Artist: White Light Circus
Title: Break The Circuit
Label: DC Recordings
Cat. No: DCR87
Format: 12" / digital download
Release Date: 11 August 2008

'Break The Circuit' is another burst of blinding light from White Light Circus, the astronomical nom de plume of Dean Meredith, also known as half of Chicken Lips alongside Andy Meecham (a.k.a. The Emperor Machine) and Goat Dance.

We aren't sure what has occurred in the control room of Meredith's White Light Circus since the last burst of discoid energy -- 2007's 'Interrupted Time' (DCR79) -- but things seem to be increasingly crazed up there.

Title track 'Break The Circuit' features a slow-paced swagger of disordered analogical funk accompanied by a delirious monologue from Jonny Spencer, whose breathy invocations and deranged thrills echo the dysfunctional bleeps and chatter of the out of control machines in the background.

B-side 'Up To Rot' is by comparison a less volatile cosmic phenomenon. With no human voice in sight, the machines seem synchronous once again; their misfiring circuits strangely harmonized allowing the listener to drift into a familiar state of analogical dementia, tinged with sci-fi-psych-osis.

This new cosmic event is the fourth in the White Light Circus constellation, following on from the nebular 'Interrupted Time' (DCR79), 'Rocket Ride' (DCR71) and 'Marching Orders' (DCR62).

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