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The personification of an age. New Aeons are referred to as "Equinoxes of the Gods". Power exradiating from Divinity, sharing in the creation & government of the universe. Most founders of religions of fully initiated magicians attempt to inaugurate their own personal aeons or "ages." (See AGE OF AQUARIUS.)


The (approximately) 2000 year cycle of the Precession of Equinoxes and the end of the Piscean or Christian Aeon. Characterized by Humanism as opposed to religious dogma. Its beginning is sometime in the 19th-21st Centuries. In the year 1995, Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, after entering that sign for the first time since 1920, must remain there well into the 21st Century. According to some authorities, however the Piscean Age did not begin until 80 A.D. and so we cannot observe effects of the New Aeon prior to 2068. Such a view ignores common sense, because macroscopic celestial events cannot be earth-synchronized precisely and all ages overlap considerably. Moreover, the signs of the zodiac do not correspond to the constellations and if we force astrology to conform to the positions of the constellations we jam it into an unbecoming strait jacket. The signs were never intended to correspond to the positions of the constellations and are of uniform length to accomodate the sol/lunar mansions within 360 °. As in determining degrees and aspects in a horoscope, so the Grand Horoscope of the Universe must be interpreted with wisdom as well as with mathematical exactitude.

The Ages are derived from the fact that the Great Year, or Platonic Year, is 26,000 years long, which divides roughly into twelve periods, twelve being convenently (though inaccurately) the number of zodiacal signs. A more accurate division, of course, would be 13. (See NEWTIME.)


The ending precessional Age, Pisces, was the sign of X, characterized by ignorance, slavery and materialism. According to Jung, the first fish is the first thousand years of Christ, however the 2nd millennium's fish is under the rule of the Devil.


The Spider, 13th Month of the proposed "Newtime" calendar to begin at the winter solstice of 2000 A.D. From a possible corruption of the early Pagan or Druidic 13th zodiacal sign Auriga, The Charioteer. That there were originally 13 signs in the zodiac goes back, probably, to Osiris' body being dismembered into 13 parts. Reference should be made to James Vogh's Arachne Rising, wherein he points out that Auriga (or Arachne), lying as it does between Taurus and Gemini, is the logical placement for the 13th sign and appears to have been so designated by the Druids.

The are others who cite Ophiuchus, The Serpent Holder, as the more logical 13th month. Ophiuchus (between Scorpio and Sagittarius) is even cited by some as the Age we are now inhabiting, rather than Pisces or Aquarius, and that it bagan in the early 1940's.


On the mundane level, a temporal ruler. Each magician has his own dimension over which he is its Archon. In Gnosticism, the Archons were planetary rulers, the planets representing as they did, spiritual world through which the soul, as in Ancient Egypt, passed after death. In order to pass from another sphere to the next, the soul had to be able to recite the proper password, or give the name of the corresponding Archon. This is the "sacred knowledge" that Gnosticism (or "Knowing") was concerned with. Archons, however, are rulers of the earth and universe, which are the evil, inferior realms composed of souls imprisoned in matter - that's why special or privileged knowledge is necessary to get past them.


Terence McKenna's psilocybic revelation from Magical Blend, April 1989: "The autopoetic lapis is the ingression of novelty to concrescence, a 'tightening gyre'. Everything flows together and coalesces in the alchemical stone at the end of time ... when the laws of physics are obviated, the universe disappears, and what is left is the tightly bound plenum, the monad, able to express itself, rather than only able to cast a shadow into physis as its reflection. In 2012 our species enters hyperspace, but it will appear to be the collapse of the state vector, the end of physical laws and the release of mind into itself.

"All these other images - the starship, the space colony, the lapis - these are precursory images. They follow naturally from the idea that history is the shock wave of eschatology. As one closes distance with the eschatological object, the reflections it is throwing off resemble more and more the thing itself. In the final moment The Unspeakable stands revealed. There are no more reflections of the Mystery. The Mystery in all is nakedness is seen, and nothing else exists. But what it is, decency can safely scarcely hint at; nevertheless, it is the crowning joy of futurism to seek anticipation of it."


The names of the months in "Newtime," based on ancient druidic designations:

BIRCH (Dec. 24 to Jan. 20)
ROWAN (Jan. 21 to Feb. 17)
ASH (Feb. 18 to Mar. 17)
ALDER (Mar. 18 to Apr. 14)
WILLOW (Apr. 15 to May 12)
HAWTHORNE (May 13 to Jun. 9)
OAK (Jun 10. to Jul 7.)
HOLLY (Jul. 8 to Aug. 4)
APPLE (Aug. 5 to Sep. 1)
VINE (Sep. 2 to Sep. 29)
IVY (Sep. 30 to Oct. 27)
REED (Oct. 28 to Nov. 24)
MYRTLE (Nov. 25 to Dec. 21) + 2 days
NEW YEAR (Dec. 24)


1/1000 of Kalpa. This age, in which we are living is the Kali Yuga, or "Dark Age" and lasts 432,000 years, having begun in 3102 B.C. It is well known, however, that the ancient Indic method of counting years was highly arbitrary from our point of view. Obviously, we have come down to the final days of the Kali Yuga - 3102 BC is the mirror of 2013 AD, the Mayan end of time.


A day of Brahma. 4,320,000,000 years long (divided unequally into 4 parts), Satya Yuga was the first Age (Golden Age).


(See also Druidic months.) The calendar to begin in the year 2000 and replace Gregorian time with a 365-day year of 13 months of 28 days each, plus one extra "unnamed" day at year's end. Every first of the month begins on a Monday and every fourth year is a New Moon. The equinoxes and solstices occur always on the same dates of the year.


The second Coming (of X). The return of Christ is, as it was in the beginning, the return of the Christ consciousness - for there is no historical Christ, (unlike, let us say, Thoth or Hermes). Minions of the historical Church will wait in vain as the Xtian Age of Pisces draws to an end at last with nary a glimmer of suburban yuppie Jesus in tennis shoes and pink jogging shorts. Technically, in eternal terms, the three "days" of Christ's death are aeons. The first day was the day of his crucifixion, yesterday, which took place 2000 years ago. The second day is the entire span of time since then, taken as a single day. During all this day, Christ has been in Hell. The third day is the millennium, tomorrow, when he will "rise" up out of Hell. In fact, the real meaning of Parousia (in Greek) is a "remaining beside" and really has nothing to do with "coming back" at all.


Terence McKenna's software plotting the fractals of "novelty" over many thousands of years of earth's history, up to 2012 C.E., at which point novelty will reach the stage of infinite fulmination. He defines novelty, of course, as "the density of connectedness" or the "degree of complexity." The I Ching says that Time is a series of identifiable elements in flux. There are 64 of these "elements". He also believes that what we today call the I Ching is but a tiny fragment of a once immense device, now forever lost.

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