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"Electro is not foreplay, but mechanical copulation, the in-out trick of music business.
Electro, it's men's music."

- Randy B, Imatran Voima

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  • Forthcoming gigs - see the official site or the MySpace page!

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    20.12. 2002 Copenhagen, Denmark
    25.1. 2003 Kokkola, Finland
    14.2. 2003 Imatran voima vs. Velcro Fastener vs. Mono Junk, Jyväskylä, Ilokivi
    21.2. 2003 Stella Star Club, Hellsinki
    22.3. 2003 Bergen, Norway (tbc?)
    26.3. 2003 Stockholm, Sweden
    18.4. 2003 Beatformers, Yo-Talo, Tampere
    9.5. 2003 Päiväkoti, Turku

  • Imatran Voima and V.U.L.V.A. (an IVO side project) tracks out on Bunker Records' (Holland) compilation Sound of Suomi - The Electro Sound of Finland (Bunker 3031, January 2004)!

  • Imatran Voima vs. Bass Junkie collaboration, Quad City, coming in 2004!

  • New Imatran Voima material has been and will be released on Tellektro, a new sublabel of Tellé Records, Norway! The full-length album The Church of the Latter Day Maggots (2-LP/CD) will be out 17 June 2004, on Tellektro... And the next IVO 12" will be called Group Sex, out 16 May 2004...

  • Ääninen Records is a IVO-run label of old Finnish pre-World War II dance music (not disco, but jenka, foxtrot, etc.!); a 7" out now...

  • Imatran Voima interview (in Finnish) @ Aktivist!
  • Imatran Voima interview (in Finnish) from Rumba!

    Imatran  Voima Imatran Voima are Fresh O Lex and Randy B. They release their music on their own Kostamus Kombinaat label.

    Their first mini-LP has been pressed in the Czech Republic on heavy-duty 220 grams vinyl.

    Imatran Voima hail to Kraftwerk, Egyptian Lover, 2 Live Crew, Newcleus, Dynamix II; also MC5, Stooges, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash (RIP) and the Phantom (a comics character created by Lee Falk)!

    They consider Miami's booty-shaking bass scene their wonderland.

    (source: Rumba 14/00, August 2000)

    More info @ Kostamus page

    d i s c o g r a p h y :

    Imatran  Voima

    Imatran Voima
    Imatran Voima (12")
    Kostamus Records
    July 2000

    NOTE: Experimental freaky 80's flavoured electro with Battlestar Galactica & MC5 samples by new Finnish talents. 220 grams vinyl, limited edition 500.

    Another image

    Imatran Voima
    Ghetto Bass Archives Vol.1 (8")
    Kostamus Records
    December 2001
    A. In And Out (7:32)
    B. Ghetto Bass Mega Mix (7:56)

    NOTE: Slammin' old school electro/ghetto bass grooves. Dedicated to Eazy-E! Limited to 200 numbered copies.

    Imatran Voima
    In/Out / Kurvi (12")
    PLATE 002
    Tellektro (Norway)
    July 2002
    A1. In/Out
    A2. In/Out - Luke Eargoggle Mixxx
    B1. Kurvi
    B2. Kurvi - Mr Velcro Fastener Mixxx

    All shit made by Imatran Voima Helsinki.

    NOTE: 'In/Out' released previously on a 8", December 2001 (see above).

    Imatran Voima
    Techno Slut (12")
    PLATE 004
    Tellektro (Norway)
    April 2003
    A1. Techno Slut
    B1. We Love Science
    B2. Do Dat

    Imatran Voima / Bass Junkie
    Group Sex / Quad City (12")
    Tellektro (Norway)
    17 May 2004 A. Group Sex
    B. Imatran Voima vs. Bass Junkie: Quad City

    Imatran Voima
    The Church of Latterday Maggots (2-LP/CD)
    PLATE 006
    Tellektro (Norway)
    12 July 2004
    A1. Commando
    A2. Group Sex
    B1. Looking 4 A Phreak
    B2. Computer Booty
    B3. Der Aufklärung
    C1. Give Me My Money
    C2. Techno Slut
    D1. The End Is Nigh

    Imatran Voima
    Commando (12")
    Dominance Electricity (Germany)
    A1. Commando (7:13)
    A2. Commando [Bonus Beat] (1:45)
    B1. Commando [SBASSSHIP Remix] (4:15)
    B2. On Speed (4:55)

    "Commando" & "On Speed" produced by Imatran Voima, Helsinki, 2000.
    Imatran Voima is Randy Barracura & Fresh Lexxx.
    Additional keyboards on "Commando" by Gameboy.
    Shoutouts: DJ Häkä, Mista Tibbz.
    Thanxxx to GOD.


    Pimeyden Jousi - Remixed (12")
    kos005 / Kostamus Records
    May 2003
    A1. Pimeyden Jousi (original demo by Two Witches)
    A2. Pimeyden Jousi (1992 remix)
    B1. Pimeyden Jousi (remix by Polytron)
    B2. Pimeyden Jousi (Mr Velcro Fastener vs. Imatran Voima live at Kipsari)

    The new versions of 1988's 'Pimeyden Jousi' ("Fiddle-Bow of Darkness") by Finnish gothic rock band Two Witches.

    Desert Planet
    Joystick Pop (CD)
    13 October 2003
    * 12. Secret of the Saltmine (6:23)

    NOTE: this is a "bass ambient" remix by Imatran Voima.


    Various Artists
    Fabric Live 08 (CD)
    Fabric (UK)
    6 January 2003
    * Imatran Voima: In/Out

    NOTE: mixed together by Keith Tenniswood (of Two Lone Swordsmen); features also tracks from Anthony Rother, Depth Charge, Disco D, 2 Lone Swordsmen & Dot Allison.

    Various Artists
    Stilleben 016
    Stilleben Records (Sweden)
    * V.U.L.V.A.: Lovespeed

    NOTE: with also tracks from Monkeyshop, Luke Eargoggle and Polytron.

    Various Artists
    Powerslaves: An Electro Tribute to Iron Maiden (CD)
    AMCD 00:012, Angelmaker Records (NL)
    October 2003
    * 4. Imatran Voima: Aces High

    Various Artists
    Sound of Suomi - The Electro Sound of Finland (2x12"/CD)
    Bunker 3031, Bunker Records (NL)
    January 2004
    * B2./5. Imatran Voima: We Love Science (5:57)
    * D1./10. V.U.L.V.A.: MJ (7:55)

    Imatran  Voima

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    Imatran Voima live @ Helsinki Turbo 5, with I-f

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