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The Deadly Fat Beat Infection
November 1996

A: Moody Side
La Funk Mob - Suspense
Mighty Bob - Vibrations Mystiques
La Funk Mob - Ravers Suck Our Sound (Mystic Mix)
Nu Yorican Soul - Nervousstrack
Purveyors of Fine Funk - Z Mood
Aquasky - Images
Abstract Truth - Get Another Plan
Immortal Minds - Voodoo Culture
Attica Blues - World Skies

B: Party Side
Nightmares On Wax - What I'm Feelin' (Remix)
Bootman - To The Hip
Ultramagnetic MC's - Chorusline
Metro L.A. - To A Nation Rockin'
Fatboy Slim - Big Beat Souffle
Skull - Crash
Gang Related - Dictation
Tribe of Issachar - Junglist (Zincmix)
The Guyver - The Whip
Darkwax - Freshfood Pt. 1

Formula 22041997
April 1997

A: Funk
45 King - How U Doin
Masters At Work - Get Up
R.B.M. Outlaw - Break It Down
Mask - Square Off
Bonafide - Super Bad [Zinc Mix]
Tek 9 - Is It On [Carl Craig Mix]
Herbert - Rude
Language - Movement
Johnny Funk - Rock'N Acid
Richard Fuck - J Break

B: Raw
Red Fox - Funkology
Old Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
R.B.M. Outlaw - JSA One
Swabe - Will 'O The Wisp
Jeru - Bullshit
N.W.A. - SA Prize Pt. 2
Daft Punk - Revolution 909
Moody Man - Dance If You Want To
Jedi Knights - Catch The Break
Dylan Rhymes - Naked & Ashamed
Digital Underground - No Nose Job
Runnaways - Pulsion
DJ Assault - We Got It All


Infekto Tape #3
October 1997

3 The Hardway - Smooth Operator
Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend
Coldcut - More Beats+Pieces
Freestylers - Breaker Beats
Propellerheads - Velvet Pants
Bassbin Twins - Out of Hand
Shy FX - Call Waiting (VIP)
DJ SS - Turn It Up
Special K - Danger
Mystic Moods - Refinery
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Accapella)
Camp Lo - Luchini (Lemon D Remix + Orig. + Accapella)

Funky Fresh Few - Still Blowin' Free
Lion of Judah - War Dance
DJ SS - Silver
D'Cruze - The Funk
Ash - Applause For The Cause
Goldie - The Calling (Remix)
Hard Knox - Coz I Can
Basement Jaxx - Fly Life
Planetary Assault Systems - Flight
Nobby Stylus - Martian Mellow

Infekto Tape Vol. 4
April 1998

Side. A
Fat Boys: Human Beatbox
Dj Kool: Da Murderer
Freestylers: Beat of the Year
Monsterz: Shameless Formula
Graig Mack: Flava In Your Ear (instrumental)
Jungle Brothers: Jungle Brother (urban takeover mix)
Swoosh: Bounce It Like This
Ed Rush / Optical: Medicine
Company Flow: Population Control
Armand Van Helden: Ultrafunkula (anja kru mix)
Swoosh: Ya Rockin' (original rmx)
Wosh & King Tut: Ain't No Way
Gongo Natty: Champion Natty
Reflection Eternal: Fortified Live (hitekstramental)
Nu Yorican Soul: Black Gold of the Sun (4hero remix)

Side. B
Armand Van Helden: This Is It
Bassbin Twins: Dooms Bomb
Deadly Avenger: Coney Island Baby
The Experiment: Point Blank
Schooly D: The Player (pig force mix)
Tsunami 1: Number 43 With Rice
Usual Suspects: Breaking And Entering
Hood Wink: More Millionaires (dj Q mix)
Sonz of Loop Da Loop Era: Higherism
Dj Raggs: Old Dirty Loop
Aphrodite: Listen to the Rhythm (rmx)
DJ Krust: Warhead
Erykah Badu: On & On (white label jungle mix )


