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Last time updated March 30, 1998

Jori Hulkkonen (F-Communications) aka Bobby Forester (Plumphouse)

1. Jepthé Guillaume: The Prayer (acoustic mix)
2. K Chandler & J Claussel: Escravos de Jo (robust horns)
3. The Deep: The Earth e.p.
4. Presence: Better Day
5. Karnaval 2 Exitos: Theme From Karnaval
6. K Chandler & J Sydenham: Espirito du Tempo
7. A.D.N.Y.: I Play My Groove
8. The Fifth Edition: Road Trip
9. The Carlos Sanchez Movement: Love and Respect
10. Boogie Bruthaz: Love American Style e.p.

Greg Clow, Feedback Monitor, CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lazer Caps - Rubber Jazz 12" (nice+smooth/Hypnotic, Canada/US)
Kinder Atom - Slinky Slurpy 12" (nice+smooth/Hypnotic, Canada/US)
Perfume Tree - Feeler CD (World Domination, US)
V/Vm & Third Eye Foundation - split 12" (Fat Cat, UK)
Delarosa & U-Sheen - Let's Talk Swimming Pools split 12" (Fluid Ounce, US)
Alien Radio Station - Bandwidth CD (Silver, Canada)
Various - Invisible Soundtracks Macro 2 CD (Leaf, UK)
Coil - Time Machines CD (Eskaton/World Serpent, UK)
We - Antenna Tool & Die 12" picture disc (Asphodel, US)
Max Tundra - Children At Play 12" (Warp, UK)

Dj Nick Gadget (ARMALYTE, Stockholm, Sweden)
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my current chart for jan-march 1998:

1. Joel Mull / Själ i köket (PRIMEVIL)
2. Holy Ghost / Gone fishin' (TRESOR)
3. Cohabits / Dependency (TORTURED)
4. Cari Lekebusch / Vet dom som för att (HYBRID)
5. Steve Stoll / Model T (NOVAMUTE)
6. Vegas Soul / Optic (BELLBOY)
7. Tribal Bitch / Bear hugg (BUSH)
8. Dj Slip / Broken cake (MISSILE)
9. Mark Finnie / Stark (BELLBOY)
10. Various / It's a family affair (PLANET RHYTHM)

LLaMa, Pulssi Records, Finland
Top Ten Playlist

* Hustler: Wow Pow! [EC Records, ec19]
* Puente Latino: Coming Back EP [Primevil, prlv003]
* Christopher Just: I'm a Disco Dancer Remixed [International DeeJay Gigolos, gigolo-08]
* Mindfunk [Rough Cut, rc9711]
* Steve Poindexter vs. Mr. James Barth [Trainspotter's Nightmare, cl013]
* G Flame & Mr G.: The Nastiness EP [Metalbox, almc3]
* Boom! [Rough Cut, rc9710]
* Disco Connection [Polyester Records, sub4867.6]
* Jim Hopkins presents - Disco Dubs - Vol.1 [Twitch, tw-ep-05]
* Jeff Mills: Steampit EP [Purpose Maker, pm-005]

pHinn, pHinnWeb, Tampere, Finland

pHinn's Record Budget Drained By The Move Of pHinnWeb Bunker March '98 Chart

Atari Teenage Riot: The Future of War (DHR CD 6, Digital Hardcore Recordings, CD)
The Business City Orchestra: Lahti By Night (PUU-010, Puu, 12")
Christoph De Babalon: If You're Into It, I'm Out Of It (DHR CD 8, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
DDR Rhythm: Demo Tape 001 (DDR Rhythm 001, audio tape)
Koneveljet: Man On The Moon (006663-3 SAUNA EP, Sauna Connections, 12")
Time Machines (aka Coil): Time Machines (Eskaton 010, Eskaton, CD)
Tortoise: TNT (EFA 08705-2, Thrill Jockey/City Slang, CD)


Teep, (, Boston, USA
DJ Teep's Top Ten Rollers

ed rush - sabotage - metalheadz
optical - to shape the future (remix) - metalheadz
lemon d - what's up? - metalheadz
ed rush/optical - medicine/punchbag - virus
ed rush/optical - funktion/naked lunch - v recordings
wings (size, krust, die) - wings - reinforced
technical itch - able - secondmovement
cybotron feat. dillinja - light years - prototype
jonny l - I let you - xl
primary motive - blueprint - creative source

DJ Adder, Helsinki Underground, Finland
Adderock top 10

Ramsey & Co - Love Call (BBE)
Aceyalone - Faces (Project Blowed)
Kenny Dope - Jam the Mace (Tu Chicks)
Opel Bastards - Funky (Bootsound dub)
Scienz of Life EP (Fondle 'Em)
Ed Rush & Optical - Medicine (Virus)
Doug Carn - Higher Ground (Black Jazz)
Gang Starr - You know my steez (Noo Trybe)
Green Velvet - the Stalker (Relief)
Dillinja - Strontium Jazz (Renegade Hardware)

Disruptikk (Yell.O.Phase), Helsinki, Finland
Top 10

Violent Aggression (Blood'n'Guts 3)
Fireproof Ep (Outcastclan15)
Dj Freak vs Noizecreator (Headfuck 003)
Static Tremor (Rage 2)
Skullblower (Special Forces 2)
Pressurehead (Surgeon 16. 003)
Noize Generator (UHF 5)
Dj Freak vs Skullblower (Hard Of Hearing 7)
Re.Pete (Special Forces 3)
The Housefucker (Bastard Loud 13)

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