F E B R U A R Y 2000 / M A R C H 2000

Last time updated March 21, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

¡Accion Mutante!

Singles & EPs:

AMM / Merzbow: split 12" (12FAT030, Fat Cat Records)
Anthony Child & Andrew Read / Speedranch^Jansky Noise: split 12" (12FAT031, Fat Cat Records)
Digitek: 4 Last of the Finest (MCEC-001, Motor City Electro Company, 12")
DJ Assault: The Sex Sales E.P. (AR-00012, Assault Rifle Records, 12")
Drexciya: Hydro Doorways EP (Tresor 137, Tresor, 12")
Dr Smith and Professor Ludlow: Professors Saying Raas E.P. (12FAT029, Fat Cat Records, 12")
Electronome: 4+10=12? (NU-001, Nu-Vorm, 12")
GD Luxxe: The 20th Door (IT 12, Interdimensional Transmissions, 12")
Herr Pitzelberger gibt sich die Ehre EP (STRIKE06/Hörzu!01, Shitkatapult, 12")
Hip Hop Beats Vol. 3 (HR-003, Hipnotech/UR, 12")
Nanospeed: Kopernikus EP (STRIKE07, Shitkatapult, 12")
Janek Schaefer / Pan American: split 12" (12FAT023, Fat Cat Records)
V/A: Assorted Pieces (SUCTION007, Suction Records, 10")
Vladislav Delay: Ranta (CR-30, Chain Reaction, 12")
Wevie Stonder: Eat Your Own Ears (SKA 014, Skam, 12")

Long plays:

Broadcast: The Noise Made By People (WARPCD65, Warp)
Chicks On Speed: Chicks On Speed Will Save Us All (Chicks On Speed Records No. 001, CD)
Chicks On Speed: The Un-Releases (Chicks On Speed Records No. 000, CD)
Impostor Orchestra: Heliopause (PUU-19CD, Puu/Sähkö Recordings)
Markant: CAT M-04 (Markant, LP)
Markant: CAT M-05 (Markant, LP)
Marumari: Ballad of the Round Ball (CRPK002LP, Car Park, LP)
Stalaktiten och Mirjam: Ångestmaskin (PHTHALO 16, Phthalo, CD)
V/A: Autopoieses (MP 77, Mille Plateaux, 2-LP)
V/A: Ersatz Audio: The Forgotten Sounds of Tomorrow (EZCD-11, Ersatz Audio)
V/A: xart hybrid - offenbar: bar interessant (XART1CD, xart hybrid, CD)


Dead Or Alive: Youthquake (EPC 26420, Epic, LP, '85)
Larry and the Lefthanded: From 0-20 to 40-116 and Back (CAN-15, Trash Can Records, 7", '95)
Larry and the Lefthanded: Rubber Baby (CAN-13, Trash Can Records, 7", '94)
Larry and the Lefthanded: All Alright/Twist Atlantis (CAN-19, Trash Can Records, 7", '95)
The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World (09026 63371-2, RCA Victor/BMG, CD, '69/'99)
Silver Apples: s/t [incl. LPs 'Silver Apples' & 'Contact'] (MCAD-11680, MCA, CD, '68/'69/'97)


Carl von Clausewitz: Sodankäynnistä. 1998 Art House, Helsinki. (ISBN 951-884-227-2)
Grant Morrison, etc.: The Invisibles - Kissing Mister Quimper. 1998/2000, DC Comics, New York.

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Senking: Ping/Thaw cd (Karaoke Kalk)
. Soft Verge: Soft Verge lp (Output)
. SND: Travelog 12" (SND)
. SND: System Medley 7" (City Centre Offices)
. Sistol: s/t cd (Phthalo)
. Stalaktiten Och Mirjam: ångestmaskin cd (Phthalo)
. Lucky & Easy: i would do anything for a dairy lea 12" (Delsin)
. Roman Flugel presents 8 Mile High: End of the Beginning 12" (Klang Elektronik)
. Dat Politics: villager cd (A-Musik)
. Vladislav Delay: entain cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Ihan: iota cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Mathias Schaffhauser: hotel lido cd (Force Inc)
. Gramm: personal_rock cd (Source)
. Taylor Deupree: Focux 12" (Audio NL)
. Process: Shape Space cd (Fat Cat)
. Autopoieses: la vie a noir transposed 2xlp (Mille Plateaux)
. Electric Birds: s/t cd (Deluxe)
. L@:: twoinone cd (Staalplaat)
. Sutekh: miasma 12" (Force Inc)
. Hecker: [R] Iso/Chall cd (Mego)

