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PITA's summer listening>> (Vienna, Austria)

hecker: unmastered test copies
kevin saunderson: faces and phases collection (ssr)
gescom: minidisc (or)
madonna: ray of light (maverick)
merzbow: 1930 (tzadik)
jigen: bloods finality (shiranui)
john oswald: discosphere

M.DOS (Mego Direct Order Service, Vienna, Austria) Hit-Parade 08/98:

1. Hecker: IT ISO 161975 (Mego)
2. Pan Sonic: Arctic Ranger (Blast First)
3. Ryoji Ikeda: 0 Celsius (Touch)
4. Cash: 50ml Parfum (Sabotage)
5. Radian: Radian (Rhiz)
6. Mouse on Mars: Glam (Sonig)
7. Sluta Leta: LISA 94 (Cheap)
8. Farmers Manual: Explorers_We (Or)
9. Signal: Signal (Rastermusic)

... web-hits from the M.DOS 08/98-stats

DJ Mikolas, Electric Pleasures, Helsinki, Finland
Mun Pop-Top 10

New Order: 1963
Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence
Dingo: Levoton Tuhkimo
Bronski Beat: Small Town Boy
The Cure: Let's Go to Bed
Erasure: Breath of Life
The Smiths: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Suede: So Young
Duran Duran: Save a Prayer
Soft Cell: Tainted Love

Pop-DJ Mini (a.k.a. mpn), Electric Pleasures, Pirkkala, Finland

Monaco: Shine
Depeche Mode: But Not Tonight
Necrophilistic Anodyne: Raping Facts
Ministry: Smothered Hope
Smashing Pumpkins: Tear
Cubanate: Vortech I
Alphaville: Dance With Me
Kim Wilde: Kids In America
Gus Gus: Believe
Gary Numan: Dead Heaven
Laibach: Alle Gegen Alle

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany

1. Herbert - Around The House (Phonography)
2. Arovane E.P. (Din)
3. Squarepusher - Music Is One Rotten Note (Warp)
4. Aleph (Musik Aus Strom)
5. Two Lone Swordsmen - A Bag Of Blue Sparks (Warp)
6. Krust - True Stories E.P. (Talkin' Loud)
7. Bruce Haack - Hush Little Robot (Normal)
8. Solvent (Suction)
9. hard:edged 004
10. Biophilia Allstars

DJ Infekto, Pyssy Recordings, Tampere, Finland

1. Fresh Kutt: Vol. 7 (Fresh Kutt)
2. Fearless Four: Rockin' It (Enjoy)
3. Paul Jacobs: Soul Grabber Vol. 3 (Aquarius)
4. Special K + Dream Team: Tutti Frutti (Joker)
5. Various: Rough Technique (Freska Nova)
6. Bob Sinclair: Paradise LP (Yellow)
7. Biz Markie: I Need A Haircut LP (Cold Chillin')
8. Strike Boys: The Rhyme (Wall Of Sound)
9. Freq Nasty: Tunes To Ashtonish (Botchit & Scarper)
10. Dee Jay Punk Roc: Chicken Eye LP (Independiente)

DJ Pirkka (A SOUND, Helsinki, Finland)

1. Be Be Winans: "Thank You" (Atlantic)
2. Iwere: "My Oddity" (unreleased)
3. Marlena Shaw: "California Soul" (Cadet)
4. Candido: "Dancin' & Prancin'" (Excalibur)
5. Dilated Peoples: "Global Dynamics" (ABB)
6. Opel Bastards: "Spraybeat" (Bootsound America)
7. V/A: Abstract Afro Lounge LP (NiteGrooves)
8. Marvin Gaye: "Trouble Man Soundtrack" (Tamla)
9. Miles Davis: "Black Satin" (Columbia)
10. Powers In The Groove: "It's Automatic (BLAZE SPIRIT MIX)" (Funky People)

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Electric Pleasures, Tampere, Finland
Forever Rain (Dedicated To The Summer That Never Was)

Twelve inches and a CD single:

