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Last time updated August 26, 1998

DJ Sharp, Espoo, Finland

1. Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Champagne! EP (Gigolo Records)
2. Oliver Ho: Terra Incognita (Meta)
3. Anthony Rother: Redlight District (Elektrolux)
4. Heiko Laux: No Pain No Gain (1220)
5. Everything by James Ruskin
6. V/A: Modern Sound Of Stockholm (Loop)
7. Claude Young: Dark (Djax-Up-Beats)
8. Klystron & Jenny: Platis (Riot City)
9. Jori Hulkkonen: The Spirits Inside Me (F-Communications)
10. Derrick May: Innovator (Transmat/R&S)

Top ten list by
Mr. Grape / DDR Rhythm / helsinki / turku / finland

dj cam: twilight zone (dj cam hip hop mix)
akasha: brown sugar
the roots: respond/react
dj die: soul II
dj rap: intelligent woman
fatboy slim: everybody needs a 303
new order: vanishing point
giant robot: nine tons of wood
armand van helden: ultrafunkula
ephebe: caned in egypt

Frankie Enmark, Plod, Umeå, Sweden
Top 23 rainrecords of the summer (in random order):

Luke Vibert, Big Soup, Mo Wax
Daniel Ibbotson, New Stories, Reel Discs
The Smiths, The World Won't Listen, Wea
Richard Coleman Devine, Same, Schematic
Black Dog, Bytes, Warp
Björk, Homogenic, Mother
Money Mark, Push the Button, Mo Wax
Various, Alternative Frequencies 3, Worm Interface
Päronsoda, A Nightclub in Tunisia, C+C Records
Amon Tobin, Permutation, Ninja Tune
DJ Vadim, USSR Repertoire, Ninja Tune
Black Dog, Spanners, Warp
Bola, Aguilla, Skam
Cornelis Vreeswijk, Skatter ur Cornelis fatabur, Sonet
Massive Attack, Mezzanine, Virgin
Herbert & Dani Siciliano, Going Around, Phonography
Squarepusher, Hard Normal Daddy etc etc, Warp
Suede, Dog Man Star, Nude
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery, The Dynamic Duo, Verve
KLF, Chill Out, KLF Communications
Wagon Christ, Phat Lab Nightmare, Rising High
Hansson & Karlsson, Same, Polydor
Komeda, What Makes it Go?, North of No South

...and when the sun peeks out I try to, as soon as possible, put on:

Squarepusher, A Journey To Reedham (7am Mix), Warp

...because that's what the sun digs.

DJ Paltazar/Tie Entertainment/Turku/Finland

X-ile: R U Ready (Direct Beat)
Dynamix II: From 1985 To Present (Rephlex)
UR: Crime Report (UR)
Dynamik Bass System: Arabian Dreams (Gigolo)
Freestyle Man f. Irwin Berg: Come To Dance (Sähkö)
Anthony Rother: Trans Europa Express (Psi49Net)
Le Car: Automatic (Craft)
Lonny & Melvin: If You Want A Job To Be... (Craft)

Diskono, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
home 10

1 people like us - resonance FM [tape]
2 harry crews - naked in the garden hills [blast first]
3 pbk - shadows of prophecy [nd]
4 jesus h christ - pluderphonicparty [tape]
5 wobbly / wet gate - lunchtime u.s.a. [diskono]
6 casper / peter brötzmann - last home [path]
7 violent onsen geisha - otis [rail]
8 don't dolby - don't dolby [gefriem]
9 black flag - 1982 demos [bootleg]
9 black flag - 1982 demos [bootleg]
10 iso - gravity clock [amobeic]

Pop-DJ Mini (a.k.a. mpn), Electric Pleasures, Pirkkala, Finland

* Gary Numan: I Die : You Die
* Siouxsie And The Banshees: Face To Face
* New Order: Truth
* Duran Duran: The Reflex
* Manic Street Preachers: If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
* Gary Numan: Are 'Friends' Electric?
* OMD: Enola Gay
* Ministry: Stigmata
* Heaven 17: Let Me Go
* Pet Shop Boys: Rent
* A-Ha: Cry Wolf
* Rialto: Monday Morning 5.19

