Some personal notes on Space: 1999
by Erkki Rautio

Look  ma,  no  helmet!


Another favourite sports for Space: 1999 fans is looking for "bloopers", lapses in continuity or pure illogical errors caused by the carelessness on the part of technical crew, like visors of spacesuits' helmets popping open in the middle of the vacuum of space, and so on. And Space: 1999 can indeed be a treasure hold for the hunters of cinematic mistakes. [There is an excellent book dedicated entirely to the cinema bloopers, called The Killjoy's Book of the Cinema: A Schmovie Goer's Companion by John H. Irving (Virgin Books, London 1985).] My favourite Space: 1999 blooper is definitely the scene in the episode "Testament of Arkadia" where a model of Eagle spacecraft appears to the planet's atmosphere - from behind the planet's sun!


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