3600/2400 mixtape
April 1997
3600 side:
Alkaholiks - Next Level
Krs-1 - Step Into A World
Channel Live & Krs-1 - Happy Verseday
Jeru - Bullshit
Poor Righteous Teachers - Word Iz Life
Nas - Represent
The High & The Mighty - Granial Lumps
Shamus & Flu - Tight Team
Kool Keith - Plastic World

Andee - Otetaan ihan rauhassa, hä!
Mr. Kotka & Velistoo - Saa kelata
(I Were & He-Man)

2400 side:
Camp Lo - Krystal Karrington
Neighbourhood Threat - Mind Tricks
Al'Tariq - Everybody's Talking
Biggie - Unbelieveable
Kool Keith - Sex Style
Mood - Cincinnati
Infamous Mobb
Artifacts - Ultimate
Big Kwam - Mic To Mic
De La Soul - Sweet Dreams
Smif -n- Wessun - Partners In Crime

August 1997

Alkaholiks feat. ODB: Hip-hop Drunkies
Beatnuts: Bless The M.I.C.
Mike Zoot: Service
Common: 1, 2 many...
Boogiemonsters feat. Bahamadia: Say Word
B.C.C.: Illa Noyz
What What: Blend
Pharcyde: Just Don't Matter
Science Of Sound feat. Phife: Who Got The Funk?
Hysä: (of Sinipuna family)): Pari valittua sanaa

Andee: Assignment
Company Flow: 8 Steps
Grav: Down To Earth
KRS-One: A Friend
Sadat X: Famalame
Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd & Rakim: Hoodlum
Capone -n- Noreaga: Bloody Money
Sir Menelik: Physical Jewels
Royal Flush feat. Noreaga: Iced Down Medallions
Xzibit feat. Hurricane Gee: Just Maintain



a (Raymond Sonik)
System 07: Drugs Work (Logic)
Jeff Mills: Growth.b2 (Axis)
Traveller Two: The Road (Harthouse)
Steve Rachmad: Activa (Fierce!)
Tron: Peace Day (Function)
Nordic Soul System: a1 (Sävel)
Kosmos: Tetris (Sähkö)
Vainqueur: Solanus (Chain Reaction)
Barb Wired: Space Shuffle (Bush)
Blue Attack 3: January (white)
Tevatron: Tutbrain (Re:Load)
Steve Bicknell: Why & For Whom? (Lost)
AUX 88: Black Planet (Direct Beat)
DJ Assault: Ass'n'Titties (Elektro Funk)
Vainqueur: Lyot (Maurizio)
Cosmic Kommando: TB303-a3 (white)
The Martian: Journey to the Martian Polar Cap (Red Planet)
Akilah Bryant: Arachnophobia a1 (Hybrid)
Chain Reaction: 7 (Chain Reaction)
Alter Ego: Absolute pt. eins (Harthouse)
Saug 27: EDP Tracks 2 (Kurbel)
Hood & Mills: 88 (Axis)

b (Llama)
Adam Beyer & Thomas Krome: Nutcrush (Drumcode)
Regis: Montreal (Downwards)
BP 05 (Blue Print)
Outline: Still Life (Blue Print)
Purpose Maker: Outsiders (Purpose Maker)
Outline meets Surgeon (Blue Print)
Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä: Cexi (Hybrid)
Fast Eddie: Big Ol' Booty (International House)
Beast Tamer vol. 1 (Drumcode)
Marco Carola: Acid Tension (Primate)
2nd Orbit: d1 (P-Rhythm)
Spectrum: Atomizer (Primate Ten)
Thomas Schumacher: Sheffort Road (Bush)
First Planet: Meteor (Design Music)
Llama: Fusion (FuPu)
Oliver Ho: Chasm (Drumcode)
Oliver Ho: Cosmetics (Blue Print)
Surgeon: Scorn (Tresor)
Jeff Mills: Force Universelle (Purpose Maker)
Surgeon: Patience (Dynamic Tension)
Jeff Mills: Step to Enchantment (Stringent) (Axis)
Anonymous Emissions (Algorithme)
Cyrus: Enforcement [Mills Mix] (Basic Channel)
Adam Beyer: Compressed (Drumcode)
RND: DC03 (Drumcode)
The Cause: 3rd Fall (Fragmented)
TD5: Jus Carve (Primate)
3Phase & Dr. Motte: Der Klang der familie (Transmat)


