M A R C H / A P R I L 2000

Last time updated April 19, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex / Bass: 2001, Tampere, Finland


Singles & EPs:

The Aztec Mystic: Revenge of the Jaguar - The Mixes (UR-2000, UR, 12")
Duracel: U-Turn (V12/7, Viewlexx, 12")
Electronome: Een drumcomputer en een synthesizer 3 (V12/8, Viewlexx, 12")
Giant Robot: Jennifer Kissed Me (HAWAII-10, Hawaii Sounds, CDS)
J's Pool: Mepsinalium EP (NAT 2115, Nature Records, 12")
Kid-606: Dubplatestyle (V 167, Vinyl Communications, 12")
KLS: s/t (CD-R)
Dietmar Lehner & Thomas Biebl: Bobby R. (GOLD 003, Gold & Liebe, 12")
Miss Yetti & Oscar Comas: Versus E.P. (GOLD 001, Gold & Liebe, 12")
Antonio Montana El Rey: La Movida (GOLD 002, Gold & Liebe, 12")
Polytron: Porno Tampere (CD-R)
Niko Skorpio: Delta Amoeba EP (HAM-016-MCD, Some Place Else, CDS)
Prodamnkey Crew: Old Beats'N'Fresh Sounds EP (PDK 001, Prodamnkey Records, 12")

Long plays:

Arovane: Atol Scrap (Arovane 4, CD)
David Carretta: Le Catalogue Electronique (EFA 29535-2, International Deejay Gigolo Records, CD)
Computer Jockeys: s/t (7243 5 23288 1 9, Harvest/EMI, 2-LP)
Juantrip: Balmy Under The Stormy (F 110, F Communications/[PIAS], CD)
Starfish Pool: Illusions of Move - Chapter Blue (021, Hymen, LP)
Unidentified Sound Objects: Discounterintelligence Visual (Demo No 1 0002, CD-R)
V/A: The Users and the Gadgets (GADGETS07LP 1, Gadgets. 2-LP)
Vladislav Delay: Multila (CRD-09, Chain Reaction, CD)
Zombie Nation: Leichenschmaus (GIGOLO 28, Gigolo Records, 2-LP)


Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds & PJ Harvey: Henry Lee (CDMUTE189, Mute Records, CDS, '96)
Christopher Just: I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer) - Remixes (GIGOLO 08, Gigolo Records, 12", '97)
MC5: Motor City Is Burning - The MC5 Live (ESMCD 799, Castle, '69/'99)
The Normal: Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D. (CDMUTE001, Mute Records, CDS, '78/'95)
M.A. Numminen: Kiusankappaleita 1 (LXCD 627, Love Records/Siboney, 2-CD, '66-'73/'00)
Sleepy Sleepers: Alma-tädin illuusio (JHNCD 2501, '83/'88)
The Who: BBC Sessions (547 727-2, Polydor, CD, '65/'73/'00)


Risto K. Järvinen (toim.): Mallusjokelainen sielunmaisema ja muuta paskaa - Huonon Kirjallisuuden Seuran Antilogia (feat. Harri Teikka). 2000 Like, Helsinki. (ISBN 951-578-718-1)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Sutekh: periods.make.sense. cd (Force Inc)
. Sierra Romeo: nevel 12" (FWD:)
. Pub: summer pt 1 12" (Vertical Form)
. Lily of the Valley comp cd (Schematic)
. Kid606: soccergirl cdep (Carpark)
. Anthony Rother: simultationszeitalter cd (PSI49NET)
. Vote Robot: ummo b/w genius of incongresso 7" (Hell's Half Halo)
. Peter F. Spiess: true video 12" (Klang Elektronik)
. Senking: ping/thaw cd (Karaoke Kalk)
. Vladislav Delay: multila cd (Chain Reaction)
. Kid606: NWA remix 7" (VVM)
. Falco: rock me amadeus 2x7" (VVM)
. The Church Steps: s/t 10" (()Dial)
. 12K1008 comp cd (12k)
. Marumari: the wolves hollow cd (Carpark)
. Zammuto: willscher cd (Apartment B)
. Roman Flugel presents Eight Miles High: end of the beginning 12" (Klang Elektronik)
. Focus sampler comp 12" (Focus)
. Taylor Deupree: focux 12" (Audio.NL)
. Neue Berliner Initiative sampler comp cd (Neue Berliner Initiative)

