JULY / A U G U S T 2002

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pHinn, pHinnWeb / pHinnMilk Records, Tampere, Finland

blood, sweat and overpriced refreshments

Bangkok Impact: Aspirin (CRO 12-03, Crème Organisation, 12")
Alexei Borisov: Before The Evroremont (NBRD-04, N&B Research Digest, CD)
Chicks on Speed: Fashion Rules (COSR08, Chicks on Speed Records, 12")
Depth Charge: Spill - Rare & Unreleased Tracks 1993-1998 (DC50CD, DC Recordings)
Gater: Taboo (Dekathlon Records, advance CD)
Massaccesi: I Never Fall Apart Because I Never Fall Together (phthalo 28, Phthalo, CD + some other stuff of his Massaccesi sent me)
Imatran Voima: In/Out / Kurvi (PLATE 002, Tellektro, 12")
Keyo Laboratories: Through The Night (CRO 10-1, Crème Organisation, 10")
Sami Koivikko: Kut Pulatin Pt. 3 (STRIKE 28/2002, Shitkatapult, 12")
Lolita Sträp: My Dance (CRO 12-02, Crème Organization, 12")
Joe Meek & V/A: Joe Meek - The Alchemist of Pop. Home Made Hits & Rarities 1959-1966 (CMEDD 496, Sanctuary Records, 2-CD)
Anton Nikkilä: White Nights (NBRD-05, N&B Research Digest, CD)
Platypus: Ninja Monster! EP (WEIRDEP-03, Weird Dreams, 7", 1998)
Platypus/Can Can Heads: split 7" (Autotehtaat-002, Autotehtaat. 1998)
Siniaalto: s/t (if-09, if.society, CD)
Le Tigre: Remixes (COSR07, Chicks on Speed Records, CD)
V/A: Canine Fragrance (LREC002CDR, Luumu Recordings)
V/A: Cozmick Suckers Volume Black And White (Strike 30, Shitkatapult, CD)


Homeisto [280702]
Imatran Voima vs. Mr Velcro Fastener feat. Mono Junk @ Koneisto [260702]
(missed Op:l Bastards & Pluxus, damn!)

p H a c t :
there are some occasions which seem to particularly confirm the sorry state of humanity.


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sakke, tampere, finland


- mass order : lift every voice [columbia/sony music 1992 657748-6]
- jasper st. co. : lift every voice [basement boys records 2000 bbr-043]
- kimiesha holmes : up's and downs [yellorange yo1022]
- dj pope & una : in my arms [yellorange yo1006]
- the pride feat. byron stingily, norma jean & jasper street : paradise [nervous new york ne 20457]
- angie stone : wish i didn't miss you (pound boys stoneface bootleg mix) [j records 80813-21162-1]
- jon cutler feat. e-man : it's yours (frankie feliciano mixes) [chez 021]
- undercover agency, derrick carter & mark farina @ dnalounge july 27 2002 []

samu joonaa.oulu.finland


heiko laux:ornaments(kanzleramt)
v/a:the midas touch(konvex konkav)
m.rahn:sunblocker EP(konvex konkav)
sami koivikko:kut pulatin pt.3(shitkatapult)
codec&flexor & michael mayer:eldar(art of perception)
v/a:the cozmick suckers volume black and white(shitkatapult)
scsi-9:digital milk EP(forcetracks)
baby ford:all that nothing(forcetracks)
james din a4:destroit(out to lunch)
lee anderson:rumpsteak EP(shitkatapult)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots CD
2. Circle - Raunio (Live) CD
3. TV-Resistori - Petit Pianista 7"
4. Aki Kaurismäki - Mies Vailla Menneisyyttä (film)
5. Orhan Pamuk - Uusi Elämä (book)
6. Off Skene Valokuvataiteen 4. kolmivuotisnäyttely
Amos Anderson Taidemuseo 14.6-11.8. 2002
7. Säät, joita on pidellyt

peewee, acid fake, macedonia

yagya - rhythm of snow (force inc.)
ozy - tokei (force inc.)
hakan lidbo - 06. 10. 60 (mitek)
anton nikkilä - white nights (n&b research digest)
merzbow - a taste of... (mego)
akufen - my way (force inc.)
farben - textstar (klang elektronik)
mokira - plee (mille plateaux)
andrew duke - sprung (bip-hop) bleep12
twine - recorder (bip-hop) bleep11
bovine life +/vs. komet - reciprocess 01 (bip-hop) bleep10
va - bip-hop generation 5 (bip-hop) bleep13
vladislav delay - naima (staubgold)
alexei borisov - before the evroremont (n&b research digest)
massaccesi - i never fall apart cause i never fall together (phthalo)
skanfrom - hand picked fragments (suction)
andrey kirichenko - 00.00 (a suite of the midnight) (autoplate)
va - nanoloop 1.0 (disco bruit)
z.e.l.l.e - nth (line)
einoma - undir feilnotum (vertical form)

