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Artist: The Emperor Machine
Title: Space Beyond The Egg
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR92
Format: CD/2-LP/digital download
Release Date: 1 June 2009

Exquisitely simple, yet enormously complex, the egg is one of nature's marvels. It is one of the most nutrient dense of foods yet one of the most inexpensive food sources of complete protein available on the planet Earth. What then should we expect from an egg that hasn't come from Earth but from outer space? Science fiction has attempted to fathom this questions in numerous ways over the years, with often absurd and ridiculous results! In truth it has taken a man from Stafford to realize the true nature of the cosmic egg, and indeed, look further than its perfect mottled surface, into the abyss that we cannot name, but can in fact listen to...

That man is Andy Meecham, a stalwart of sonic mongering that has travelled a long and deviant road through numerous musical incarnations to get to this point. From the childlike innocence of Bizarre Inc, to the adolescent fury of Chicken Lips, Meecham has passed through these guises and arrived, fully formed at last, as The Emperor Machine. Previous albums Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised (2004) and Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise (2006), as well as more than a dozen singles and countless remixes (from Mark Ronson to Moby, Daft Punk to Franz Ferdinand) have helped refine and smooth his imperial vision, not to mention the numerous live shows all over the world since the inception of the live Emperor Machine last summer. All of this has lead to this moment, his third full-length album, which shall henceforth be known as Space Beyond The Egg.

The Egg itself can be split into many parts. From album opener 'The Frontist' - pregnant with menacing funk, to the droopy and lead-footed disco of 'Hairy Knuckle'; the mantric swing of 'Kananana' with its lethal vocal hook, to the strange amniotic cascades of 'Silvercape', not to mention the lurking deviant that is 'Dave Gent' or the Afro-cosmic reverie of 'You Clapper'. Attempting to describe these tracks in words is, of course, academic and irrelevant when compared with the actual listening experience. Put quite simply, this is music for your insides that will help you turn you inside out. This is the sound of the dream of whatever it of whatever it is that lies inside the egg: its near-perfect conception of the space beyong. Enter that space with the help of The Emperor Machine...

Coming soon from The Emperor Machine:

'Black Ken'/'You Clapper' 12" and download
- released 13th April 2009 (DCR93)

The Emperor Machine remix of Higamos Hogamos' 'Infinity Plus One' 12" and download
- released 27th April 2009 (DCR102)

'Kananana'/'Snatch Shot' (Extended Version) 12" and download
- released 11th May 2009 (DCR96)

Space Beyond The Egg LP/CD/download
- released 1st June 2009 (DCR92)

Following this release will be a special limited edition album of alternate versions: Space Beyond The Egg - The Embryo, which will include remarkable collectable artwork by La Boca.

The Emperor Machine will begin a tour of selected live dates across the globe on 5th June 2009. More details to follow...

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