APRIL / M A Y 2003

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pHinn, pHinnWeb / pHinnMilk Records, Tampere, Finland

ZAP! ZOOM! The Amazing Anti-Heroes of Takatalvi

Aava: Törmätä (CDR EP)
Avarus: III (HP Cycle 2002, LP)
Bangkok Impact: Traveller (Crème LP-01, Crème Organization, 2-LP)
DJ Scud: Ambush! (CAT 133 CD, RepHlex)
Imatran Voima vs. Mr Velcro Fastener / Polytron: Pimeyden jousi remixes (advance CDR)
Chris Korda & The Church of Euthanasia: I Like To Watch (the track & the video)
Luke Eargoggle: Audio Warriors (Bunker 3027, Bunker Records, CD)
Luomo: Waltz For Your Eyes (sst 5, Scheinselbständig, one-sided 12")
Massive Attack: Special Cases [Akufen/Luomo remixes] (VST1839, Virgin, 12")
Matsa: Liberation Sugar (LIFE12IN-7, Keys of Life/Sähkö Recordings, 12")
Maxx Klaxon: Die With Your Boots On (advance CDR)
Mr Velcro Fastener: Otherside (i220030CD4, i220, CD, 2002)
The Omni Incentive: Crème Eclipse 01 (Crème, 12")
Putsch '79 (C#28, Clone, 12")
V/A: POS 1 (Position Underground, 12")

p H a c t :
it's 2003, but i don't still have my personal jetpack nor raygun.


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Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Style Wars documentary DVD
2. Wild Style movie DVD
3. Downtown 81 movie DVD
4. Beans - Tomorrow Right Now CD
5. Astro Can Caravan - Questral Places CD
6. Pink Twins - Lizard Kling CD
7. Pink Twins - Monolith CD
8. VA - Arktinen Hysteria (suomi-avantgarden esipuutarhureita) CD
9. Avarus - III LP
10. John F. Szwed - Space Is The Plase (the lives and times of SUN RA ) Book

Hannu Haahti, 267 lattajjaa, Helsinki, Finland


Avarus: III LP
Albert Ayler: spiritual unity CD
Devendra Banhart: oh me oh my... the way the day goes by the sun is setting dogs are dreaming lovesongs of the christmas spirit CD
Butthole Surfers: locust abortion technician LP
Caroliner: rear end hernia puppet show JA KAIKKI MUUT LEVYT...
Circle: elcric 7"
The Fall: peel session #23
Jandek: blue corpse CD
Kuusumun Profeetta: Noita 7"
OMD: architecture & morality CD
Stone Breath: green shrouds for dead gods, green swaddling for gods reborn 7"
Pekka Streng: magneettimiehen kuolema & kesämaa REMASTERS
Sun City Girls: the multiple hallucinations of an assassin JA MUUTAMA MUU...
TV-Resistori: melodi melodika 7" & CS
Junnu Vainio: sellaista elämä on BOXI
V/A: the invisible pyramid 2-CD
+ Broken Face #16 MAG

peewee, acid fake / fakezine, skopje, macedonia

atom tm*small rocks*the rip off artist - dub tribunl (infglatabl labl)
decades - the first (poeta negra) - time and timing (poeta negra)
stray light - careers (doubtful sound)
va - zeromoon sampler (zeromoon)
violet - green (zeromoon)
violet - let the subshine in (zeromoon)
normal music - brev (zeromoon)
merzbow - ikebana: merzbows amlux [imprec-014] (important)
merzbow - amlux [imprec-002] (important)
merzbow - promotion man - merzbeat [imprec-004] (important)
kk. null - kosmik egine [imprec-005] (important)
the hafler trio - a small child dreams of voiding the plague [imprec-012] (important)
muslimgauze - uzbekistani bizzare and souk [imprec-007] (important)
13th hour - demons and angels (low res)
division 13 - excommunicated (low res)
bombardier - bombardier live (low res)
xeno volcano/elektra straumschnell - die organik (hard presse)
xeno volcano/elektra straumschnell - wasserleichertraume (hard presse)
xeno volcano - black box (hard presse)
va - acid fake_02 [special edition] (acid fake)
sound_00 - sound_10 (deserted factory)
luasa raelon - 80000v (snip snip)
jarra - one - untitled (selfreleased)
vancheck kkost - votary pixel void (unreleased)

