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  • Koneveljet @ mbar, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki. 11 November 2004. 21-02 (showtime 23.00). Free entry.

    OUT NOW!
    XBRCD 15 V/A-Complications

    1. BROTHOMSTATES: Naeae Eletrok
    2. CENTRO 53: Purnaus
    3. UUSI FANTASIA: Meikku
    4. VELOURS PERFECT: Different Passages
    5. DJPP: Låda
    6. SOSO: Alone Together (Accu Remix)
    7. DJ VÄHÄMIELI: Parasite of Power
    8. WHATNOT: One Nation (instrumental)
    9. KONEVELJET: Kompa (live)
    10. KIWA: Phattmuffin
    11. KOE: Hazy shade of a criminal (livemix)
    12. NAZAL SNAX: Spanish Hour
    13. ELECTRO ILLUSION: Under the Seas of Neptune

    see also: http://www.exogenic.com/, http://www.exogenicbreaks.com + http://purkamo.com/laboratorio/ + http://www.reactorleak.com

    The Koneveljet (Brothers In Machine), Aito "real" and Oiva "jolly good fellow" Koneveli started their electronic experimenting with musical and non-musical sounds during the 60's and continued terrorizing their friends and relatives the next two decades, but it was around 1992 or 1995 (???) when they realized what the music business, or actually the whole world was waiting for. It was finally time for The Koneveljet to do the boom and shake. And also fair amounts of rzzz and frpp just in the right places. They couldn't decide whether to play speed ambient or death'n'bass so they thought some trip-no wouldn't be out of place either. Playing live is their passion. Dressed in robes, fake beards, goggles. The effect is faintly exotic. Orginally, Kimmo Kajasto and Jari Kokkonen are from RinneRadio -- which won Finland's Best Jazz Band Award in 1995. In 1997 they split after several years collaboration with Tapani Rinne and concentrated themselves totally into their side project Koneveljet. They requested their cousin Varma Koneveli, the "intelligent soundscapes" DJ Borzin to join this adventure to the bitter end!!! [old image]

  • Koneveljet



    Sauna Connections (Helsinki, Finland)

    Sauna Connections
    006666-2 sauna cd
    * 4. Koneveljet: Ehtakon
    * 9. Koneveljet: Man On The Moon


    "Helsinki as the next Paris? Could be if Sauna keep going like this. After last month's superb compilation of Finnish talent, "Man On The Moon" is another treat -- a sense of impudence cheekier than a mischievous monkey, a gloriously fun downtempo groove and the kind of kitsch cool that Jimi Tenor once had a monopoly on."
    MUZIK - april, 98

    Man On The Moon (12")
    006663-0 sauna ep
    January 26, 1998

    A1. Man On The Moon (8:06)
    B1. Ehtakon (5:40)
    B2. Men From The Moon (6:17)

    all tracks written and arranged by Kimmo Kajasto and Jari Kokkonen except B2 written by Kimmo Kajasto. All tracks are produced by Kimmo Kajasto. again by another art without brains project?
    p+c 1998 Sauna Connection. All tracks published by Sauna Connections Ltd Oy

    EXOGENIC RECORDS (Helsinki, Finland)


    Various Artists
    Fusion Vs. ConFusion (2-CD)
    EXO-CD 06
    Spring 1999

    CD 1: * 1. Koneveljet: Polski (5.04)

    Written by: Aito Koneveli, Oiva Koneveli and Varma Koneveli.

    Brothers in Machine (CD)
    December 2000
    1. Terma (04:44)
    2. Boadans (04:42)
    3. Teliko (05:09)
    4. Natas (07:35)
    5. Ner Vegas (06:29)
    6. Tamilia (06:27)
    7. Namuh (07:09)
    8. Man on the Moon (05:59)
    9. Romulus (05:56)
    10. Kitsunegari (09:34)
    11. * (03:44)

    * "hidden" track.

    EXOGENIC RECORDS / HELIUM CLUB (Helsinki, Finland)

    Various Artists
    Helium Electromental Collection (CD)
    Helium 01
    * 7. Koneveljet: Terma

    Solo discographies of Koneveljet members

    Jari Kokkonen discography:

    1995 CD Wimme / Rockadillo Records
    1997 CD "Gierran" Rockadillo Records

    1990 CD "Dance And Visions" / Pyramid Records
    1992 CD "Joik" / Aani Records
    1993 3-Track CD "In Nera" / Aani Records
    1995 3-Track "live" CD "Aromaa Alt" / Rockadillo Records
    1996 CD Rok" / Rockadillo Records
    1997 CD "Pfft" / Rockadillo Records
    1998 CD "G" / Rockadillo Records

    Kimmo Kajasto discography:

    1992 CD "Joik" / Aani Records
    1993 3-Track CD "In Nera" / Aani Records
    1994 CD "Unik" Records
    3-Track CD "Joulu"/ Aani Records
    1995 3-Track "live" CD "Aromaa Alt" / Rockadillo Records
    1996 CD Rok" / Rockadillo Records
    1997 CD "Pfft" / Rockadillo Records

    Angelin Tytöt "Skeaikit" (Producer, keyboards)
    Angelit CD "Mannu" (Producer, keyboards)
    Waltari "Yeah Yeah, Die Die" (Keyboards)
    Angelit CD "Reasons" (Producer, keyboards)
    Edea "Edea" (Keyboards)
    Nits CD "Alankomaat" (Keyboards)

    PC game Max Payne I and II (Composer, keyboards)

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