J A N U A R Y 2000 / F E B R U A R Y 2000

Last time updated February 24, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex / Kaukana Väijyy Ystäviä, Tampere, Finland

pHluffy animals in suburban tundra

Singles & EPs:

Kit Clayton: Repetition & Nonsense (SPL 11, Drop Beat, 12")
Carl Craig: Urban Culture (TF 509, Eclipse Records, 12")
Fuschimuschi: Super Sexy Lady/My Number One (CAT 084 EP, RepHlex, 12")
Ko-Wreck Technique: Ko-Wrecktion EP (WAP128/CHLT007, Chocolate Industries/Warp, 12")
The Operator: Hostile Applets - Part One (DJAX-UP-319, Djax-Up-Beats, 12")
Op:l Bastards: Spraybeat (REKDGT, Rex Records, 10")
O Samuli A: Perro (OSA 4, CD-R)
Ultradyne: Antartica (PGM-001, Pi Gao Movement)
V/A: Comin' From Tha D - Installment 3.0 (ITU#2001, Intuit-Solar, 12")
V/A: Phonecia - Odd Jobs (SCH8X8, Schematic, 12")
V/A: Two Lone Swordsmen - Receive Tactical Support (WAP127, Warp, 12")

Long plays:

A\H: tuli en tuli (HAM-015-CDR, Some Place Else)
David Carretta: Le Catalogue Electronique (GIGOLO 35, International Deejay Gigolo Records, 2-LP)
O.S.T.: Live - Globule @ Mills College 4/12/99 (PHTHALO 25, Phthalo, CD)


Amon Düül II: Tanz der Lemminge (REP 4749, Repertoire, CD, '71/'97)
Robert Hood: Internal Empire (Tresor 77, M-Plant/Tresor, CD, '94/'98)
Kraftwerk: Electric Cafe (064-24 06441, EMI, LP, '86)
Mogwai: EP (CHEM036CD, Chemikal Underground, '99)
Primal Scream: Exterminator (SCR 496525 2, Creation, CD, '00)
V/A: DJ Pogo presents The Breaks. Original B Boy Street Funk & Block Party Classics. (HURTLP 012, Harmless Recordings, 2-LP, '69-'76/'98)
V/A: Dub Syndicate - Research And Development (ON-U CD85, On-U Sound, '96)


Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry: Helter Skelter. The True Story of the Manson Murders. 1974/1994 Bantam/W.W. Norton & Company, New York. (ISBN 0-553-57435-3)
Jimi Fritz: Rave Culture - An Insider's Overview. 1999 Smallfry Press, Victoria. (ISBN 0-9685721-0-3)
M.A. Numminen: Helsinkiin. Opiskelija Juho Niityn sivistyshankkeet 1960-1964. 1999 Schildts, Helsinki. (ISBN 951-50-1054-3)

sakke (t:re, fi)

sakke top ten

01 björk - violently happy [one little indian]
02 x-ile - private dancer (private dub) [direct beat]
03 shannon - let the music play [emergency/warehouse]
04 aril brikha - deepartures in time [transmat]
05 rob hood - hoodlum [drama]
06 development 002 [d 002]
07 titonton duvante - bouvoir [starbaby]
08 britney spears - answering machine message [jive]
09 mosaic presents rhythm method volume 2 [mosaic]
10 development 000 [d 000]

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Sutekh: Miasma 12" (Force Inc)
. Sistol: s/t cd (Phthalo)
. Arovane: Atol Scrap cd (Din)
. Motor: 4, 5, 6, 7 12" (AudioNL)
. Substancia 2 comp cd (Sub Rosa)
. Pluramon: formant rmx 12" (Mille Plateaux)
. Tone Rec: demo pack demoli rmx cd (Sub Rosa)
. Stalaktiten Och Mirjam: angestmaskin cd (Phthalo)
. Sator Rotas cd (A-Musik)
. Autopoieses: Live A Noir 2xlp (Ritornell)
. Ihan: iota cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Vladislav Delay: entain cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Exos: eleventh cd (Force Inc)
. Mathias Schaffhauser: hotel lido cd (Force Inc)
. Gramm: personal_rock cd (Source)
. Voices in My Lunchbox comp cd (Plug Research)
. 21/22 Corp comp cd (21/22 Corp)
. Boulderdash: we have not been to koxut island cd (RUC)
. Clicks_+_Cuts comp 2xcd/3xLP (Mille Plateaux)
. KPT Michigan (aka dilemma): untitled full length cdr (Trim)
. Shapes anonymous comp 3xlp (Anonymous)
. Jake Mandell: quondam current cd/2xLP (Force Inc)
. Assorted Pieces comp 10" (Suction)
. Marumari: the ballad of the round ball cd (Carpark)

Sean Cooper, Microsound, Oakland, CA, U.S.