Sean Cooper/Microsound/San Francisco/USA

1. Sierra Romeo, Sierra Romeo (FWD)
2. Arvo Pärt, Alina (ECM)
3. Aphelion, "Touched" (Focus)
4. Arovane, Atol Scrap (Din)
5. Ensognomig, Ensognomig (Sonig)
6. Scientist, Scientist Meets the Space Invaders (Greensleeves)
7. Senking, Ping Thaw (Karaoke Kalk)
8. Arovane, "Yeer" (Awkward Silence)
9. Caustic Resin, The Medicine Is All Gone (Alias)
10. Various Artists, Lily of the Valley (Schematic)

the only things i play these days
c/o jason amm, suction records, canada

1. lowfish - "eliminator" (CD/LP upcoming june, suction)
2. piano magic - "music for annahbird" (7", bad jazz)
3. front 242 - "backcatalogue" (comp CD, waxtrax!)
4. throbbing gristle - "walkabout" (track, mute/the grey area)
5. v/a - "the forgotten sounds of tomorrow" (comp CD, ersatz audio)
6. roedelius - "flieg vogel fliege" (LP, sky records)

Cognition's (Halifax, NS, Canada) Electronics Top 20 for April 2000

(compiled March 15, 2000)

1. Anthony Rother: Simultationszeitalter (DM Psi49net CDR)
2. Various: Voices In My Lunchbox (US Plug Research)
3. Various: Ersatz Audio: The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow (US Ersatz Audio)
4. Marumari: The Wolves Hollow (US Carpark CDR)
5. Interim: Low-level work EP (UK Independent CDR)
6. Blectum From Blechdom: Snauses And Mallards EP (US Orthlorng Musork)
7. Lackluster: EP (UK Focus test)
8. Barkertrax: EP (UK Stten Aggregates)
9. The Church Steps: 10" (US ()Dial)
10. Fischerspooner: Emerge/Turn On 12" (US Serotonin test)
11. Various: V/Vm Falco tribute 2 X 7" (UK V/Vm Test)
12. Gas: Pop (DM Mille Plateaux)
13. Dietrich Schoenemann: Shadowgraphs (US Instinct)
14. Dean Roberts And The Black Moths: Play The Grand Cinema (DM Ritornell)
15. LTJ Bukem: Journey Inwards (UK Good Looking promo)
16. Current Value: In A Far Future (DM Position Chrome)
17. Persona: Uptight (US Simulated)
18. Various: Caipirissima: Batucada Eletronica (US Caipirinha promo)
19. Puracane: Things You Should Leave Alone (US Ubiquity promo)
20. Zammuto: Willscher (US Apartment B)

(compiled April 10, 2000)

1. Signer--Giving It Up To Feel Effected (NZ Involve/Kog Transmissions CDR)
2. Taylor Deupree--.n (DM Ritornell)
3. O.S.T.--Deflect (US Emanate)
4. Sound Track--The Cooler (US Caipirinha promo)
5. The Rise--Descent (UK Pagoda)
6. Universal Principles--Inspiration & Light (UK Soma)
7. Peter Kruder--"Root Down" 12" (DM Compost test)
8. Amon Tobin--Supermodified (CAN/UK Ninja Tune)
9. Various--The Blue Night Network (CAN Public Transit)
10. Mitchell Akiyama--Intr_verse (CAN Intr_version CDR)
11. Ewan Jansen--unreleased sampler (AU Red Ember CDR)
12. Curd Duca--Elevator 3: Digitalanalog Mood Music (DM Mille Plateaux)
13. Steb Sly--Demo Disc (CAN Independent CDR)
14. Bebel Gilberto--Tanto Tempo (US Six Degrees/BE Ziriguiboom/Crammed promo)
15. Cinerex--Exit All Areas (BE Downsall Plastics/Lowlands)