Sean Cooper/Microsound/San Francisco/USA

1. Rafael Toral, Sound Mind Sound Body (Mokai)
2. The Wee DJs, Wee Killed Him (SCSI)
3. Marcus Schmickler, Sator-Rotas (A-Musik)
4. Arovane, Atol Scrap (Din)
5. Hecker, [R*] ISO | CHALL (Mego)
6. Seely, Winter Birds (Koch)
7. Various Artists, Sonig Comp (Sonig)
8. Silicon Scally, Curvature/Nanotech (SCSI)
9. Solvent/Lowfish, Duckie/Glued Smile (CCO)
10. Elph, 20" to 2000 (Noton)

sakke (t:re, fi)

top 10 [no particular order]

mariah carey - heartbreaker [sony]
[Uh-oh... ;) ]
jesper dahlbäck - sand & vatten [svek]
frontline assembly - [fla]vour of the weak [energy]
yasushi ide - someday/certain peace [warner/yellow productions]
LBH-6251876 - a red planet compilation [red planet]
frontline assembly - live wired [off beat]
aux88 presents electro boogie [k7]
ce ce peniston - he loves me too [silk entertainment]
mateo & matos - celebrate life [large]
naked soul - so happy [nite life collective]

Tie Entertainment, Turku, Finland

Drexciya: Hydro Doorways [tresor]
Larry Heard: Ice Castles [mecca]
V/A: The Users And The Gadgets [gadgets]
DJ Godfather: Via Satillite From Detroit [intuit-solar]
Orlando V'room: Complex [fragile]

Morgan Geist: Driving Memoirs [clear]
Morgan Geist presents Environ, Into A Separate Space [phono]
Morgan Geist: What Is Today's R&B? [environ]
Morgan Geist: Nebula Jersey Volume 2 [environ]

Mr V.F.: Electric Appliances Bontempi Freshtime rmx by MAT 101

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

Näille lämpenin ja nämä lämmittivät

1. M.A. Numminen - Helsinkiin. Opiskelija Juho Niityn sivistyshankkeet 1960-1964 (Kirja)

2. Pluxus - Fas 2 (CD)
ja livenä Ratto-klubilla 4.3. 2000

3. OP:L Bastards - elävänä Digeliuksessa
ja heti perään Ektroverden näyttelyn avajaiset Galleria Kari Kenetillä 3.3. 2000

4. Lee Scratch Perry presents the mighty Upsetters - Heart Of The Dragon (CD)
Hintaan 40 mk

5. Come On Baby Lets MoonWalk On The Moon
eli: Cornelius - 69/96 (CD)
tuli sitten 4 vuoden harkinnan jälkeen hankittua.

6. Various artists - Emigration Disco Classics The Album (CD)

7. Moon Bowl (kokoelma, 7tuuma) (Weird Dreams)

8. (Ura Records) Kokoelma - Yuppie Garage Sell Out Sampler part 1 Shut Up And Dance And Shut Up (CD)
Kertokaa nyt vielä joku, mistä ja kenestä on kyse?

9. Various - Pop Tics (Bungalow) (CD)

10. Futurama (tv-sarja) alkoikin pyöriä ajoissa, eikä vasta, kun se olisi ajankohtainen.

Mario Vogelsteller, Germany

Charts 2000/3

No particular order:

ALL: Überall
GEBR. TEICHMANN: Aus der Ferne

Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

Heavy Sales And Heavy Rotation 3/2000

Beenie Man: Who Am I? (2Hard 12")
Pöly: LP (Pöly LP)
People Under The Stairs: Youth Explosion (P.U.T.S 12")
Deniece Williams: Free (Columbia reissue 12")
Yasushi Ide: Someday/Certain Peace (Yellow 12")
Fatlip: What's Up Fat Lip (Delicious Vinyl 12")
Kraftwerk: Expo 2000 (EMI 12")
Brothom States: EP (Exogenic EP)
Cloud One: Patty Duke (Sound Of New York reissue 12")
Dilated Peoples: Platform (ABB 12")
Little Scotty: Going To A Disco To-Night (Queen Constance reissue 12")
V/A: Music For Dancefloors (KPM) (Strut LP)
K-Hand: Supernatural (Pandamonium 12")
Moodymann: Don't You Want My Love (Pandamonium 12")
Roy Ayers: Running Away (Polydor reissue 12")
Letta Mbulu: What Is Wrong With Grooving (Jazzman 7")
Das EFX: Dead Serious (Eastwest reissue LP)
Jasper St. Co: Till I Found You (Basement Boys 12")

multipara (berlin, germany)

enjoys the following records in march 2000. no particular order.