1. Talk Talk, Laughing Stock (EMI)
2. Debbie Deb, "Lookout Weekend" (Hot Productions)
3. Fenn O'Berg, The Magic Sound of Fenn O'Berg (Mego)
4. Various Artists, "Assorted Pieces" (Suction)
5. Tetsu Inoue, Psycho-Acoustic 2 (Tzadik)
6. Caustic Resin, Trick Question (Alias)
7. Shirt Trax, "Chewables" (
8. Syncom Data, "50 Pop or an Envelope" (Bunker)
9. Massimo, "Works for" (
10. Kyuss, Welcome to Sky Valley (Elektra)

Nexus009, Satellite Records NYC, USA

The flyest 12"'s for February

DREXCIYA: Hydro Doorways_ Tresor
*G*: The Mono Man EP_Force Inc.
HAMIJAMA: Cultivar_Beta Bodega (promo)
FARBEN: Featuring The Dramatics_Klang
VA: Clicks And Cuts_Mille Plateaux
PHONEM: Phonetik_Morr Music
SUPERSOUL: Soma-Rasa_Metatronix (promo)
VA: Lily of the Valley_Schematic (promo)

Walter Garber, Italy

1. Isolée: I owe you (playhouse)
2. Console: my dog eats bits (payola)
3. B. Fleischmann: [hidden track:] Torn (charhizma)
4. Commercial Breakup: All I love is green (ladomat)
5. Glance feat. Clair Dietrich: Time (stir15)
6. Wassermann: W.I.R. (profan)
7. Perlondon: Windowshopping (perlon)
8. Dub Taylor: Blueprint (raum...musik)
9. [Clair] Diet[rich]: rich diet (lofi luxury outlet)
10. Aeric: Kraftbahnen (ladomat)

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany

my charts for 02.00

01. piano magic - remixed by opiate (morrmusic 008)
02. piano magic - remixed by future 3 (morrmusic 008)
03. styrofoam - cashier escape song (city centre offices)
04. morse - knottel (city centre offices?)
05. skanfrom - electronique supermarket (city centre offices)
06. a holy mt. zion - ? (constellation 009)
07. mum - yesterday was dramatic, today is ok (tmt)
08. pole - outtakes (tape)
09. appliance - remixed by to rococo rot (mute)
10. ??? und der superpapagei (europa)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

Sampen, who injured his back in a freakish yodeling accident and had to spend a week in bed, improved his living through these:

1. Kiropraktikko vs. Kolmiolääkkeet
2. Television Personalities - Part Time Punks CD
3. Mr Velcro Fastener - Lucky Bastards Living Up North CD
4. Homespun - Sails In The Skies mini CD
5. Royal Trux

Before accident:

Live at KVY3 in Turku:

6. Amazing Ville Leinonen
7. ever so nice Velvolino

8. ROR: Terror 2000 exhibition at Into-Galleria

Two sculptures:

From Sulake/Säkring exhibition:

9. Anssi Heinonen - Phil Collins Ajaa Kumiautolla
(shaking rubber car)
10. Pekka Purhonen - Hellapoliisi
(robot stove)

Mario Vogelsteller, Germany

Charts 2000/2

No particular order:

PLAID: Rest Proof Clockwork
PLAID: Not for Threes
FIZZARUM: Phut of Phlex
AROVANE: Atol Scrap
MARIO VOGELSTELLER: wie immer ohne Titel

