Jimi Tenor Solo Discography

Last time updated: 7 July, 2000

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BAD VUGUM (Oulu, Finland):

Various Artists
Yllättäviä kohtaamisia - Surprising Encounters
BAD-53 (CD/LP)
* B1. Jimi Tenor & Harri Kupiainen: Last War Of The Worlds (4:13)
* B2. Jimi Tenor & Can Oral: Superfrozen Venus Hillybilly 69 (4:08)

BEGGARS BANQUET (London, England):

Various Artists
Beggar's Banquet 2xCD
June 1997
* Jimi Tenor: Down In The Park

NOTE: compilation of Gary Numan/Tubeway Army tracks covered by The Orb, Dave Clarke, Jimi Tenor, etc.

SUBURBAN (Finland):

Suburban Sax
* Parts 1-3

NOTE: with Tapani Rinne (of Rinneradio).

PUU RECORDS (Helsinki, Finland):


Jimi Tenor
Sähkömies LP
A1. Theme Sax
A2. Crazy Hammond
A3. Union Ave.
A4. Take Me Baby
B1. Matti B
B2. Teräsmies
B3. Voimamies
B4. Travelin Dem Spaceways

Sähkömies back cover image.

/pic/cd_europ.jpg /pic/europa.jpg

Jimi Tenor
Europa LP/CD
(August 7, 1995)
1. Fantom (The Wandering Ghost)
2. Unmentionables
3. Europa (Main Theme)
4. It Happens Every Night
5. Cafe Europa (live)
6. Take the "S" Train
7. Vasagatan
8. Union Ave #2
9. Rubberdressing
10. Softdressing
11. A Daughter of the Snow

NOTE: tracks 10. & 11. only on CD

All tracks written, performed and produced by Jimi Tenor.
Guitar on A3 and A4 by Ilkka Mattila and voice on B2 by Tiina Timantti.
Graphic design by a.men architects / tg.

Kocmoc (Kosmos)
November 1996

A1. Syväkosmos
A2. Tetris
B1. Lunatetris
B2. Kosmoska

All music by Kosmos (Mika Vainio & Jimi Tenor).

T&B RECORDS (England)


Jimi Tenor
Take Me Baby Remix EP
March 30, 1995

NOTE: remixes from 'Sähkömies': " ... excellent blend of housy organs,
trumpet sounds and psycho-billy techno in its original form" - Samu Mielonen

Jimi Tenor
Take Me Baby (reissue)
TBSmile 12"
Distribution: Plastic Head
August 12, 1996
A1. Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy Mix)
A2. Take Me Baby (Original Puu Mix)
A3. Take Me Baby (Vega Mix)
B1. Take Me Baby (Slappers, Organ And RX70 Chorus Mix)
B2. Take Me Baby (Live In A Glasgow Tenement Block Kitchenette With Dribbler's Drum Machine Mix)
B3. Take Me Baby (Lo-fi Trashy DX Organgrinder Mix).

[NOTE: this record too has versions with the names of mixes not mentioned on them - Jarkko Kuivanen.]

OZON (Germany):

Bizz OD & Jimi Tenor
Traffic EP

More info:
DJ, producer, remixer, hip-hop artist and techno innovator, "Khan" Oral is all about variety. Half-Finnish, half-Turkish, Khan hails from Frankfurt, Germany and made his name under the monikers "4E," "Gizz TV," "Bizz OD" and "El Turco Loco" ("The Crazy Turk" in English). He operates several record labels: Super 8, El Turco Loco and Temple Records, the latter of which is also an electro-oriented record shop located in Manhattan's East Village. He's hosted TV shows in Germany and England, and has dabbled in film and music video. He moved to New York in 1993.

COMPOST (Germany):

Various Artists
The Future Sound Of Jazz
Compost 009 Double-LP Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve / Compost 010 CD
* A1. Jimi Tenor - Theme Sax



22 Pistepirkko
Zipcode - 15th Anniversary Remix & Remake Compilation Album
Spirit/Polygram 531.588-2
June 1996
* Birdy - Remake by Jimi Tenor (5:22)

WARP RECORDS (Sheffield, England):

Various Artists
September 23, 1996
* 14. Jimi Tenor: Downtown (Unreleased)

NOTE: A mix-CD with 23 tracks from Warp's artists.

Jimi Tenor
Can't Stay With You Baby
7WAP86/WAP86CD (Limited Edition 7"/CD)
November 18, 1996
A. Can't Stay With You Baby
B. Caravan

Jimi Tenor
Outta Space - Limited Edition
10WAP87 10"
10 February, 1997
A. Outta Space
B. Tesla

NOTE: the 10" is a limited, numbered edition.