a (Q:Ram)
Garbage: Milk [Goldie's Rufige Trash Your Shit VIP Mix] (Mushroom)
Substance: Trax (Breakbeat Culture)
A Man Called Simon & In 4 Mation: Cyber Funk (Diverse Beats)
Future Forces Inc.: Cold Fusion (Renegade Hardware)
Trace & Nico: Amtrak (Nu Black)
John B: Fermats Theorem (New Identity)
Alex Reece: Acidlab (4th & Broadway)
Profound Noize: Cosmic Funk (Under Fire)
G-Squad: Domination (Mix & Blen')

b (Mekaanikko)
INTRO - Parliament: Prelude (Casablanca)
Ellis D featuring MC Fats: 97 Style (Collusion)
Embee: Get Funky in the Place (Juice)
Skool of Hard Knocks: Get Down (Area 51)
Aphrodite: Summer Dub (Aladdin)
N.V.: Open Minds (Liftin' Spirits)
DJ Kane: Film Score [The Hard Mix] (24 Karat)
Genaside II: Mr. Maniac [DJ Zinc Mix for True Playa'z Productions] (Northwestside)
Arcane: Cut Close (Low Key)
Decoy: Dragon (Penny Black)
Psion: S4 (Audio Blueprint)

[NOTE: Kosmonaut Mixtape #1 was by DJ Krazy & MC Slim.]

Forthcoming mixtapes on Kosmonaut: Halo, Nicolas, Q:Ram & Mekaanikko, DJ Steel & MC Nitro, etc. - more information coming later.


DJ Nicolas
60 Minutes

dj krust: maintain
soldiers: metronome
dj trickster: bomb
stakka & k tee: hear say
lemon d: chance rmx
smokers inc: free
evilrecords promo
brand new heavy: plastic soul
dj die: something special
origin unknown: truly one
dj krust: going nowhere
dj krust: ideal world
the jb: smokin cans
remarc: stick em up
r.size: newforms

potential bad boy feat. melissa bell: setfree
r.size: it's jazzy
ray keith: midnight 96
the ganja kru: plague
the dream team: 12 a.m.
chronic 9
andy c: mutation
die & suv: get on down
bonafide: superbad
mask: rukus
the dream team: rollin & raw
chronic 14


DJ Karri
February 1998

Lambda: Hold On Tight (remixed)
The Mod Wheel: Spiritcatcher
Rozzo: Into Your Heart ('94 Space Mix)
Fused: In My Heart
Laidback Luke Pres. Loud Flava Vol. 4:
Are You Ready
X-Plane: A Future
Laidback Luke Pres. Loud Flava Vol. 4:
Out Of The Dub

Lexicon: Superstar (Advice Edit)
Terry Lee Brown Jr.: Chord Progression
Olav Basoski: Moscwo Street Rock (Half The Bet)
Kingsley: A Deeper Soul (Olav Basoski Remix)
The Mulder: The Police
Felix Da Housecat: The Chaos Engine (Dobre & Jamez Remix)
Tata Box Inhibitors: Insane (It's Getting Too Much)

DJ Karri
September 1998

Thomas Bangalter: Spinal Beats
Alan Braxe: Vertigo
Dave Clarke: Shake Your Booty
S-Club: Gentlemen Need Struggle
The Mulder: The Police
S-Club: Gentlemen Need Deeper
Mike Dunn: Can I Turn It Up

B side:
Monobox: Downtown
Poleeni EP: Bees Werk
Chris Liebing: Drum Kitchen
Chris Sattinger: Energy
Mike Dreben: Untitled 2
Tesox: Futuristique
Chris Liebing: Chord Dive
Mike Dreben: Untitled 1

More info on DJ Karri mixtapes.

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