JANUARY / F E B R U A R Y 2002

Last time updated February 22, 2002

pHinn, pHinnWeb, pHinnMilk Records, Tampere, Finland

better living thru chemistry

Antonelli Electr. feat. Miss Kittin: The Vogue (italic 10, Italic, 12")
Artist Unknown: Errorist (db 104, Disko B, 12")
Drexciya: Digital Tsunami (Tresor 182, Tresor, 12")
Terence Fixmer: Muscle Machine (Gigolo 78, Gigolo Records, 2-LP)
Kuusumun Profeetta: Kukin kaappiaan selässään kantaa (EKTRO-011, Ektro Records, CD)
The Parallax Corporation: Cocadisco (VC-004, Viewlexx, CD)
Tampopo: Selected Tracks 999 > 001 / A-Live 1510-2001 (CDRs)
Tuxedomoon: Half-Mute (Gigolo 62, Gigolo Records, LP)
UR: Millennium To Millennium (UR-2001, Underground Resistance, 12")
V/A: Shop EP (C#12, Clone, 12")
V/A: Snow Robots Vol. 1 (suction010, Suction Records, CD)
V/A: We Still Kill The Old Way (C#22, Clone, 2-LP)

Klaus Oldanburg, Diskono, UK

(15 hand-warming winter burners for February)

The Peeps - We Don't Care About You (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
Eric Random - Fade in (New Hormones)
The Dils - Your Not Blank (What?)
Boazelia - Higherlowerslowerfaster (Mik Musik!)
R'n'B Spitfires - I Ain't Him (Mrs K)
Action Swingers - Bum My Trip (Noiseville)
Kaszanka - In S.C.II (H.a.G)
Brezel Goring - Fuck Bollywood (Gagarin)
Ramonventures - I Wanna Be Sedated (Munster)
Wasps - Can't Wait for '78 (EMI)
Randoms - Let's Get Rid of New York (Year One)
Jada - A'Lecoute (Jada)
The Tornados - Life on Venus (Decca)
Bikini Kill - This is Not a Test (KRS)
Various - Die Orgasmus Big Band (Prinismus)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Henri Tani - installation @ the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts
2. Felix Kubin & Aavikko - 7"
3. Scott Walker - Boychild: 67-70 CD
4. Manu Chao - Clandestino CD
5. Le Tigre - Le Tigre CD
6. BS 2000 - Simply Mortified LP
7. Buffalo Daughter - WXBD remixes CD
8. Jean-Pierre Jeunet - Amelie (film)
9. Teemu Mäki - exhibition @ Helsinki Art Hall
10. Freaks & Geeks - tv show


alles mainstream

pawel : into pieces (dial)
sami koivikko : kut pulatin pt.2 (shitkatapult)
v/a : total 3 (kompakt)
unai : sessions around midnight (sub static)
scape one : simple machines (world electric)
g d luxxe : superamerica (breakin)
sturm : sturmgesten (mille plateaux)
surgeon & regis : british murder boys (downwards)
deepart : snapshots (delsin)
the hacker : melodies en sous-sol (good life)
drastic : straight forward (salo)
matkoilla olevan kaverin levykokoelma täynnä herkkua (bpitch, invasion planete, sub static, bunker ja kaikkea niiltä väleiltä) kiitokset Matias Wiboille :)

joel onoksid, diskono, uk

chart. feb02

opopop: jucio final (alku)
artificial memory trace: vol12, orgenviron throbsine
aerospace soundwise: monologue with accompaniment (lucky kitchen)
brujeria: matanda gueros (roadrunner)
the nation of ulysses: the embassy tapes (dischord)
el fuente is the challenge! (alku)
bruce haak & esther nelson: listen compute rock home (dimension 5)
tv pow: friendship patrol
tv pow: despite ourselves (fire inc)


Warming up the winter ears:

Adult. Run Run Crying
Mat101 Arcade (Adult. Mix)
Lowfish No Longer Accepting Complaints
Schneider TM The Light 3000
Soviet Circuit Love
The Faint Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat
I Am Spoonbender Stopwatch Static
ARE Weapons Black Mercedes
Memory Boy There Is No Electricity
Golden Boy w/ Miss Kittin Rippin Kittin (Ellen Allien Remix)
Green Velvet Sleepwalking

DJ Reiner Rekord,, Germany

Playlist 2/02

LINDA LAMB - hoot room
BERGHEIM 34 - oscillations
DAS KOMBINAT - waschmaschine
ROMINA COHN - I want to be the resident
BOLZ BOLZ - take a walk
FELIX DA HOUSECAT - madame hollywood
THE NOTWIST - pilot ( console rmx )
ELLEN ALIEN - stadtkind
ZOOT WOMAN - living in a magazine ( paper faces mix )
PLASTIQUE DE REVE - syntax error
DIVE - there's no hope
THE HACKER - fading away ( dima mix )
DEATH IN VEGAS - scorpio
CROSSOVER - lucida obscura
ADULT. - hand to phone mix
NORTHERN LIFE - trusting blind
Maro & COMIX - sound park
G.D. LUXXE - red
TIGA & ZYNTHERIUS - sunglasses at night
METRO AREA - 4 minura
POM POM - 1+2
BEN E. CLOCK - I love U
TOK TOK vs. Ms. SOFFY O - missy Queen...
LEGOWELT - visions fade

don Matías (Madrid, España)

Heiko Laux: Walkout (Kanzleramt)
Reinhard Voigt: A.S.P (Kompakt)
S.R.I: Trax Pt.1 (Force Inc.)
Green Velvet: Destination Unknown EP (Music Man)
Diego: The Persuasion Channel (Kanzleramt)
Christian Morgenstern + V/A: Re: Death before disco (Forte)

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