APRIL / M A Y 2000

Last time updated May 27, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex / Bass:2001, Tampere, Finland


Singles & EPs:

Bola: Mauver (SKA 015, Skam, 12")
Le CAR: Remixed 12" (EZ-012, Ersatz Audio)
D.I.E.: The One Live At The M.A.P. Lounge (AR-10089, M.A.P. Records, 12")
D.I.E. feat. The Men You'll Never See: The Unseen (AR-11176, M.A.P. Records, 12")
Drexciya: Fusion Flats (TRESOR 130, Tresor, 12")
E-Men: Fuck You/Golden Sun (HEAR 1101, 12")
August Enkilde: Police Beat Box (12CHEAP33, Cheap, 12")
Innerzone Orchestra feat. Paul Randolph: People Make The World Go Round (C2 & Kenny Dixon, Jr. remixes) (PE65250, Planet E, 12")
Lackluster: Suntrap (FOC349, Focus, 12")
Legowelt VS Orgue Electronique: Derrick in Nord Korea (BUNKER 3008, Bunker, 12")
Little Computer People: Remixes (PSI004, PSI49NET, 12")
Anthony Rother: Simulationszeitalter (PSI005, PSI49NET, 12")
Rude 66: De Machine des Duivels (Bunker 3007, Bunker, 12")
T. Raumschmiere: Stromschleifen (STRIKE 08, Shitkatapult, 12")
UR: Condition Red (UR-043, Underground Resistance, 12")

Long plays:

DJ Assault: Belle Assault Tech (MWR115LP, Electrofunk/Mo' Wax, 3-LP)
Martin Rev: Strangeworld (PUU-17CD, Puu/Sähkö Recordings)
V/A: Nummer Een (PHOLAB aaa, Dub/Phonics, CD)


Coil: Astral Disaster (LOCI CD 14, Threshold House, '99)
Coil: Stolen and Contaminated Songs (LOCI CD 4b, Threshold House, '93/'99)
D.I.E.: Only Time Can Stop A Dream (526-2155, M.A.P. Records, 12", '98)
Fad Gadget: Under The Flag (CDSTUMM6, Mute, CD, '82/'91)
P-DOG of D.I.E. & Mr. Johnson of The Wright Brothers: The Sound and the Fury (526-2155, M.A.P. Records, 12". '97)
Silicon Teens: Music For Parties (CDSTUMM2, Mute, CD, '79)
Mark Stewart: As The Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade (STUMM 24, Mute Records, LP, '85)
Zos Kia/Coil: Transparent (LOCI CD 13, Threshold House, '84/'99)

and something completely else, then. feel free to sneer as much as you want, i don't care -


Chicks On Speed - the mistresses of pHinn's heart, together and individually. The attitude, the personality. The inspiration.
Den Haag scene
Getting again in touch with friends you haven't heard anything about in ages
Space: 1999 on TVTV (yep, 'tis an old thing for pHinn)
TampereElectroBass scene getting stronger every day
Psychedelia, much more than chemical.
Solidarity, who remembers this word these days?
Coil: Love's Secret Domain (track)
Shadowplay: Night Porter (7")
Visage: Fade To Grey (7")


Paranoid control freaks
Certain musical artists, who don't bother to keep contact, but then whine about misinformation on their pages
Repression / apathy / alienation / submission, soo 20th century, isn't it?
Current technology stock market mania, the collapse is about to come, mark my words
Zero support, the self-centered opportunists whining about how this or that is wrong, false or incomplete at pHinnWeb, but never wanting to contribute anything themselves

Adam Equation / ERSATZ AUDIO / Adult. / Detroit, USA

1. G.D.Luxxe "Le CAR: motorway sparks remix" - Ersatz Audio
2. Visage "Frequency 7: vocal version" - Genetic Records
3. Solvent "Solvently one listens" - Suction Records
4. Throbbing Gristle "Hamburger Lady" - Industrial Records
5. Chicks on Speed "For all the boys in the world" - ChicksOnSpeed Records
6. Cabaret Voltaire "c.o.m.a." - Virgin Records
7. Soul Oddity "Oddjobs: rhythm box version" - Schematic
8. Soft Cell "Metro MRX" - Flexipop 12
9. Kitbuilders "Reality" - Vertical Records
10. Clock DVA "nyc overload" - Contempo