Agent Cooper Vs X-Men EP (ROH2380, Roh)
Aux 88: Electrotechno (DB4W-016, Direct Beat/430 West Records)
Drexciya: Drexciya 4 - The Unknown Aquazone (SVE-3, UR/Submerge, 2x12")
Electro Lobby 01 (ELECTRO LOBBY 01, Electro Lobby)
Freestyle Man featuring Irwin Berg: Come To Dance (SÄHKÖ-16, Sähkö Recordings)
Hot Sauce: C'était bon, très bon (PUU-12, Puu)
Manic Street Preachers: If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (EPC 666247 2, Epic)
Old Skool Flava's: Summer Boogie EP (OSF 0598)
Opel Bastards: Opel Bastards (BOSOMAXLP-198, Bootsound America)
Sleeze Boys: Z-O-I-D-S (BOSS001-1, Boss Man Records)
Step Time Orchestra: The Forbidden Dance EP (VPR 0228, Vinyl Peace/Crash Records)
UR: Crime Report (UR-021, Underground Resistance)
X-Men: Source Unknown E.P. (The X-Men, Berlin #1)

Long plays:

Autechre: Autechre (WARPLP66, Warp, 2-LP)
Bomb 20: Field Manual (DHR LP 15, Digital Hardcore Recordings, 2-LP)
Caustic Window: Compilation (CAT 009 LP, Rephlex, 2-LP)
Like A Tim: Stay Real (DJAX-UP-286, Djax Records, 2-LP)
Mac Mavis: Mac Mavis (002020-2/SaunaExoCD, Exogenic Records/Sauna Connections)


Organ: Nekrofiilis (PÄLP 33, Poko Rekords, '82)

DJ Karri, Mono Records, Helsinki, Finland

DJ Karri's
house top five (September '98):

1. Alan Braxe: Vertigo (Roule)
2. S-Club: Gentlemen Need Struggle (Suburbia)
3. Funk 198: Caged (Stickman)
4. V/A: Nite Life Collective (Dust Traxx)
5. Lexicon: Superstar (Plastic City)

techno top five (September '98):
1. Chris Liebing: Drum Kitchen (Energy Industries)
2. Exoss: Grass Hunter (Plast Trax)
3. Dhamas: Rakish Rally (Rakish Records)
4. Monobox: Downtown (M-Plant)
5. Poleeni EP: Bees Werk (Sauna Connections)

joonas & antero (oulu, finland)
kesähitit 1998

* lonny & melvin: "the job" (craft)
* mr velcro fastener: "robots 4 life" (tie entertainment)
* paul johnson: "santa claus remix" (crydamoure)
* bob sinclair: "gym tonic" (yellow)
* plasma co: "modern romantics" (electrecord)
* damien & wabensia:" definitive love" (idea)
* round four: "find a way" (main street)
* eddie amador: "house music" (yoshitoshi)
* jori hulkkonen: "seven dayz seven nights" (f communications)
* stardust: "music sounds better with you" (roule)

dj nemo (helsinki, finland) - on the decks chart
(not in any spectacular order)

Cari Lekebusch / b02 [Code Red 04]
Thomas Krome / Raw [Planet Rhythm UK 004]
Adam Beyer / a1 [Rotation 97010]
Cari Lekebusch / Jon's Secret Technique [Drumcode 10]
Neil Landstrumm / Blam The Target [Peace Frog 044]
Justin Berkovi / The Heart [Sativae 011]
Marko Laine / Read & Write [Djax-Up-Beats 248]
GF / Rectifier [KK 159]
Christian Vogel / Never Too Late (Cari Lekebusch Mix) [Primevil 001]
Thomas Krome / Broken Dish [Loop 036]
Oliver Ho / b01 [Drumcode 08]
Jeff Mills / The Bells [Purpose Maker 002]
Thomas Krome / Burn Rubber Burn (Andreas Bender Fried Mix) [Loop 035]
Cari Lekebusch / Petting Me't... [Drumcode 04]
Gaetek / Brain Mustle [Planet Rhythm 020]

DJ Scum (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)
elektro top 10:

i-f: playstation nr.1 vocal version (hotmix promo)
aux 88: play it loud (direct beat)
electronome: music telex (viewlexx)
freestyle man feat. irwin berg: come to dance (sähkö)
neon: 123 (unknown label..)
mr. velcro fastener: robots 4 life (tie entertainment)
dj hell / chicks on speed: warm leatherette (go)
egyptian lover: i want to make love (egyptian empire)
anthony rother: sex with the machines (kanzleramt)
voice stealer: the all electric house 2xlp (subvert)

