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Last time updated: 12 September 2007

News: the guitarist of Larry and the Lefthanded has left the band, which is now a trio and called And the Lefthanded.

New album, In the Kingdom of Shadows out February 2004! Released thru Jupiter in Finland; the international release on Ellet Records, Norway, spring 2004.

Forthcoming And The Lefthanded material out on Tellé Records, Norway!

Old news from the Lefta Centrum

Listen: And The Lefthanded @ Myspace

Lefthanded Discography:


Larry & The Lefthanded
ep, s/t (7")
Trash Can Records
A1. Rubber Babe
A2. Living Homongulus (instrumental)
B1. My Lovin' Was Hell
B2. Watching TV

NOTE: First edition 500 copies
Second edition 210 copies
Third edition 310 copies (red)
Fourth edition 260 copies (image sleeves)

Also known as 'Four Rotten Apples'.


Larry & The Lefthanded
From 0-20 to 40-116 and Back EP (7")
Trash Can Records
A1. Babe Chinese
A2. Kilimanjaro
B1. Man Eating Queen of Kongo
B2. Go Home

NOTE: First edition 850 copies
Second edition 260 copies (image sleeve)


Larry & The Lefthanded
CAN-19 (/DD032)
Trash Can Records
A. All Alright
B. Twist Atlantis

NOTE: In co-operation with Belgian Demolition Derby label. Recorded in mono. 1500 copies made.

Larry vs M.A. Numminen

Larry and the Lefthanded & M.A. Numminen
Älä peräänny! (L'Energia Contro Corrente) (7")
Oskun Divari
A. Älä Peräänny! (L'Energia Contro Corrente)
B. In Space, In Earth

NOTE: with phosphorescent sleeve.

Larry and the Lefthanded
Diabolika (CD/10")
Texicalli Records
1. Teenspy Theme
2. Hellfire
3. Flat Out
4. Shecome
5. Babe Is Getting Better
6. Point Blank
7. Moonbase Ball
8. Helsinki Nocturne
9. Secrets
10. Give Me Out
11. Wheel Of Fortune
12. El Fantasma Del Italpark
13. Hideous You


Larry & The Lefthanded
Johnny the Void EP (7")
CAN-25 / FRO-003
Trash Can Records
A. Johnny The Void
B1. Torremolinos
B2. Stiletto

NOTE: in co-operation with Danish Bad Afro label. First pressing 840 copies.

Larry & The Lefthanded
Dance Me Me (CDS)
Texicalli Records
1. Dance Me Me
2. radio jingles in English and Finnish

Quantum  Rider

Larry And The Lefthanded
Quantum Rider (CD/LP)
Jupiter/Texicalli Records
1. West Side Mind
2. Quantum Rider
3. T.N.M.F.
4. Last Of Them Days
5. Torremolinos
6. No Man's Land
7. Dagger Of Love
8. Bachelor
9. Dance Me Me
10. Bad Luck Love

NOTE: released also in Germany as LP/CD.

Walking   On  Mirror

And The Lefthanded
Walking On Mirror (7")
Lefta 010
September 2000
A. Walking On Mirror
B. China-Dimensio (Live)

Drums: H. Anttilainen
Guitar: Vilunki 3000
Vocals, monosynth: T. Kaukolampi
Technician, co-producer: Anders Ericson
Producer, guitar solo: John Essing
Producer, polysynth: Conny Nimmersjö

Drums: H. Anttilainen
Organ, polysynth: Vilunki 3000
Basssynth: T. Kaukolampi
Technician: A. Salminen
Recorded live in Gebaude 9, Cologne 1999

Mastered by Jiri A. Novakk.

Grafik: Manfred Holz.

Lefta 010 Stereo (auch mono abspielbar) ©&(p) 2000 Lefta

Walking On Mirror published by Bob Hunds Förlag.

NOTE: "That record was made in collabaration with the members of Swedish Bob Hund, John Essing and Conny Nimmersjö... they put great effort to the studio session that happened in Solna 1999. Anders Ericson was on the buttons! On the flipside we find one live track recorded at Gebaude 9, Köln, Germany!!! That 7" is a joint relase with" - Lefta.

In The Kingdom of Shadows

And The Lefthanded
In the Kingdom of The Shadows
LEFTA 013 / JUP013 CD
February 2004
1. Love Me Now
2. Disturbing You
3. Yin & Yang
4. Rocket Rock
5. Two Masters
6. L.V.K.M. 1972
7. Cheap Cigar
8. Monday Boy
10. 5 1/2

#5 also seems to be known as 'Kaksi mestaria'
#6 is short for 'Lasse Viren kaatuu Münchenissä 1972'
("Lasse Viren falls in Munich 1972")


M.A. Numminen
Kiusankappaleita 2 (2-CD)
October 2000
* Larry And The Lefthanded & M.A. Numminen: Älä peräänny! (L'Energia Contro Corrente)

Guitarmania CD
Stupido Twins 1994
* Watching T.V.

Exotic Entertainment & Scary Sounds, CD
Texicalli Records 1996

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