Artist: Padded Cell
Title: Savage Skulls
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR88
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 21 April 2008

"Savage Skulls" is the first new entity to emerge from Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik's Padded Cell in over a year and represents the start of a devilish new chapter in their sordid career, a taste of what is coming on their Night Must Fall (DCR72) album due in May 2008.

Following on their triptych of 12" releases for DC Recordings -- 2005's "Signal Failure" (DCR64), 2006's "Are You Anywhere?" (DCR67), and 2007's "Moon Menace" (DCR76), "Savage Skulls" is a powerful dose of 80s New York style electro funk that will possess listeners of all persuasions.

On the flipside we are astounded to be able to present a remix by DC label overlord DEPTH CHARGE. This is the first appearance made by the shadowy J. Saul Kane in his Depth Charge guise since 2004's "Hi Voltage Man" (DC51), a lengthy hiatus in which we can but speculate upon his clandestine activities, only that we are sure of one thing -- his sonic powers are undiminished as evidenced by this ferocious scramble of electro fury, a reworking of "Triple X Syndrome" which is a forthcoming track that features on the Night Must Fall album and features vocals from Chloe, singer from London punk funk band Battant (Kill The Dj).

Padded Cell are playing selected live dates throughout April and May. For details go to

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