J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI

13 for Now

Todd Edwards, THE PRIMA ep (i! Records)
Chico DeBarge, "Give You What You Want" (Garage white label)
KMA, RE-CON MISSION ep (Locked On)
Various Artists, UK GARAGE: THE PIRATE ANTHEMS (Rumour Records)
DJ Assault, STRAIGHT UP DETROIT SHIT 5 (Electrofunk)
Morton Subotnick, SILVER APPLES OF THE MOON (Nonesuch)
Savvas Ysatis & Taylor Deupree, TOWER OF WINDS (Caipirinha)
Sylvester, "Do Ya Wanna Funk" (Megatone Records)
Super_Collider, HEAD ON (Medicine)

Young Harri Oliwi's (Dusty Dreams / Murmurecordings, H:ki, FI)

King 10 (08.02.2000):

emanon: "lovesick" (unreleased)
pijall feat matti p: "eino sunshine" (ceebrodukshuns/murmurecordings)
paul gembus feat matti p: "happy?" (unreleased)
coughnut, s.b. & deco d: "i'm not the man" (million dollar dream)
werd: "the end of western civilization" (mixtape)
soul captain band: "todellinen vihollinen"
g-litter: "kakspiippunen juttu" 7" (lifesaver)
brotha lynch hung & sicx: "nigga deep" lp (siccmade music)
looies: "let's get smokin" (swerve)
tommy wright III: "hardheaded" (street smart)

top 13 tracks c/o

jason amm, suction records, canada

1. "arch melvin" - lowfish (darla/suction)
2. "fingerbib" - aphex twin (warp)
3. "desire & efficiency" - perspects (ersatz audio)
4. "prooger" - isan (morr music)
5. "telefon" - electronome (nu-vorm)
6. "light years" - potuznik (cheap)
7. "14 zero zero" - console (payola)
8. "new life" - depeche mode (mute)
9. "seven of oceans" - severed heads (nettwerk)
10. "the great outdoors!" - depeche mode (mute)

Lifesaver, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

Heavy sales and heavy rotation in no particular order

Sister Nancy: Bam Bam (Techniques 7")
Tenor Saw: Ring The Alarm (Techniques 7")
V/A: Project Blowed (Massmen 2xLP)
Moodymann: Don't You Want My Love (Pandamonium 12")
Jesper Dahlbäck: Sand & Vatten (Svek 12")
Deep Sensous Ensemble: Rebirth EP (Mood Music 12")
Roy Ayers: Coffy (Polydor LP)
Roy Ayers: Maiden Voyage (Polydor LP)
General Njassa: I'm Young, Beautiful & Natural (Connect 12")
Jon Lucien: Rashida (RCA LP)
Jon Lucien: Mind's Eye (RCA LP)
Reflection Eternal: The Express (Rawkus 12")
Lightning Head: Me & My Princess (Best Seven 7")
G-Litter: Kakspiippunen Juttu (Lifesaver 7")
V/A: Wildstyle Soundtrack (Animal LP)
V/A: The Spinning Wheel of Jazz (Spinning Wheel LP/CD)
Roots Revisited: Dan Ryan (Sound Signatures 12")
Beanfield: The Season (Compost 12")
Longineu Parsons: Spaced: Collective Works 1980-1999 (Luv'n'Height LP/CD) D'Angelo: Voodoo (Virgin 2xLP)

DJ Pirkka, Helsinki, Finland

G-Litter: Seoul '88 (Lifesaver)
Kuja Orchestra LIVE @ Funky Elephant
Moodymann: Don't You Want My Love (Pandamonium)
Sun Palace: Rude Movements (Nuphonic)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes: Prayin' (Source)
Leon Thomas: Shape Your Mind To Die (Flying Dutchman)
Breakwater: Work It Out (Arista)
Glen Washington: Jah Glory (VP Records)
Sinisetpunaisetmiehet: LME (unreleased)
Abstract Tribe Unique: Something About This Music (Ocean Floor)

Pasmando, Turku, Finland

current 5:

peshay: places and spaces/new jack swing (pivotal)
drexicya: hydro doorways (tresor)
temptations: smiling faces (gordy)
isolee: beau mot plage freeform parts 1&2 (playhouse)
cutty ranks: wipe them out (vp)

joonas (oulu, phinland)

nieuwe & hott 2000

duracel: u-turn (viewlexx)
alden tyrrel: love explosion (viewlexx)
electronome: 4+10=12? (nu-vorm)
airlocktronics: consecutive (airlock)
arovane: aussen vor (din)

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