Fred Giannelli aka The Kooky Scientist, Telepathic Records/Plus 8/Sähkö, etc., Boston, MA., USA


1. Ryuichi Sakamoto "Love is the Devil" soundtrack - K.A.B./Asphodel
2. Ennio Morricone "Lolita" soundtrack - Milan/B.M.G.
3. Ennio Morricone "Wolf" soundtrack - Sony Classical/Columbia
4. Ennio Morricone "U Turn" soundtrack - Sony/Epic
5. Beach Boys/Brian Wilson "Pet Sounds" disc #2 "Sessions" - Capitol
6. Thomas Brinkmann - "Max" Ernst Catalog
7. Baaba Maal - "Lam Lam" track from "Nomad Soul" - Island Life

DJ SHARP, Espoo, Finland

1. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force "Planet Rock (remixes)" (PASSION)
2. Mr Velcro Fastener "Robots 4 Life" (TIE)
3. DJ T-1000 "Minimal Science EP" (PURE SONIK)
4. Daz Sound & Ben Tisdall "Bad" (MISSILE)
5. Thomas Schumacher "When I Rock" (BUSH)

1. Stardust "Music Sounds Better With You" (ROULE)
2. DJ Tonka "She Knows You" (UPLIFTING)
3. The Bionic Men "The Dawning" (STICKMAN)
4. 16B "Falling" (EYE Q)
5. Everything by Blaze

DJ Kim, Miau! Club, Tampere, Finland
Top 10

1. A.T.G.O.C.: Repeated Love (Mo Bizz)
2. DJ Modelle: Off Yer Face (Street Beat)
3. Olav Basoski: Oddworld Odyssey (It)
4. Paul van Dyk: For an Angel '98 (Deviant)
5. Problem Boy: Self Control (Tremolo)
6. Orinoko: Vila Nova (3 Lanka)
7. D-Tune: Into The Light (2 Play)
8. Les Indescretes: Expression (Fresh Fruit)
9. POB: Boiler (Seismic)
10. Instant Doubles: The Underground (Digi White)

DJ Entox, The Skreem, Hampton, NH., USA

1. Jeff & Jane Hudson - Fat Of The Land
2. Björk - Hunter
3. Drop Dead - Pleasurehorse Rmxs.
4. Haircut 100 - Ski Club Of Great Britain
5. MC Lyte - I Can't Make A Mistake
6. Positive Noise - Positive Negative
7. New Order - Mesh/Cries & Whispers
8. Vainio Väisänen Vega - Endless
9. English Beat - She's Leaving
10. Soundtrack - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

DJ Mekaanikko, Kosmonaut Rekords, Helsinki, Finland
top trax for home listening pleasure

Aavikko: Tyttöystävä (Bad Vugum)
Kraftwerk: Spacelab (Klingklang)
Pizzicato Five: Mon Amour Tokyo (Matador)
Freestylers feat. Tenor Fly: Dancehall Vibes (Freskanova)
Pierre Bachelet: Emmanuelle in Thailand (Barclay)
Paul Hardcastle: 19 (Chrysalis)
T.P.O.: Hiroshi's Dub [Joe Clausell Remix] (Disorient)
Pet Shop Boys: It's a Sin (Parlophone)
D.S. Building Contractors: One for the Burglar (London)
Rhythim is Rhythim: Winter on the BLVD (Transmat)
Jungle Brothers: Straight Out the Jungle (Gee Street)
Jorio feat. Jay Rodriguez: Romance (Eight Ball)
The Deep: Underground (Nervous)
The Shamen: Transamazonia [Visnadi-Totem Mix] (One Little Indian)
Fat Detector: Tuhti Satsi (Pyssy)
unknown (Rap Records 1)
Tek 9: Old Times, New Times (SSR)
Nuyorican Soul: Makes Your Nature Rise (Talkin' Loud)
Drax Ltd 2: Amphetamine (Trope)
Aphrodelics: On the Rise (Uptight)
Daft Punk: Revolution 909 [Roger & Junior's Revolutionary War Mix] (Virgin)
House of Pain: Jump Around (XL)

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