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15 November 2002


I'm still alive!

how ya doin...

I've been keeping myself entertained
done new Octagon Man LP (no title yet)
and single out in February... called
'I Dream/MMM.../Baric Void'.

been away a bit...
going away a bit...

Gonna DJ in Japan on new year's eve
in Liquid Room... that will be fun
Amsterdam on 18th of Jan...
Dedbeat in February
also recording new DC LP
and Alexanders Dark Band LP
called Dobutsu Bancho)...
also working on a big project at the moment
not to do with music
I'll report when it becomes confirmed...

The JSK message page is fun

OK, back to the slave center..."

8 June 2002

"Subject: kooee...


back from japan...
world cup duty, i'm afraid.
was fun.

been productive since returning...
finished the lp...
reissues and some older tracks that
have never been out,
all different edits.
it's called spill...
just finishin' the artwork.

it's been a pain in the arse.
i tried to clear a photo but they wanted a fortune.
oh well... still, it's comin out in september...

did you like robotomo?
hope so.

hope life is fun..."

8 May 2002

"hope you're good...

just a line to let you know
is due on june 6th 2002
same day as england v argentina
should be amusing...

also going to release a compilation of previously relased depth charge stuff, any ideas? ... be quik!

i've done the artwork already..."

6 March 2002


how things?
been a while! again!
what you been up to?
cold winter? ... brrr...

i met a guy who knew pHinn
when i was in canada with eboman
at the montreal film festival
he was a judge

i was doin a show with ebo and dhs
i was scratching
they were doing video

then to russia to dj
then japan again 3 weeks
then to frankfurt to do a dj set for anthony rother... crazy month just after sept 11 too!

cut new single last week...
on one side...
on the other...

not sure about release date yet
also lp should be done soon too



i wanna go to finland this summer
i've never been
but i'm going to japan in june
for world cup
so maybe before or after

time for bed me thinks...


31 march 2001

"hey, how's it goin'?
well, I hope...

just thinking about going out to dj some place in the summer...
it would be cool to hook something up for this summer
it depends on how the lp is coming along...
i got a lot of other things to do at the same time...

been in japan for a couple of weeks... ill for a couple of weeks
so now i'm back to the normal routines.

doing a twelve-inch swap with cristian vogel.
he does one for us and i do one for his label...
there is a track on a japanese label called play records
(one for the trainspotters!)... called 'akira', it's on a compilation lp.
it will only come out on that for the time being.

mute have accepted the mixes i did!? (depeche mode)
quite nutty!
they are on the third twelve-inch and on the second commercial cd release.
hope you are all well..."

4 february 2001

"er... i think it may be time for some new news...

doing more work on the lp...
finished a couple of things for it! ...

the other day i was working on a couple of things for the lp with alessandro alesandroni!
a magical person if I may say so!!

One of the three masters...

meeting people like him makes me wonder...

still... back to reality.
compiling an lp for electron industries, a kind of best of mixed by... me.
i'll add some new sounds n stuff the same way i did for the electro boogie but i did that real quick! so i may take a little longer over this.

just finished an octagon man remix for depeche mode; don't know if they will use it yet!
i'll let you know...
off to Japan in two days... so got to do stuff before i go. see ya..."

26 september 2000

"sorry i haven't been in touch... been a little pre-occupied!!
the studio's practically finished.... (at last). just a few more small bits to do. "devil music" got bumped off the ten inch... it may appear on the lp but then again, who knows...?

i'm working on the new dc lp at the moment (it may take a while) but i have the core idea, the name... the artwork... the feel, basically done already. there are some people i'm trying to track down to appear on the lp... it's a bit tricky to find some of them...

there is no cd of alexanders dark band. i may do a special cd thing...

ps: I hate cds and do not have a cd player."

spring 2000

"just finished another l.p. ALEXANDERS DARK BAND... lord calrec ... cut it last week (vinyl only... at the moment!)

just doing the new depth charge single "DEVIL MUSIK"... i think it'll be another in the ten inch series...

the other reason i've been busy is 'cause i'm building a new studio... it's taking forever..."

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