Detunez Record Store, Tampere, Finland

1. Tuomas Rantanen - Scapes (Definition 10)
2. Anthony Rother - Hacker (Psi 49 Net 21)
3. Andreas Kremer - New Day (Life Form 3)
4. Johan Bacto - 2.5 (Mankind 2.5)
5. Bryan Zentz - Joplin (Intec 15)
6. Jay Denham - Let's Get High (Pasou)
7. Redhead - Dragon & Sword (Zync LP1)
8. Relic - Fornication EP (Enable 5)
9. Akufen - My Way (Force Inc 226)
10. Groove System - Dope Rhythms EP (Armalyte 8)

DJ Shuffle (Valo-illat, Tampere, FI)

050802 (5 current, 5 classics)

Thomas Fehlmann : The Whistle (Kompakt)
Josh Collins : EP (Aquarius)
J-P Parikka : Tekha promo
G-Man : Avanti LP (Force inc)
V/A : The Midas touch (Konvex konkav)
Francois Kevorkian : FK EP (Wave)
Joey Beltram : Caliber EP (Warp)
Quadrant : Q1.1 (Basic channel)
The Hostile : Ambush (UR)
Paperclip People : Throw (Planet E)

DJ Reiner Rekord,,, Germany

Charts 08/02

KOTAI - sucker DJ, Kowalzki mix /WMFrec.
LATEX - life on earth / müller rec.
Charles MANIER - bang bang lover / murdercapital
RANDOM FAKTOR - convergence
WERKBERICHT KDL - love, peace &... / geneticmusic
ARTHUR BAKER - dont't call me ab / wacked rec.
ALEC EMPIRE - addicted to you
THE VINES - get free
PRIMAL SCREAM - miss lucifer
SONIC YOUTH - plastic sun
THE RORSCHACH GARDEN - state protection /
LCD SOUDSYSTEM - losing my edge / DFA rec.
INTERNATIONAL PONY - leaving home special rmx
KANDISQUER - foreign machine / Lado
2 MANY DJ's - as heard on radio SOULWAX Vol.2

heikki k. | turku soul mafia | ddr rhythm | turku, finland

1. akwaaba people - what am i gonna do (deep funk 7")
- a perfect modern soul winner from uk's akwaaba people of keb darge's deep funk label. sounds genuine 7ts, but is brand new!

2. annariitta minkkinen - on oltava meri (love lp)
- the seventies finnish political songs movement at its finest: not just agitation, but MUSIC as well! a bit jazzy, a bit folk-soul-esque track sung in finnish. features olli ahvenlahti of 'grandm'as rocking chair' fame on rhodes. thus, quality stuff. based on a poem by nazim hikmet.

3. alton miller - love inside (nite grooves 12")
- a classy soulful vocal house track.

4. marijo - rio maravinha (mr. bongo 7")
- a boogaloo-ish brazil vocal track. if european football chants would be as cool and groovy as this i wouldn't buy anythin' else!

5. universe city - can you get down (midland international lp)
- a perfect and groovy-as-fuck modern soul winner!

6. revelation - haven't got a lover to my name (rso lp)
- after a fat-as-hell break a soul heaven begins!

7. james taylor quartet feat. lara rose - free (blowin hard 7")
- jtq mucho funkier and rawer than usual. bad ass vocals and flute solos!

8. people under the stairs - the dig (om lp)
- a track about diggin' crates and findin' shit. sums perfectly up my attitude towards life. haven't got as much as 70 crates of vinyl though..

9. freestyle man ft. wanda felicia - que domingue inquieto - montana rija jazz (puu 12")
- you know the feeling when something hides in your record shelves screaming for attention and you finally find it! i've always been so blinded by freestyle man's 1997 original that i found this one just yesterday! stupid me!

10. alistair colling vs. tortured soul - when you find your love, hold on - when you find your remix (central park 12")
- i loved the original but i this tortured soul workout goes way further. again a find from my own record shelves. been there for months, found it olny recently - been listening to the original on the flipside before that.

11. jazztronik - dizzin' - soundmen on wax rmx (flower 12")
- a classy brazil-influenced cut indeed.

12. jt donaldson - in the name of love (lowdown 12")
- a deep and soulful track perfect for the late moments just before sunrise.

13. koop - relaxin at club f----n - dorfmeister vas madrid de los austrias (jcr 12")
- an excellent remix of an excellent track that keeps staying in my record box month after month.

14. gil scott-heron - the bottle (strata east 7")
- finally got the original pressing on 45. a classic track by a living legend!

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