Some personal notes on Space: 1999
by Erkki Rautio

"The first thing that turned me on to sci-fi was an old TV series called 'Space: 1999'. It was
just so far ahead of its time."
-Luke Slater, one of Britain's most respected techno music producers

"They wanted the TV successor of 2001: Space Odyssey. They wanted grand sets and costumes and effects not even seen in films, an action series but cerebral and driven through theory and mysticism, raising questions of life and creation of the universe."

-Scott Bosco, a writer and consultant on Space: 1999 videos

"I thought that, as time went by, we would all be sanitised and clean and fresh and everything would be lovely. That's how I projected Space: 1999 - how wrong can you be?"

- Gerry Anderson, the creator of Space: 1999

Moonbase  Alpha

1. Introduction
2. Premises
3. Criticism and counter-criticism
4. Episodes
5. Ultimate Trip - to the Final Frontier
6. In defense of Space: 1999
7. A Spy in the House of God
8. Bloopers
9. Space: 1999 and modern pop culture trappings
10. Space: 1999 - Banned in Finland
11. More meditations on the series

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