sakke (t:re, fi)

top ten for spring

00 nirvana - smells like teen spirit [geffen/sub pop]
01 fazed idjuts - dust of life [u-star records]
02 the ananda project - cascades of color [nitegrooves]
03 will - deja vu [cop]
04 juantrip - balmy under the stormy [f-com]
05 josh's blairwitch mix [gold circle entertainment]
06 music from twin peaks [wea/warner]
07 frontline assembly - explosion [off beat]
08 suburban knight & co - hidden in plainsight ep [ur]
09 ultra bra - vapaaherran elamää [johanna]
10 crystal waters - surprise [polygram]

13 zcr1p7 k1dd13z - w1nd0wz 2001 (6s0d 1n 7ranc3 m1x) [war3z r3c0rdz]

"spring is here again, tender age in bloom" - nirvana

A. Massaccesi (formerly Entox of Skreem), Seattle, WA, USA

LPs/Singles/etc... basically what I have on at home & in the car:

1. Beck "Mixxed Bizness" Single (L.R.D. mix especially)
2. Da Brat "That's What I'm Looking For"
3. T99 "Maximizor"
4. Madonna "Drowned World/Substitute For Love"
5. Velma - LP
6. The Time "What Time Is It?"
7. Kreidler "Weekend"
8. Aaliyah w/ Timbaland "Try Again"

Massaccesi song of the month:

Eiffel 65 "Move Your Body"
Yes, this one is old to Europe but new to us here in America, of course. I really hated "Blue" very quickly as it spread like the black plague here in the States, but "Move Your Body" has something even catchier about it. I think it also has more of a sense of despair and desperation which most people might not see. If you really listen to the way the vocals have been chorused (is that a Pro-tools thing?) it makes the voice sound almost like someone who's lost all of his hope and his last request is for people to move their bodies. Perhaps a DJ on the edge of suicide? Listen closely! Eiffel 65 are somehow brilliant and they don't even realise it.
(jesusfuckenchrist... - pH. ;)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Lektrogirl - I Love My Computer CD
2. Spike Jonze - Being John Malkovich film
3. C-64 Music Compilation Vol.1 (Beat Bank Records CDR)
4. Escalator Records, Tokyo - compilation CD
5. Eturivi - Lempilapset/30% 7"
& Keuhkot Live on ATV
6. Rammellzee vs K. Rob - Beat Bop 12"
7. Teemu Mäki - Pocket Atlas #1
Drawings and a spiky chair at Muu Gallery
8. Ville Leinonen & Valumo - Yöaikaan/Surusirpale 7"
9. Eric Cartman - In The Ghetto interpretation
10. Bombay The Hard Way (Guns, Cars, Sitars)
a compilation CD of Kalyanji Anandji's 70's Brownsploitation hits

Markus Metsälä, Helsinki, Finland

Top 10 rekkids right now

Mos Def: Black on both sides CD
Quannum: Spectrum CD
The Sun Records Collection 3CD
Godspeed You Black Emperor: f#g#infinity CD
Abunai!: MP3's from
Blue Cheer: Vincebus Eruptum CD
Starpping Fieldhands: Gobs on the midway, singles 91-95 CD
White Noise: An electric storm CD
Mark Stewart: Consumed - the remix wars CD single
Loren Mazzacane Connors: A possible dawn CD

