jimi tenor discography

I don't update this page as often as I used to do, so for all the latest Jimi Tenor news and info, check out Chris Gurney's excellent Tenorvision page.

  • Jimi Tenor And His Shamans
  • Jimi Tenor As A Solo Artist
  • Jimi Tenor On Compilations
  • Jimi Tenor As A Guest Artist
  • Jimi Tenor As A Producer
  • Jimi Tenor: Other Projects
  • Jimi Tenor Videography
  • Jimi Tenor Filmography

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    Thanks to Samu Mielonen for Sähkömies jpg and Take Me Baby gif, Pirkka Hartikainen for Europa gif, and Tosh Takamuku for Intervision jpg; Mikko Niemelä for scanning assistance; Zakka Harjunen, Jarkko Kuivanen, Ilkka Mattila, Jouni Nieminen, Juha Tretjakov and Risto Widenius for discography information; Greg Eden @ Warp Records for some background info.

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