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Artist: Depth Charge
Title: Spill
Label: DC Recordings (UK)
Cat. No: DC50LP/CD (2LP/CD)
Release Date: 23 September

1) Legend Of The Golden Snake (edit)
2) Cool It Vixen (edit)
3) Number 9 (edit)
4) Good Driver (previously unreleased)
5) Hubba Hubba Hubba (Knife In The Bag) (edit)
6) Queen Of The Scorpion (edit)
7) Sassooll (previously unreleased)
8) Disciple Of The Blade (Where The Fuck Am I?) (previously unreleased
9) Sex Sluts N Heaven (previously unreleased mix)
10) Poison Clan 95 (edit)

'Depth Charge SPILLs Out!'

London, 23 September 2002 -- In 1999, the undisputed audio pimp of the world, J. Saul Kane aka Depth Charge released the critically acclaimed 'Lust' and 'Lust II' albums, within a matter of weeks of each other. Then followed a string of 10", 12" and LP released, under Kane's various pseudonyms (Octagon Man, Alexanders Dark Band and Depth Charge), as well as an Octagon Man remix of Depeche Mode's 'Dream On'.

Since then he has holed himself up in his studio exercising the gentle art of experimentation, resulting in the sleazemeister's latest offering 'SPILL'. Part old, part new, part borrowed, part blue, SPILL is the amalgamation of all things dark and nasty.

Previously unreleased tracks and mixes, in the form of 'Good Driver', 'Sassooll', 'Disciple of the Blade (Where the Fuck Am I?' and 'Sex Sluts N Heaven', make up one half of the album, while long-deleted and highly sought-after classics such as 'Legend Of The Golden Snake', 'Cool It Vixen' and 'Queen Of The Scorpion' occupy the remainder of the salacious selection.

It's fair to say that Depth Charge is in a musical realm of his own. Despite the fact that all of the tracks on SPILL were originally written and recorded between '93 and '98 and are reminiscent of his debut album 'Nine Deadly Venoms' (1994), Kane still manages to retain a unique sound unlike anyone else. His production techniques are filthier that your mum's knickers, while the attention to detail remains in a class of its own. Dirty, low-slung hip hop beats carry an array of analogue absurdities and kung-fu dialogues. SPILL manages to travel from hypnotic-like eastern melodies to the smooth sound of 70's American funk in a continuous torrent of sound dementia.


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