Jimi Tenor
Outta Space - Limited Edition
10 February, 1997

1. Outta Space (Radio Edit)
2. Outta Space
3. Tesla
4. Love Is My Game

Single info @ Warp


Jimi Tenor
Intervision (CD/2-LP)
WARP LP/CD/MC 48 (Germany: Rough Trade RTD 126.3134.2.)
10 March 1997
1. Outta Space
2. Downtown
3. Sugardaddy
4. Never Say It Aloud
5. Can't Stay With You Baby
6. Tesla
7. Caravan
8. Wiping Out
9. Shore Hotel
10. Nobody's Perfect
11. Atlantis

All songs written/produced Jimi Tenor. Published by WARP/EMI Music (p) + ©
1996 WARP Records Limited. Except 'CARAVAN' written by Tizol/Mills/Ellington.
Published by Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers. Original 'WIPING OUT' engineered by Sam Shingler. Horns for 'OUTTA SPACE' and 'ATLANTIS' recorded at Rocktalk Studios in Helsinki. Made in England.

MUSICIANS: Caroline Boaden - Drums (Outta Space/Downtown/Nobody's Perfect/Atlantis), Ilkka Mattila - Guitar (Outta Space/Wiping Out/Shore Hotel), Jogi Kosonen - Guitar (Wiping Out), Marco Kosonen - Trumpet (Outta Space/Atlantis/Wiping Out), Tapani Rinne - Baritone Sax (Outta Space/Atlantis), Tuomo Puranen - Double Bass (Atlantis).

Photos: Cover/Back - Thron Ullberg. Inside - Wolfgang Mustain.
Design: DED Associates.

Thanks to all the musicians who played on the tracks that didn't fit into this album and the ones who helped me to develop the arrangements!

Very special thanks to the Group Elevators and Jogi Kosonen who showed me how to arrange Atlantis.

Thanx: Tapio and Raija Lehto, Tina Huczkowski, Markku Arokanto, Russel Haswell, Tommi Grönlund, Moon-boy, Esko Routamaa, Mika Vainio, Thron Ullberg, Hisao Oka, Hitoshi Toyoda, Sanna Salmenkallio, Ari Vaahtera, Paul Smith, Matti Knaapi, Sean and Chantal, Steve Beckett and everyone at Warp.

Album cover
Album cover, back
Jimi's greetings to his fans

[NOTE: there exists a version with bonus CD, including tracks Take Me Baby (Original Mix) and Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy Mix), with a sticker on the sleeve with text 'Limited Edition with Hit-Single "take me baby"'. There is also a promo version (WARPCD48P) with no sleeves and the text: 'FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY, NOT FOR RESALE'. Futhermore, there exists also a version of Intervision with Sähkömies as bonus CD, having Union Ave III as the 9th track, and also with the sticker '... with Hit-Single...'. Both these are German versions on Rough Trade, not published anywhere else. - Jarkko Kuivanen. See more info at Rough Trade section of this discography.]


Jimi Tenor
Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby
Double A side 12" / CD
12WAP93 / WAP93CD
2 June, 1997

A.01: Take Me Baby. The Swag [Pornstars Performance Mix]
A.02: Take Me Baby
AA.01: Sugardaddy
AA.02: House of the Beloved

All songs written/produced by Jimi Tenor.
Side A (P) 1994 Sähkö Recordings OY Licensed exclusively worldwide to Warp Records Ltd. Side AA (P) 1997 Warp Records Limited.
© 1997 Warp Records Ltd. Images: Russell Haswell. Design: Ded Associates.

1. Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)
2. Take Me Baby (Brutal Mix)
3. Sálo
4. Outta Space (Accordian Department Mix)

All tracks produced by Jimi Tenor
except track 4 produced by Ilka (sic) Mattila.