Pirkka (A-SOUND, Helsinki, Finland)
Kevyesti keskellä päivää 11.8.1998

1. Herbie Hancock - "Nobu" (CBS)
2. Akwaaba - "Nedd La Vache" (Session)
3. OC - Word... Life LP (Wild Pitch)
4. Lee Perry - The Upsetter Box Set (Trojan)
5. Breakbeat Era - "Breakbeat Era" (XL)
6. Michael Longo - 900 Shares of Blues LP (Groove Merchant)
7. Mouse on Mars - Instumentals LP (Sonig)
8. Crispin J. Glover - Something fo the Weekend EP (Kontraband)
9. Joe Bataan - "Aftershower Funk" (Mericana/Universal Sound)
10. Shazz vs. Joe Claussell - Innerside EP (Yellow)

J Sumner, Sueisfine Sound System (Detroit, MI., USA)

Vinyl Revolutions

* Plastikman - CONSUMED (M_nus)
* Primal Scream - "If They Move Kill 'Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra rmx)" (Creation)
* From Beyond Volumes 2-4 (Interdimensional Transmissions)
* Starfish Pool/Steve Paton/Ben Sims/Parallel System (Pure Plastic)
* Mouse on Mars - GLAM (Sonig)
* Polish Au Pair - RESTAURANT TRACKS (Cheap)
* Ian Pooley - LOOPDUELLE (Force Inc.)
* Plug Research and Development (Plug Research and Development)
* Philus - KOLMIO ep (Sähkö)
* Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - "Some Velvet Morning" (Reprise)
* Labyrinths & Jokes (Hanson Records) [compilation of weird Detroit area noise/electronics]


* Ø - METRI (Sähkö)
* Various Artists - DECAY PRODUCT (Chain Reaction)
* Gas - ZAUBERBERG (Mille Plateaux)
* Susanne Brokesch - SHARING THE SUNHAT (Disko B)
* Leila - LIKE WEATHER (Rephlex)

Alexandre Molari, Geneva, Switzerland

1. Concept 1 - Richie Hawtin - Minus
> weird minimal_ambient
2. V/A - Funktio 2 - Sauna Connections
3. Musicformeditation - Masala - Materiali Sonori
> mixture of jazz, d&b, trip hop and Indian music
4. Untitled - Autechre - Warp
5. We Are Reasonable People - Warp

DJ Entox, The Skreem, Hampton, NH., USA

1. Human League 'Total Panic'/'Travelogue' (Virgin)
2. Drop Dead/Pleasurehorse rmxs. (Load)
3. Pulp 'Countdown'/'Intro' (Sorry, I love Pulp now! Am I part of the Britpop fascists? ;)
4. Phil Oakey/Giorgio Moroder 'Shake It Up' (Virgin)
5. Diskbootik 'Ribbons of Sound' (CFET)
6. Suckdog 'Onward Suckdog Soldiers' (Tray Full Of Lab Mice)
7. Technoise "Noise:Quent" (i/Che)
8. Harald Sack Ziegler & Ron Schültige Blumm 7" (Dhyana)
9. Various- Schmoll Compilation (Dhyana)
10. Is out to lunch .. please try again later ;)

DJ Mekaanikko, Kosmonaut Rekords, Helsinki, Finland
current diverse top 10 in no particular order:

1. Freestylers feat. MC Navigator: Ruffneck (Freskanova)
2. Beastie Boys: Intergalactic [Prisoners of Technology Remix] (Grand Royal)
3. Kraftwerk: Autobahn [live] (Ranchlife Concert Classics)
4. Lo Fidelity Allstars: Vision Insicion [12" Mix] (Skint)
5. 95 North: Forever Underground [Bass Dub] (Large)
6. Masterbuilders feat. Corrina Joseph: Masterheads (Matrix)
7. Freestylers feat. Soul Sonic Force: We Rock Hard (Freskanova)
8. Afrika Bambataa & Soul Sonic Force: Planet Rock [Fordy's Trippin' Mix] (Perfect Beat)
9. Alpha: Sometime Later (Melankolic)
10. Gus Gus: Believe [Underdog Instrumental Mix] (4AD)

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