BobSky music, Centuries, Skopje, Macedonia

Top 15

Jan Jelinek Avec the Exposures - La Nouvelle Pauvrete (~scape)
Jay Haze - Make It Clap Remixes (contexterrior)
Can'O'Lard - None Of What (
PMG / Robotek - 24 Chasa / Space Time (self-released)
AOKI Takamasa - Live Five at Club Rockets, Osaka, Feb.8th.2003 (progressive form)
SP - Traffic Plan (shaped harmonics)
Susumu Yokota - The Boy And The Tree (leaf)
Formatt - Connections EP (abflug)
Pulseprogramming - Tulsa For One Second (aesthetics)
Samurai Jazz - Meme? (cubic music)
Maps & Diagrams vs. Tim Jackiw - Glaciarc EP (tundra music)
Alex Cortex - Inward CTRL (ann aimee)
Strand - Messages (delsin)
Zainetica - Escaping Dust (rednetic)
Zoviet*France - The Decriminalisation Of Country Music (tramway)


electro techno minimalo fantastico.

Peter Grummich:Squeeze(Auftrieb)
Nick Rappaciolli:Compare/Skisma(Vertical Form)
Reinhard Voigt:How We Rock(Kompakt)
M.I.A:Irgendwas Ist Immer(Substatic)
Unai:Loving That Lost Feeling(Substatic)
The Uncut:Understanding The New Violence(Dumb Unit)
Broker/Dealer:Dig Deep(Traum)
Off Pop:Today(Traum)
Thomas Brinkmann:Tina/Argo(Max Ernst)
Jeff Samuel:Fcote(Trapez)
Godspeed You Black Emperor:Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven!(Constellation)

DJ Shuffle (aalto[~], Tre, FIN)

Juntit ei joraa näitä :

Mexico : Park city avenue EP promo USB
Derek Carr : Initial transmission DIGITAL SOUL
Brian Harden : Instinctive state of... MOODS & GROOVES
Lucas Rodenbush : Domestic Logistix EP IMMIGRANT
Exos : U Can't Stop Time STATIK
Dan Corco & Fred Carrera : Alter ego SCANDIUM

Xenia, Lado, Germany

1. international pony- my mouth- columbia
2. goldfrapp- train- mute
3. audio bullys-the things-source
4. khan-100$-playhouse
5. grom-love/rocket-mixes-ladomat/zomba
6. anne clark-sleeper in metropolis-gang go
7. brian anerysm-amplified-substatic
8. lady b-swany-citizen
9. wassermann-ende der schonzeit-kompakt
10. depeche mode-free love-mixes-mute
11. isolee-track of the night-playhouse
12. the bedford files-funky transport-playhouse
13. staircase-faith-wea
14. the kitbuilders-rebuild ep-???
15. decomposed subsonic -I never say-ware

m.wiboi (happi, oulu, fin)


(auftrieb) heib - cargo
(auftrieb) thomas gwosdz - fauerwalze
(boxer) laudert - aus der huefte
(bpitch control) paul kalkbrenner - f.fwd
(bpitch control) ellen allien - berlinette
(i220) anagram - a new dawn breaks
(i220) anagram - count every step ep
(max ernst) c.h. and me - orangegreen
(playmade) depend - first love / first hate
(raum...musik) qads - muchacho
(sub static) m.i.a. - little voices

Lowfish (suction records, toronto canada)

1. Freezie Freekie - Datasink (satamile)
2. Dynamix II - Sendona (monotone)
3. Adult. - Anxiety Always (ersatz audio)
4. Goudron - Hourses and Chariots (ersatz audio)
5. Tobias Schmit - Hurray for everything (disko b)
6. Nitzer Ebb - "Come Alive" - (geffen)
7. Perspects - "the accumulators" (Solvent remix) (unreleased)
8. Solvent - "for you" (unreleased)
9. Outputmessage - "bernards song" (ghostly international)
10. Plaid - Parts in the post (peacefrog)

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