1. Take Me Baby
2. Sugardaddy
3. Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy Mix)
4. House Of The Beloved

Various Artists
3x12" (WAP100) / CD (WAP100CD)
29 June 1998
* 8. Jimi Tenor: Wear My Bikini


Jimi Tenor
WAP 109 / WAP109CD
26 October 1998
A1. Door to a Paradise
A2. Kallio
B1. Tigershark
B2. Midsummernight


Jimi Tenor
Organism (LP/CD)
22 February 1999
1. Total Devastation
2. Serious Love
3. My Mind
4. Love and Work
5. Sleep
6. Xinotepe Head
7. Muchmo
8. Beach Boy
9. Year of the Apocalypse
10 City Sleeps

Image from CD jewel box
Jimi Tenor image from the back of CD

Organism @ Sony Techno

/tenor/pic/jimiyoa.jpg /tenor/pic/jimiyoa2.jpg /tenor/pic/jimiyoa3.jpg

Jimi Tenor
The Year of the Apocalypse (12"/CDS)
March 8 1999
1. Year Of Apocalypse (Maurice Club Mix)
2. Year Of Apocalypse (Album Version)
3. Love And Work

NOTE: the single (four on the floor beats in a house style with full vocals and plenty of 'em) has the album version of its title track, another track from the album, and a swinging house version from Maurice Fulton.


Jimi Tenor
Total Devastation (12"/CDS)
May 3 1999
1. Total Devastation (Maurice Fulton Mix)
2. Total Devastation (Swag Mix)

Nightmares On Wax
Carboot Soul (CD/LP)
spring 1999
* 6. Easejimi

NOTE: featuring Jimi Tenor

Jimi Tenor
Sähkömies (CD)
September 20 1999

NOTE: re-release of the Puu album.

Jimi Tenor
Europa (CD)
September 20 1999

NOTE: re-release of the Puu album.

Various Artists
Warp 10 Remix (2-CD/4-LP) October 12 1999
CD 2:
* Sweet Exorcist: Mad Jack (Jimi Tenor Remix)

Jimi Tenor
Out Of Nowhere
July 17, 2000 (US: July 25, 2000)
1. Out Of Nowhere
2. Hypnotic Drugstore
3. Paint The Stars
4. Pylon
5. Blood On Borscht
6. Backbone Of Night
7. Spell
8. Better Than Ever
9. Night In Loimaa
10. Call Of The Wild


The Orchestra of The Great Theatre Lodz conducted by Tadeusz Koslowski.
Pro Canto Choir (Blood On Borscht, Call Of The Wild, Out of Nowhere, Paint the Stars) conducted by Seppo Korhonen.
Caroline Boaden - Drums (Night in Loimaa, Spell)
Chris Dawkins - Guitar (Better than Ever, Night in Loimaa, Paint the Stars, Spell) Saturo Ito - Guitar (Call of the Wild) Mike Kearsy - Trombone, euphonium (Call of the Wild, Night in Loimaa)
Frank Marino - Drums (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore), Percussion (Better than Ever, Paint the Stars)
Ilkka Mattila - Guitar (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore, Paint The Stars, Spell)
Gary Miles - Bass guitar (Blood on Borscht, Hypnotic Drugstore, Night in Loimaa) Wanda Pittman - Backing vocals (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild, Paint the Stars, Spell)
Baluji Shrivastav - Sitar, tablas, tampura, vocals (Backbone of Night, Better than Ever, Hypnotic Drugstore, Night in Loimaa, Paint the Stars, Spell)
Nicole Willis - Lead vocal (Call of the Wild), backing vocals (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild, Paint the Stars, Spell), percussion (Better than Ever, Pylon), bass guitar (Backbone of Night)
Mikey Wilson - Drums (Better than Ever, Call of the Wild)
Jimi Tenor - Lead and backing vocals, flute, C melody and tenor saxophones, Moog synth, Hammond organ, Rhodes electric piano, Photophone.

Album info @ Tenorvision

Review @ Muse


Jimi Tenor
Take Me Baby
RTD 126.3194.0 16
Warp/Rough Trade

A1. Take Me Baby - Finnish Bass Boy Mix
A2. Take Me Baby - Brutal Mix
A3. Take Me Baby - Original Mix
B1. Take Me Baby - Vega Mix
B2. Take Me Baby - Slappers, Organ and RX70 Chorus Mix
B3. Hurt Me Baby

Written/produced/performed by Jimi Tenor.
Track A1, B1 & B2 - courtesy of T&B Vinyl
Published by Warp/EMI Music. Design: Ded Associates. Photo: Thron Ullbergh.

All tracks (P) 1995 Sähkö under worldwide exclusive licence to Warp Records.
Except 'Hurt Me Baby' (P) 1996 Warp Records Ltd.
© 1996 Rough Trade Records Gmbh. Licensed from Warp Records.

