Artist: Padded Cell
Title: Night Must Fall
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR72
Format: CD / 2-LP / digital download
Release Date: 12 May 2008

Richard Sen and Neil Beatnik's Padded Cell has been the focus of growing speculation of late. After achieving individual notoriety as a Bronx Dog (Heavenly) and a Dirty Beatnik (Wall of Sound) respectively, their triptych of 12" releases for DC Recordings -- 2005's "Signal Failure" (DCR64), 2006's "Are You Anywhere" (DCR67), and 2007's "Moon Menace" (DCR76) -- has left nocturnal creatures everywhere drooling with desire for a full-length glimpse into the shodowy depths of the Padded Cell. Finally it is here!

Drawing inspiration from bands as diverse as Goblin, The Velvet Underground, Arthur Russell, Material, Bush Tetras and Carl Craig, this duo's analogue fetishism is tinged with creeping psychosis but makes for a sound that is a soulful and emotional as it is dark and narcotic. The making of Night Must Fall has involved a list of collaborators that hints at this rich diversity: Dennis Young (Liquid Liquid) plays percussion, Chloe Battant from London punk-funk band Battant (Kill The DJ) delivers vocals; guitars and synths come from sonic necromancer Giallos Flame (Analogue Screams / DC Recordings) and Italian producers The Diaphanoids (Bearfunk) deliver strings, synths and vocals.

With careers as prolific club deejays and live performers that have spanned almost two decades (not to mention remixing the likes of the Glimmer Twins, Mekon, Sly Mongoose and Big Two Hundred), it follows that these mind-bending elements have been forced through dancefloor-focused channels, creating the nefarious 'devils-disco' brew for which this pair have become notorious. From the 80s New York-style funk of forthcoming single "Savage Skulls" to the John Carpenter-esque soundtrack of "City of Lies" and the new-wave pop-noir of "Word of Mouth", this a journey into dance music's darkest depths that will possess listeners of all persuasions.

A worldwide tour is scheduled for May and June to coincide with this release.

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