Marvin Jaxxon (XRust. Turku. Finland)

my tunes of the moment

1) Nasty Boo & Flash: Närmre Dig... (Spånka)
2) Sybil: Can't Wait (On Tomorrow) (Next Plateau)
3) Ronin: Snow Angel (Everyday)
4) Junko '73: Close 2 Da Ground (Lumi)
5) Wam Kidz: Maria (New Music Movement rmx) (After Midnight)
6) Den Harrow: Don't Brake My Heart (Instr) (Beat Box)
7) Sänghora vs Venefetto: I Like It (Wack!)
8) Giggles: Hot Spot (Club Mix) (Atlantic)
9) Royal Family: Hypnotized (Spånka)
10) Simphonia: You & Me (Atlantic)



substance.scent.chain reaction.
fluxion.atlos.chain reaction. sea.warp.
chris korda.i just canīt let go.gigolo.
the normal.t.v.o.d.mute. side.minus.
round one.iīm your brother.main street.
sonic youth.wish fulfillment.uni.

DJ Pirkka (mix of the week, helsinki, finland)

Menace Clan - Life (Rap-A-Lot)
Tony Watson - Passages (Ibadan)
Quasimoto - MHB's (Stones Throw)
Marie St. James - Closer I Get (Yoruba)
Daniel Wang - Silver Trophies (Environ)
Dead Prez - Mind Sex (Loud)
Losoul - Lies (Playhouse)
Sinisetpunaisetmiehet - Kotkan Vedätysnauha
Capleton - Mass Media (Heartbeat)
African Dub All-Mighty Chapters 1 & 2 (Joe Gibbs)

Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

Heavy Sales And Heavy Rotation

Towa Tei Feat. Biz Markie & Mos Def: BMT 1200 RMX (White 12")
Benny Blanco: Single Of The Month EP (Homestyle 12")
DJ Design: Gather Round (Stones Throw LP)
Common: Like Water For Choclate (MCA LP/CD)
Tony Watson: Passages (Ibadan 12")
Bah Samba: Black Blood (Estereo 12")
Michelle Weeks: Gotta Keep Tryin' (Basement Boys 12")
Quasimoto: Hittin Hooks (Stones Throw 7")
Quasimoto: Come On Feet (Stones Throw 12")
Kyoto Jazz Massive: Eclipse/Silent Messenger (Compost 12")
Air: The Virgin Suicides O.S.T. (Virgin LP/CD)
Innerzone Orchestra: People Make The World Go Round (Planet E 12")
The Mighty Bob: Spin My Hits (Yellow prod. LP/CD)
D'Angelo: Voodoo (Virgin LP/CD) The Funky Precedent split 12" Styles Of Beyond/Ugly Duckling (Loosegroove Rec.)
The Frank Cunimundo Trio Feat. Lynn Marino: Feelin' Good (Underthesun 12")
Brommage Dub: Trini (SVEK 12")
Hipnotech: Hip Hop beats Vol 4 (Underground Resistance 12")
Jovonn Feat. Stephanie Cooke: Joy (Estereo 12")
Kimbu Kimra: Raise The Dead (Mantis Recordings 12")

DJ Mini (a.k.a. Mikro), Polytron / Club Telex / Bass: 2001 / pHinnWeb, Tampere, Finland

perkeleenmoista on... ;)

Milch - The Motore Years EP
Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk LP
Drexciya - Neptune's Lair
Aux 88 - Play It Loud (Microknox remix)
DMX Krew - Nu Romantix
Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique - Derrick In Nord Korea
Japanese Telecom - Rising Sun
Savas Pascalidis - Stellar Funk
Shannon - Let The Music Play LP
V/A - Italian Disco Music

Wille (Cafe Europa's Attic, Tre, Fi. Nousu.)


Blue Six: pure (naked music)
Junko '73: close 2 da ground (lumi)
Kerri Chandler: digitalsoul session 2 (large)
George Benson: el barrio (maw rmx) (white)
Count Zero: blue boogaloo (out of the loop)
Kyoto Jazz Massive: eclipse (compost)
Rune Lindbaek: robot erotikk (repap)
Coldfeet: pussyfoot (truby trio rmx) (compost)
LoSoul: lies (classic)
St Germain: rose rouge (blue note)
Syrup: strawberry (les gammas rmx) (compost)

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