary I-f, a.k.a. DJ Ferenc, all the way from Den Haag, Holland, who blew the minds of Tampere party people with his 2.5 hour electro/disco/Chicago/hiphop set. All golden classics such as Playstation #2, Superman, I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less and Space Invaders were heard.

Otherwise the Tampere party was like a Who's Who of Finnish electro scene, since such people as Op:l Bastards' Timo were spotted, alongside with Helsinki Turbo posse's Ebony and Wilai, the techno legend Mono Junk, and Rikos Records' Erkko from Jyväskylä, and of course the whole Turku entourage of Mr Velcro Fastener.

Unlike people might think, Ferenc was not some scary, moody behemoth from the sewers of the Hague, but a really nice bloke with very outspoken attitude and opinions, and sharp insight on the scene and the way of things in general. The following night I-f would rock Helsinki Turbo 5, but that's - cliché alert - another story.

Also Wheeler, the cult movie starring Lonny Eyes a.k.a. I-f was seen, which proved that I-f is actually God. Wheeler is very low-budget, filmed on digital video and directed by Legowelt's Danny Wolfers. The plot is really simple: Harry Wheeler (I-f), a San Francisco detective arrives to the Hague to find Guy Tavares, who killed his partner. He is assisted by a young Den Haag cop (Danny). At Den Haag's cathedral the statue of Jesus speaks to Wheeler and tells him he's God (eat your heart out, Abel Ferrara). But it's better not to give out any more spoilers...

Also seen were excellent video and slide visuals provided by Mr Velcro's graphic master Qnut, and also the National Film Board of Canada's legendary animations, which provided a surreal backdrop for Ferenc's set.

Talking about the old man pHinn, he danced and moved his arse so hard, that by the end of the evening he was totally dripping wet with sweat and therefore missing the afterhours party with probably even wilder scene...? (Survivors might give their eyewitness reports.)

[Tracks not in the exact order.]

  • 23 Skidoo: Urban Gamelan Act 1
  • 23 Skidoo: Kongo Do
  • Speedranch^Jansky Noise: To Abandon, Eliminate and Destroy A Spontaneous Trait Transference In The Key Of C Minor
  • Speedranch^Jansky Noise: Riding High On A Stuffed Quagga Fool (6 ft. Albino Twat Mix)
  • Octagon Man: Assault
  • Op:l Bastards: Sagittarius
  • Zapp: More Bounce to the Ounce
  • Mandroid: Android
  • Dakar & Grinser: I Wanna Be Your Dog
  • Tackhead: Mind at the End of the Tether


  • Adult.: Pressure Suit
  • Chicks On Speed: Kaltes Klares Wasser
  • David Carretta: Futurama
  • Rude 66: My 909
  • Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five: Scorpio
  • Hashim: Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
  • Zombie Nation: Kernkraft 400 (Club Mix)
  • 23 Skidoo: Kundalini

    Mini's set [not in the exact order]:

  • Third Electric - Electrosmog
  • Il.Ek.Tro - V-Ger
  • Elektrogrill - Thermoplast
  • DJ Godfather - Chemical Warfare
  • Imatran Voima - ?
  • Kraftwerk - Telephone Call
  • Sven Väth - Pathfinder
  • Dopplereffekt - Voice Activated
  • Adult. - Lost Love
  • Twilight 22 - Siberian Knights
  • Aux 88 - I Need To Freak
  • Alden Tyrell - Krenk-Box
  • Junior Cartier - Break Dance Electric Boogi

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