Artist: The Emperor Machine
Title: Kananana
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR96
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 18 May 2009

Hot on the heels of the majestic double A-side "Black Ken/You Clapper" (DCR93) comes this double-sided slab of divergent disco music from The Emperor Machine that further showcases the forthcoming new album Space Beyond The Egg, which is due out on June 1st.

Title track 'Kananana' is a searing pop oddity replete with murmurous vocals and swinging guitar licks. It ebbs bit by bit into the mind of the listener, gradually imbuing a weird sense of vacant bliss alongside a swelling emotional charge -- this is a new strain of mutated pop genius! With a remarkable video by the esteemed Cassiano Prado and Guilherme Marcondes of Celebro Productions coming very soon, this one is set to perhaps the greatest cosmic utterance from The Emperor Machine yet.

In contrast to this fuzzy cloud of pure joy is the wholly explicit B-side 'Snatch Shot (Extended Version)', a meditation through music on the transcience of modern copulation. Dark and warm, compelling and confounding by turn, this one will leave you panting and slightly nauseous.

This single will be followed by a new assault from The Emperor Machine Live!

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