aku raski

Koottava Koottava  disc

Aku Raski
Koottava (3" CDS)
1. Bambi
2. Kaveri
3. Ruskea
4. Tiskilla
5. Alas

All tracks written, produced and engineered by Aku Raski in Helsinki 99-00.
Music composed using Doepfer Modular Synthesizer and analog sequencing.

To contact use email:
 a r a s k i [at] 
k u v a [dot] f i.

© and (p) Aku Raski.

NOTE: the CD comes in a stylish pink cover with metal-colour square shapes in front.

Aku Raski is also a member of Nu Science and Rolf Sebastian. His solo project is called Huoratron.


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