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19 January 2001, Commodore 64 Festival with Nu Science & Tero live @ Club Telex, Yo-Talo, Tampere

Club Telex's Commodore 64 night was a total hullaballoo, with a long queue almost reaching around the block, after the event had gained some prominent hype in local media. The organisers and staff were nervous and strung-up like hell, running around like maniacs; characteristically, pHinn was constantly pissed-up with everything and everyone, but luckily in the end all was just hunky dory, and the happy C64 vibes filled all and everyone at this former bank hall of the traditional Jugend-style house of Kauppakatu. Nu Science played a moodful set, promising a lot from their forthcoming 12" for ADSR. Tero of Rikos Records made the dancefloor go nuts with his Commodore 64 renditions of Hardfloor-like acid sound. As the guest DJ, Indigo from Helsinki was heard. At the bar, SID jockeys played themes from C64 computer games. It was crazeee, man... And the whole celebration was filmed for TV's pop show Jyrki. Wheew, my mind is going.

  • Erkki Kurenniemi: Inventio-Outventio
  • Yellow Magic Orchestra: Computer Game - The Theme From Circus
  • Chicks On Speed: Night of the Pedestrian
  • Meat Beat Manifesto: Original Control (Electro The Robot)
  • Loser: Fun[k]
  • Drexciya: The Countdown Has Begun
  • Perspects: Stepwise
  • Peaches: Fuck The Pain Away
  • DJ Hell: Suicide Commando
  • Elektrosmog: Bass Into Space
  • Frontline Assembly: The Blade
  • Atari Teenage Riot: Deutschland Must Die


    live: Nu Science
    guest DJ: Indigo
    live: Tero


    Mini's set [approximately]:

  • Digital Emotion: Get Up (Do You Wanna Funk)
  • Charly: Spacerwoman
  • David Carretta: Ca Plane Pour Moi
  • Dr. Robotnick: Boogey Song
  • Sleeze Boys: Robocop
  • Egyptian Lover: One Track Mind
  • S'Express: Superfly Guy (Fluffy Bagel Mix)

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