Brian Chinetti, Orgue Electronique, Den Haag, The Netherlands

1: Adult. - Dispassionate Furniture. I like everything they did, but this one's my favourite.
2: Drexciya - I like everything he (?) did, but at the moment Neptune's Lair is constantly playing in my apartment.
3: Dopplereffekt - Sterilization. Dry, simple, a bit aggressive (the vocals).
4: Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric
5: Pametex - Car Demolition. Pametex is a great influence. Pure, dry minimal funk. I love that album.
6: Japanese Telecom - I couldn't find the title.
7: Yazoo - Situation
8: Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (2002 remix). I keep on playing it.
9: Timo's light plan at Tavastia. Disco Heaven!
10: The Bunker label. It's very good to see that it's back in business. The Minimum for the Maximum!

Danny Blanco, Legowelt, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Donna Summer - "Now I Need You"
Donna and Giorgio freak out in epic measures!

Visage - "Fade to Grey"
The greatest octaved baseline ever, beautiful melodies and great vocals.

Unit Moebius - "Acid Planet 6"
Total hedonistic mayhem from the original Dutch techno pioneers.

Ultravox - "Mr. X"
Haunting stuff.

Cybotron - "Alleys of Your Mind"
Juan Atkins & the extra Rick Davis Vietnam vet touch make this even more haunting than "Mr.X"!

Moses- "Our Revolution"
You can't go wrong if you name a band after a Biblical figure, especially when the "band" is a group of top Italo Disco producers.

Egyptian Lover - "The Lover"
A poetical masterpiece from the true Don Mega: "My style and finesse are also best, chilly and fresh as in different from the rest, my voice is so smooth, check into the groove, we're definitely making girlies want to move." How's that for some hardcore poetry!

Rhythim is Rhythim - "Nude Photo"
Instant happiness.

Drexciya - Journey Home (+ everything else)
Their music has an emotional feel and funk beyond anything comprehensible. Highly respected, whatever they produce.

Mr. Fingers - Distant Planet
Larry Heard makes some beautiful music, sometimes a bit cheesey but this is one of his finest hours.

Spike / Squid, Punkaharju, Phinnland

)EIB( [A.K.A. Bad Company] - Inside The Machine (Album/BC Recordings)
Muffler - Somber/Fury (12"/Urban Takeover)
Prml Scrm - Kill All Hippies (Single/Creation Records)
Optical&Rymetyme/Bad Company - Virus 6 (EP/Virus Recordings)
Maxim - My Web (EP/XL Recordings)
KoRn - Issues (Album/Immortal Records)
Matrix - Sleepwalk (Album/Virus Recordings)
Underworld - Beaucoup Fish (Album/Junior Recordings)
Ganja Kru - Fuck The Millennium (EP/True Playaz)
Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles (Album/Epic Records)
Salamakansa&m - Nuff Bass #2 (DJ Mix Album/Self Published)
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile (Double Album/Nothing Records)

Mario Vogelsteller, Germany

Favourites 2000/4

PAULA: Als es passierte
MIKRON 64: (Titel vergessen)
ANTHONY ROTHER: Simulationszeitalter
WASSERMANN: W.I.R. (Sven-Väth-Remix)
SVEN VÄTH: Ein Wagon voller Geschichten
MARKUS NIKOLAI: Passion/Bushes
D. DIGGLER: Silverfinger
SCSI-9: Middle of the Way
PERLONDON: Windowshopping

multipara (berlin, germany)

tracks multipara enjoyed a lot in april:

bantha trax (on: bantha trax 7", slave one)
biochip c.: walking on water (on: the noiseglide e.p., powertraxx ep004)
richard devine: all tracks (on: ischemic folks 2x12", schematic 011)
gas: various tracks (on: pop 2x12", mille plateaux lp 87)
ryoko hirosue: daisuki! (on: arigato! cd, warner music wpcv-7413)
ryoko hirosue: nantettatte konnichi wa kurisumasu! (on: arigato! cd, warner music wpcv-7413)
kid606 "straight outta compton" mc dsp mix (on: attitude 7", vvmt 11)
ill-young kim: il (on: spielzeug 2x12", decode record 07)
p16.d4: sections 2 + 3 (on: acrid acme (of) p16.d4 cd, selektion cd 002)
quarks: kikyo (on: kikyo (wiederkomm) mcd, monika 04)
various: most stuff (on: kid606 and friends vol. 1 cd, meow 001)

and in particular:

arovane: deauville (on: tides lp, cco tower block 001)
chappie: all tracks (on: welcoming morning cd, sony aict 1046)
richard devine: anthracite. t. vari (on: lily of the valley 2x12", schematic 012)
herrmann & kleine: kickboard girl (take care on the corner) (on: kickboard
girl e.p. 12", morr music 007)
kozo inada: a 0 (on: a cd, staalplaat cd040)
pochonbo electronic ensemble: all tracks (on: pochonbo electronic ensemble cd, pee-c-1066)
$tinkworx: whut (on: $tinkworx 7", down low 001)
various: most stuff (on: ... remixen die welttraumforscher lp, gagarin 2004)

plus some unpublished stuff, various things on kreisel, and lots on magical jack.

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany

thaddi 05:00

01. casino versus japan - go hawaii (wobblyhead 03)
02. plaid - booc (warp / wap 103)
03. st. etienne - the sound of water (mantra)
04. st. etienne - the misadventures of... (l'appareil-photo)
05. multicast - sympathen (obliq 03)
06. styrofoam (morrmusic 010)
07. pole - 3 (kiff sm / connected)
08. hey o hansen - l'elephant cruel (hey)
09. v/a - lo-fi stereography (lo-fi)
10. brian eno / harald budd - the pearl (eg)

sakke (t:re, fi)

11 for May

indio - indio cd, transmat
theo parrish - first floor cd, peacefrog
dan curtin - when worlds align 12", starbaby
the vision - detroit: one circle 12", metroplex
kerri chandler presents digital soul sessions volume 2 12", large
george benson - el barrio remix 12", white
frontline assembly - reclamation cd, roadrunner
garbage - special cd-track, mushroom
callisto - bruised knuckles ep 12", guidance
altern-8 - domin-8 (origin-8 in detroit mix) 12", network
skinny puppy - process cd-track, american records

"oblige the systems perfect dream" -sp "candle"

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Sutekh: periods.make.sense. cd (Force Inc)
. Biosphere: circue cd (Touch)
. Alva Noto: prototypes cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Cataract Beats comp cd (AII)
. Sucuru Kusumi: usktot 12" (Ladomat 2000)
. Accelerate: rare & unreleased 2xlp (Accelerate)
. Farben: raw macro 12" (Klang Elektronik)
. Pole: yellow 12" (Kiff sm)
. Conoco: s/t 12" (Sigma Editions)
. Staedtizism comp cd (~Scape)
. Noto: empty garden cd (Inside Out)
. Multicast: version 7" (Obliq)
. HIA & Biosphere: birmingham frequencies cd (Headphone)
. SND: systems melody 7" (City Centre Offices)
. Process: shape-space cd (Fat Cat)
. Kim Cascone: bluecubism - trascoded audio structures cd (Digital Narcis)
. Hem: s/t cd (Microwave)
. Process: integ 12" (Traum)
. Neue Berliner Initiative sampler comp cd (Neue Berliner Initiative)
. Taylor Deupree: .N cd (Ritornell)
. Sierra Romeo: nevel 12" (FWD:)
. Pub: summer pt 1 12" (Vertical Form)
. Anthony Rother: simultationszeitalter cd (PSI49NET)
. Senking: ping/thaw cd (Karaoke Kalk)
. Zammuto: willscher cd (Apartment B)

dj erkko (niitty jyväskylä finland)

current (elektro) top 10:

1. DR. ROBOTNIK: retroelectro ep (rikos records cdr (forthcoming 12"))
2. A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO RIKOS - (rikos records cdr)
3. noise production - new album [track one] (cdr)
4. tero: c64ep (cdr) & unreleased trax (cdr)
5. novamen: hague city (bunker)
6. egoexpress: here comes the night [opel bastards remix] (ladomat 2000)
7. sven väth: contact (virgin)
8. adult: new phonies (clone)
9. cocadisco #1 (viewlexx)
10.lasergun 002 & 003
11. play the wicked turntable games (white)
12. milch: the motor years ep (gigolo)
13. takkyu ishino: new 12"

+ dj indigo: 99 & 00 (mix cds)
+ computerjockeys: ping pong (harvest)
+ grayhound (label)

DJ Pirkka (mix of the week, helsinki, finland)

Top ten inspirations:

1. Soul Captain Band [..SESSION!!!]
2. Dead Prez
3. Kari Tofu aka The Ritual
4. FGM spring collection 2000
5. Sizzla
6. 2nd hand house records
7. Open source software
9. Geraldine Hunt: "Can't Fake the Feeling"
10. Murmur and friends: "I'm Wack"


spring 2000.electro.techno.

rude 66: "de machines des duivels" (bunker)
especially track "my 909"! summer hit!
cocadisco 1 (viewlexx)
mr velcro fastener: "which scenario ?" (i220)
wassermann: "fackeln in sturm" (profan)
closer musik (kompakt)
japanese telecom (intuit-solar)
theorem vs. swayzak: "a day from hell" (m-nus/thx)

J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI, USA

1) Persona, UPTIGHT (Simulated)
3) Console, ROCKET IN THE POCKET (Matador)
4) Tone Rec, DMO PACK DEMOLI (Quatermass/Sub Rosa)
5) Last Poets w/Bernard Purdie, DELIGHTS OF THE GARDEN (Celluloid)
6) Gemini, THE MUSIC HALL (Cyclo)
7) Various Artists, RRR 500 (RRR)
8) Mause, MADE IN JAPAN (Morbid Records)
9) Beta Band, "To You Alone/Sequinsizer" (Regal)
10) Various Artists, THE TOURIST RECORD (Lucky Kitchen)
Mouse on Mars/Chicago Underground Duo @ Magic Stick, Detroit 4/30
Theo Parrish on "The Flow" CJAM 91.5 FM

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy 2CD
2. M.A. Numminen - Kiusankappaleita 1 2CD
3. Chicks On Speed - The Un-Releases CD
4. Autechre
5. Platypus - Disco Recorder CDr
6. I-f - Fucking Consumer 2LP
7. Cow Cube(?) or something that Peel played.
8. Faust & Circle Live @ Tavastia 20 April
9. Keith Haring - exhibition @ Amos Anderson Gallery
10. Add N To X vinyls loaned by O Samuli A:
Vero Electronics, Demon Seed & Little Black Rocks In The Sun

DJ Kim (Miau!, Tampere, Finland)

May 2000 Top 10

1. John Johnson: 'Impact' (Xtra Nova)
2. Tall Paul: 'Freebase' (Duty Free)
3. Way Out West: 'Earth' (Wave Form Rmx) (Distinctive)
4. Ricky Le Roy: 'Tuareg' (Nukleuz)
5. Lenny Kravitz: 'Black Velveteen' (Stonebridge Rmx) (Virgin)
6. Muse: 'Sunburn' (Timo Maas Rmx)(Mushroom)
7. Fellowman: 'Say What' (White Label)
8. Basstoy: 'Running' (Blue Plate)
9. Silvio Ecomo: 'No Dip' (Bango)
10. Unknown Artist: 'Wecko' (Wax Max)

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