Felix Da Housecat on Miss Kittin

"I was playing in Europe so much last year (2001), and at one of the gigs - a festival in Switzerland - I saw that I was on the same bill as her and, you know, she is just a superstar in my eyes. Her record 'Frank Sinatra' made me crazy. So we went into a studio to work on some stuff, just for the fun of it. Two hours later we came out with 'Madame Hollywood' and I said, 'Wait a minute, we got to do an album.' After two more days, we had 'Silver Screen (Shower Scene)' and soon we had five songs. I went back to Chicago and did the rest of the album. I wanted to credit it as being by Kittins And Thee Glitz [the name Felix gave to the musicians on the album], but the corporate industry folk said that they would make more money off an album by Felix Da Housecat, so that's how it got its title [...] But Miss Kittin? No one can sound like that! She talks like a song - you should hear the messages on my machine: 'Oh Felix, I went to a streeep show...' Ha ha, it drives me crazy!"

- from The Face, July 2001

Miss Kittin