...remixen die welttraumforscher (gagarin records gr 2004) 12"
ill-young kim: spielzeug (decode dcr 07) 2x12"
arovane: plnt e.p. ([fwd: 9901) 12"
venetian snares: greg hates car culture (hotf 003) 12"
knifehandchop: fighting pig learns judo tricks (irritant 012) cd
allright reversed (kool.pop/tochnit aleph) cd-r
kaen bin compilation (suburban trash sti 005) cd
kid606 and friends vol.1 (meow001) cd
john watermann: babel#1 (stille andacht 02) cd
peter cusack & nicolas collins: a host, of golden daffodils (plate lunch pl 07) cd
squaremeter: 14id1610s (ant-zen act98) promo cd

still impatiently waiting for ryoji ikeda: matrix (new cd on touch)... and planning to buy more vladislav delay.

J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI, USA

My latest home listening chart

1) Royal Trux, TWIN INFINITIVES (Drag City)
2) Monster Magnet, SPINE OF GOD (Caroline)
3) Give Up, FUCK STEP '98 (DHR)
4) Fennesz, HOTEL PARAL.LEL (Mego)
5) Four Tet, "Glasshead/Calamine" (Output Recordings Ltd.)
6) Various Artists, CLICKS & CUTS (Mille Plateaux)
7) Various Artists, IN MEMORIAM GILLES DELEUZE (Mille Plateaux)
8) Susanne Brokesch, SOUNDTRACK #03 (Ego Vacuum)
9) Fela Kuti, V.I.P./AUTHORITY STEALING (Barclay)
10) Pharoah Sanders, THEMBI (Impulse!)
11) Kenny Dixon Jr. (Moods & Grooves)
12) Kenny Dixon Jr., "Praise" (KDJ)
13) Theo Parrish, PIECES OF A PARADOX (Sound Signatures)
14) Business City Orchestra, LAHTI BY NIGHT (Sähkö/Puu)
15) Various Artists, VOICES IN MY LUNCHBOX 1 & 2 (Plug Research)

DJ Kim (Miau!, Tampere, Finland)

Top 10, 14th March 2000

1. Luminance : Check (Miracle)
2. Geri Vs. Yomanda : Bag It Up (White Label)
3. Funkster : Acid Thunder (White Label)
4. Knuckleheads : Confusion (Tripoli Trax)
5. Fab Flavour : Burning Like Fire (Blue Lim.)
6. Trauma Vs. UK Gold : Don't Stop (Tidy Trax)
7. DJ Roosta : 414 All (Honey Pot)
8. Silvio Ecomo : Standing (Bango)
9. Timo Maas : Riding On A Storm (Bush)
10. Metissé: Sousoundé (Wildstar)

Jan-iTi, Helsinki

Best Fin-Muzic now

Brothom States: Naeae eletrok (Exogenic 12")
Impostor Orchestra: Heliopause (Puu cd)
Kosmos: Lunatetris (Puu 12")
Lifetime classic!!
O Samuli A: Keltainen auto / Valkoinen auto (Omakustanne)
Where's the record deal!!!
Dr. Yes: No-one for tennis (Ura records cd)
Captain Heroin: Ballad of Captain Heroin (Ura records cd)
Juxxu Boyzz: The Jekku theme (Mind 12")
The riff!!
Deep Sensuous Ensemble: Horisontti (Mind 12")
G-litter: Seoul 88 (Lifesaver 7")
Pöly: Pieni Hahmo (PopZoo Promotions 12")
Pure dust!!


raw honey. 2103200.

legowelt & orgue electronique live @ hki turbo 4
zombie nation: "leichenschmaus LP" (gigolo)
wasserman: "w.i.r" (profan)
reinhard voigt: "sex mit m. meyer" (kompakt)
test pilot 1 (viewlexx)
patrick pulsinger: "dogmatic sequences 2" (R&S)
duracel: "u-turn" (viewlexx)
josh brent: "clap your hands" (peacefrog)
three chairs project 2 (sound signatures)
andres: "reality/material world"(KDJ)

pasmando, turku, finland

springtime 5:

1. greg henderson-dreamin (streetsounds lp)
2. nothend-tee's happy (streetsounds lp)
3. inner life-moment of my life (streetsounds lp)
4. raw silk-do it to the music (streetsounds lp)
5. jovonn-joy (estereo)

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