J A N U A R Y 2001 / F E B R U A R Y 2001

Last time updated February 16, 2001

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

anyone for ping pong?

Richard Devine (SCH 005, Schematic, 12")
Gonzales: The Entertainist (KY00035LP, Kitty-Yo)
Irwin Goodman: Rentun Ruusut - Parhaat (8573-82348-2, F Records/Warner, 2-CD, 1965-90/2000)
Jeans Team: Ding Dong (KY00032CD, Kitty Yo)
Jeans Team feat. MJ Lan & Peaches: Keine Melodien (KY00037MS, Kitty-Yo, 12")
Jörg Mager: Jääkarhu (ACCD001, Analog Clinic AY)
Nu Science: Return Backspace (promo CD-R)
Nu Science & Tero live @ Commodore 64 Night of Club Telex
Pan sonic: Aaltopiiri (BFFP166CD, Blast First)
Peaches: The Teaches of Peaches (KY00033CD, Kitty-Yo)
Phronic: Mischa (dl-002, Down Low, 7")
Plastic Sleeves: Messages From Machines (dL-003, Down Low, 12")
Puola: Invisible Sightseeing (RIKOS004, Rikos Records, CD)
$tinkworx: What/Yinmao (dL-001, Down Low, 7")


  • The letter W

    Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:bug, Berlin, Germany

    charts. 02.00

    01. f.s. blumm - bettvanille weiter (tomlab)
    02. robert lippok (raster noton)
    03. manual - lp (morr 19)
    04. v/a (rocketracer, 3x7" box)
    05. labradford - fixes::context (mute)
    06. isan - dlp (morr 22)
    07. isan - salle d'isan e.p. (morr)
    08. freescha (attack nine)
    09. bill vanloo - for sarah (demo)
    10. e77 - knuddelmaus (demo)

    Antti Lähde, Doris / SuperIndie @ Yo-Talo / Panda Love / Rumba, Tampere, Finland


    * Blonde Redhead: Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons (cd)
    * Built To Spill: Live (cd)
    * Es: A Love Cycle (cd)
    * Hell On Wheels: There Is A Generation Of Handicapped People To Carry On (promo cd)
    * King Biscuit Time: No Style (ep)
    * Laidun: Home Is Where The Hope Is (s)
    * Magnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs (3cd)
    * Nico: Chelsea Girl (cd)
    * V/A: Grand Slang (compilation)
    * Wilco: Summerteeth (cd)

    Sakke, Tampere, Finland

    top ten for february

    Red Passion III [12", Duet]
    Swinsett & J.Warring With Lisa Shaw - Doesn't Make It Right [12", Ism]
    Deepchord 01-06 [cd, Deepchord]
    V/A: Rhythm Method part one [cd, Mosaic]
    Rhythms And Dubs vol. 2 - Natural Rhythm vs E.D.P. [12", Mosaic]
    V/A: Chez, Naked & Wave Music mixed by Matty Heilbronn [cd, DJ-MAG]
    Querida - ep [12", Deta 004]
    Archetype - Obscure Model ep [12", Ongaku Musik]
    Chez Damier - ep [12", KMS 049]
    B-12 - Electro-soma [cd, warp]

    JVC2001.1 Winter Fun / Aistimus, Helsinki, Finland
    (now spending the Spring in exile in Århus, Denmark)

    Only CDs or cassette dubs this time for geographical reasons

    Adult.: Nausea 12" (Ersatz Audio)
    - Finally! Thanks to Eleonoora for taping & posting this!
    DJ Godfather: cassette comp. (Databass/Twilight 76 material)
    DJ Assault: cassette comp. (Electro Funk/Assault Rifle)
    Various/I-f: Mixed Up in The Hague CD (Panama)
    Various: Influences 2CD (Warp)
    Outkast: Stankonia CD (Arista)
    - Mainly for B.O.B, but lots of other fun stuff as well
    Public Enemy: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back CD (Def Jam)
    Various: Mash the Place Up CD (Ambush)
    Thomas Koner: Teimo/Permafrost 2CD (Mille Plateaux)
    Various: In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze 2CD (Mille Plateaux)
    Friedrich Jürgenson: From the Studio for Audioscopic Research CD (Ash International)

    Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

    1. Dr. Alimantado Best Dressed Chicken in Town cd
    2. Adult. Nausea 12"
    3. The Best of Diana Ross & The Supremes 2xcd
    4. Boretronix 3 cdr
    5. Pole - 3 2xlp
    6. I want more music 'klubi' kuv.t.akatemia 2.2.2001
    7. Replikas Köledoyuran cd
    8. DJ Maho B & Ozzy = Rapor 2 Sonungeldi! cd
    9. Anssi Heinonen & Ilkka Vekka - Kansantalouden saavutusten näyttely (exhibition, Hämegalleria Lahti)
    and still from the last year
    10. Olli Lyytikäinen - the retrospective in Kiasma

    DJ Shuffle (tre city, fi)

    top jotain

    DATAR: B (Dannys Space tErracE mix)
    NICK HOLDER: Underground Alternatives LP
    INLAND KNIGHTS: The Shadey Shuffles EP
    ROBERT HOOD: Nighttime World Volume 2
    HASTRA feat. SLARTA JOHN: Spaced Invaders
    HALO, HIPP-E & TONY: The 6400 Crew EP

    DJ Reiner Rekord, Diskothek Come In, Bergneustadt, Germany

    Feb. Charts

    1. Hometrainer - Trained to Be a Dancer E.P.
    2. Mask 500 - Midas Touch
    3. Jeans Team - Keine Melodien
    4. Mirwais - Naive Song (Dave Clarke mix)
    5. Adult. - Side Swiped
    6. Skanform - B.I. E.P.
    7. Sonovac - Human Fly
    8. The Hacker - Fading Away rmx
    9. The Stone Roses - Made of Stone (808 State mix)
    10. Gerhard Potuznik - Travel On

    tiskijukka Ville H (Helsinki, Finland)

    Huipulla tuulee

    Metro Area 3: Caught Up 12" (Environ)
    John Tejada / Arian Leviste: Where Circles Begin 12" (Moods & Grooves)
    Benny Blanko: Single of the Month EP (Homestyle)
    Raw Silk: Do It To the Music 12" (West End)
    Daniel Wang: Silver Trophies 12" (Environ)
    Was (Not Was): Wheel Me Out (on Disco Not Disco compilation on Strut)
    Doctor's Cat: Feel the Drive 12" (Danica)
    Blondie: Heart of Glass
    Nairobi and the Awesome Foursome: Funky Soul Makossa 12" (Warlock)
    Boyd Jarvis: Atmos-fear 12" (Wave Music)
    Prefuse 73: Estrocaro EP (Warp)

    jt [down low music, usa]

    galaxy to galaxy - millennium to millennium [ur]
    scan 7 - s/t [ur]
    legowelt - wirtschaftwunder [bunker]
    8-bit rockers - [bunker]
    v/a - pussytive conclusion [stilleben]
    dynamo - 18`/23` [din]
    duplex - ep4 [clone]
    technotourists - follow the beat... [technotourist]
    plastic sleeves - messages from machines [down low]
    random noise generation - beats & tracks I+II [430west uk]

    Jani Heiskanen (Finland)

    Home Ambience, vol. 1

    Sutekh: Every Dot and Tittle 12" (Source)
    Dat Politics: Sou Shit (Digital Narcis)
    Vert: Köln Concert (Soniq)
    Duplo Remote / C.O.M.A.: Split Series 12" (Fat Cat)
    Adult.: Nausea EP 12" (Ersatz Audio)
    Esa Kotilainen: Ajatuslapsi (Love)
    Finnforest: I (Love)
    Pekka Pohjola: Keesojen Lehto (Love)
    Flu-Band: I (JP-Levy ??)
    Leo Bugariloves: Bitter EP (Bad Vugum)

    Absolute Klassik of 90's Finnish Jazz!!:

    Klang: I (Impala)

    Waldo Dekeyser (Plastiks Magazine/Plastiks Soundsystem/Session 0, Leuven, Belgium)

    One For The Road chart


    1. Nathan Haines: Surprising (Restless Soul Mixes) (Chilli Funk)
    2. Nubian Mindz: Check Da Vybe (2000 Black)
    3. P'taah: The Crossing (Opaque remix) (Ubiquity)
    4. Alexkid: WhatIdidonmyholidays Volume 4 (F Communications)
    5. Voom:Voom: Ginger & Fred (Compost)
    6. Daniel Ibbotson: Stumble (Fenetik)
    7. Light Sleepers: Light Sleepers EP (Fenetik cdr)
    8. Psyan: ? (Bitasweet)
    9. Juryman: new EP
    10. Afronaught: Transcend Me (R&S test)
    11. Daniel Ibbotson: Unreleased
    12. Various: Jazzbizniz 2 Remixed (Les Gammas & Beyond There mixes) (Counterpoint)
    13. King Britt presents Sylk 130 feat. Alma Horton: Happiness (Six Degrees)
    14. Frank De Jojo: Turn Off The Lights (Instrumental) (Fluid Ounce)
    15. Uschi Classen feat. Eska: Home (Earth Project)
    16. Zero db: Click/The Snare (Fluid Ounce)
    17. Seiji: Second Nature (Opaque & Chateau Flight mixes) (Bitasweet test)
    18. MAW: Ekabo (MAW Rec)
    19. Flying Disc Federation: Unreleased Track (Wha? Roots)