Jimi Tenor
Take Me Baby (CD)
RTD 126.3194.3
1997 1. Take Me Baby (Original Mix)
2. Take Me Baby (Slappers, Organ And RX70 Chorus Mix)
3. Take Me Baby (Vega Mix)
4. Take Me Baby (Brutal Mix)
5. Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy Mix)
6. Hurt Me Baby

[NOTE: the same release as 12", only with different track order.]

Jimi Tenor
Outta Space (CD)
RTD 126.3254.3
1. Outta Space (Radio Edit)
2. Outta Space (LP Version)
3. Tesla
4. Love Is My Game

Jimi Tenor
Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby (12")
RTD 126.3457.0
A1. Sugardaddy (Swag Mix)
A2. Sugardaddy (Original)
B1. Take Me Baby (Swag Mix)
B2. Take Me Baby (Blue Ticket Mix)

Jimi Tenor
Intervision + Take Me Baby (2-CD)
RTD126.3134.2 / RTD 199.3134.2 (for Take Me Baby)

[NOTE: Intervision with Take Me Baby as a bonus CD. The track listing of Intervision the same as on Warp edition. The info sheet of Take Me Baby:
"all tracks (p) 1995 sähkö under worldwide exclusive license to warp records. except 'hurt my baby' (p) 1996 warp records ltd. (c) 1996 rough trade records gmbh. licensed from warp records." - although there is no Hurt Me Baby on this version! - Jarkko Kuivanen.]

Jimi Tenor
Intervision + Sähkömies (2-CD)
RTD126.3134.2 / RTD 126.3229.2 (for Sähkömies)

[NOTE: Intervision with Sähkömies as a bonus CD. The track listing of Intervision the same as on Warp edition. The info sheet of Sähkömies: "All Songs Written by Jimi Tenor. Published by Warp/EMI music. Except Track 8 Written by Sun Ra. Published by Enterplanetary Concepts/BMI. (p) 1994 Sähkö (c) 1997 Rough Trade Records. All rights reserved".]

The track listing of RTD 126.3229.2:
1. Theme Sax
2. Crazy Hammond
3. Union Ave
4. Take Me Baby
5. Matti B
6. Teräsmies
7. Voimamies
8. Travelin Dem Spaceways
9. Union Ave III

Jimi Tenor
Sugardaddy / Take Me Baby (CD)
RTD 126.3257.3
1. Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)
2. Sugardaddy
3. Take Me Baby (Blue Ticket Radio Mix)
4. Take Me Baby (Blue Ticket Club Mix)
5. Salo

Jimi Tenor
Sugardaddy / Part 2
Rough Trade RTD 126.3457.3
1. Sugardaddy (Swag Mix)
2. Take me baby (Swag Mix)
3. Sugardaddy (Radio Edit)
4. House Of The Beloved

All songs written/produced by Jimi Tenor. Tracks 1 & 2 remixed by Swag.
(p) 1997 Warp Records Limited except track 2 (p) 1994 Sähkö Recordings Oy licenced exclusively worldwide to Warp Records Ltd.
© 1997 Warp Records Ltd.
Released under exclusive license by Rough Trade Records.


Various Artists
Eurospotting - Copenhagen 98 (2-CD)
Danmarks Radio, P3
EUROSPOT 002/003
1998 * Jimi Tenor: Can't Stay With You, Baby (Live)

JT credits: Recorded at Eurospotting Nov. 7th, 1996. Provided for this promo-CD by Jimi Tenor.

NOTE: the Jimi Tenor track has been recorded in 1996.

DISKO B (Germany):

Various Artists
Rancho Relaxo All-Stars - "Volume 1 Higiene Mental"
CD 12281 - 2 (PC 26) / Disko B 41
August 1996
* featuring among all tracks by Jochen Reiter, Jason BPMF Szostek, Dietrich Schoenemann (of Prototype 909), Abe Duque (aka Kirlian), Mika Vainio, etc.

Produced by Kirlian & Jimi Tenor.


Pan sonic/Hayley Newman/David Crawford
Rude Mechanic (2-CD)

* featuring David Cunningham, Robert Ellis, Simon Fisher Turner, Bruce Gilbert, David Gilchrist, Tiina Huczkowski, Koan, Kaffe Matthews, Put Put, Scanner, Susan Stenger, Jimi Tenor.

NOTE: Jimi Tenor plays electric flute on this one. The edited highlights of Rude Mechanic event, which took place at South London art space Beaconsfield during November 1996. Limited edition of 1000 released in collaboration with Beaconsfield.


Various Artists
Sónar 98 (4xCD)
So Dens SD006
* one Jimi Tenor track

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