    1. New Sector Movements: Download This (Virgin promo)
    2. Nathan Haines: Sound Travels (Chilli Funk promo)
    3. Afronaught: (R&S CDR)
    4. Modaji: Modaji (Laws Of Motion promo)
    5. P'Taah: Decompressed (Ubiquity promo)
    6. Fug: (Nuphonic promo)
    7. Various: Phuturistic Dancin' (Bitasweet)
    8. Rae & Christian: Sleepwalking (Grand Central)
    9. Fauna Flash: Fusion (Compost)


    isolée: "rest" (playhouse)
    air frog: "bon voyage" (svek)
    v/a: "oral-olio" (ersatz audio)
    johannes heil: "illuminate the planet" (kanzleramt)
    theo parrish: "parallel dimensions" (sound signature)
    anthony rother: "little computer people remixes" (psi49net)

    Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

    . Multicast: rural sessions cd (Obliq)
    . E*Vax: Parking Lot Music cd (Audio Dregs Recordings)
    . V/A: Did You See comp cd (DeFocus)
    . V/A: Snow Robots Remixed comp cd (Suction)
    . Polmo Polpo: acqua oarca 12" (Audi Sensa)
    . V/A: Penguin Mechanics Vol 3 comp cd (Kracfive)
    . Colongib & Chris Gaves: special rumble cd (Kracfive)
    . Frank Bretschneider: curve cd (Mille Plateaux)
    . Auch: remix tomorrow goodbye cd (Force Inc)
    . Televazquez: almex 12" (Incomplet)
    . Manual: s/t 12" (Hobby Industries)
    . V/A: Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 1 comp cd (Bip-Hop)
    . Inkblot: the language game cd (Tomlab)
    . Shuttle 358: frame cd (12k)
    . V/A: Going Thru Life comp cd (Delsin)
    . Monolake: gravity cd (Monolake)
    . V/A: Raster - Noton: oasis book + comp cd (Raster/Noton)
    . Jan Jelinek: loop finding jazz cd (~Scape)
    . Oval: pre/commers cd (Tokuma)
    . EU: reframing cd (Pause_2)
    . Ambidextrous/Novel 23: cross split 12" (Shaped Harmonics)

    pirkka [, helsinki, finland]

    so far, so good - suomalainen odysseija (sic) 2001

    1. kiltit ihmiset (er. kasetti)
    2. Tikiman @ Tavastia
    3. Rääväsuu @ Finnish Rap Championships
    4. Kapteeni Ä-ni @ Worldwide
    5. Nicole Willis: Curiosity (Puu 12")
    6. Juhani: 7" EP (Hyvät Levyt 7")
    7. Mika Snickars @ Soda
    8. Lisa Shaw & Swingsett @ Mother
    9. Maurice Fulton @ Kerma
    10. Ostari Njengi: U-Be-Te (Timmion 7")

    Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

    heavy sales and heavy rotation

    ostari njengi: u-bo-te (timmion 7")
    juhani: ep (hyvät levyt 7")
    aavikko: multi muysic (hawaii sounds lp)
    v/a: vari-pos 3 (position underground 7")
    didier featuring iwere: my oddity (zen garden 12")
    galaxy to galaxy: millennium to millennium (underground resistance 12")
    physics: flight over bermuda ep (deeplay music 12")
    royal family: nkpg (spånka 12")
    playin' 4 the city: 8 urban sountracks (straight up records)
    bayaka featuring jephte guillaume: mandé lanmè ya (flower 12" uk reissue)
    lootpack: weededed remix (stones throw 12")
    j zone: zone for president (stone groove 12")
    t-love: witch-bitch? (ninja tune 12")
    people under the stairs: tour guide-instrumental (om records 12")
    madlib: madlib remixes (no label records 12")
    rise: what do you know? (photo synthetic 12")
    round three featuring tikiman: acting crazy (main street 12")
    boards of canada: in beautiful place out in the country (warp 12")
    sound signature: parallel dimensions (sound signature lp)
    puola: invisible sightseeing (rikos records cd)

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