MAY / J U N E 2000

Last time updated June 27, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

Das Sandmännchen ist wieder da

Singles & EPs:

Adult.: New-Phonies (C#14, Clone, 12")
Christoph De Babalon / Kid 606: Split EP (12FAT020, Fat Cat, 12")
Geiom: Edits Metamatics EP (NEO 03, Neo Ouija, 12")
Jol: Think Tin (DOT 1212, Dot Recordings, 12")
Kid 606 / Tigerboy: Attitude (VVMT11, V/Vm, 7")
Kraftwerk: Expo 2000 - Abe Duque Remixes (white label, 12")
Kukka: s/t (MCD-002, Merceedees, CDS)
Metamatics: Colmic Zeus EP (NEO 01, Neo Ouija, 12")
Metamatics: Man-Q-Neons (DOT 1211, Dot Recordings, 12")
Ovuca: King Stacey (CAT 105 CD, RepHlex, CDS)
The Parallax Corporation: Cocadisco (V12/10, Viewlexx, 12")
Play A Few (vs Chris Isaak): Wicked Turntable Games (white label, 12")
Pub: Summer Pt 1 (VFORM 003, Vertical Form, 12")
Quant: Tik Tok (DOT 1210, Dot Recordings, 12")
Sexual Harassment: I Need A Freak - Remixes (LASERGUN 003, Lasergun, 12")
Ural 13 Diktators: Sound of Helsinki EP (mg013, Ural 13/Mental Goove, 12")
Zeke Schöön: San Tropez Tonight (DOT 1213, Dot Recordings, 12")

Long plays:

Coil: Musick To Play In The Dark - Vol 2 (GRAAL CD005, Chalice via World Serpent)
Coil: Queens Of The Circulating Library (ESKATON 20, World Serpent, CD)
ElpH vs Coil: Worship The Glitch (ESKATON 006, World Serpent, CD)
Kemialliset Ystävät: Lumottu karkkipurkki (Vapaa systeemi) (HuutomerkkiKasettiNro20, audiotape)
Kings of Kaivinkone: The Best of Kevät2000 (CD-R)
Lowfish: Eliminator (SUCTION008CD, Suction Records)
Noise Production: Machine's Millennium (CD-R)
Octagon Man: Ito Calculus (DC35LP, DC Recordings, 2-LP)
Platypus: Disco Recorder (OPR-001, Old People Records, CD-R)
Polytron: Beautiful From The Outside (CD-R)
Steril: Robofication (Erkrankung Durch Musique #1000, LP)
V/A: Split Series 1-8 (FATCD008, Fat Cat, CD)


Visage: The Anvil (OW 34518, One Way Records, CD, '82/'97)


Erik Davis: Terence McKenna's Last Trip, Wired 8.05. (May 2000)
Albert Hofmann: LSD - My Problem Child. 1983 Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc., Los Angeles. (ISBN 0-87477-256-7)

See also: Kaitsu's Deserted Island Records List Page


Ovuca's live set at Club Telex 310500
OOOOO mailing list. An amazing avantgarde artsy noisenik folkie indie moptop black metal psychedelia Krautrock postrock hardcore punk jazz trainspotter experimental electronic list, with most obscure talk and daily babble (but sorry, only in Finnish)! High entertainment value!
näkkileipä (a.k.a. Finnish crisp bread)
Scratch videos. Your VCR is a weapon.
DiY scene, as always.


Finnish rock festivals. Year after year, the same old crap.
Summertime blues. There ain't no cure...?
So you wanna be a gangsta? U know who U R... vitun message 2 vitun U: increase the peace & U R not from da ghetto, white boy
Communication breakdowns. So easy 2 get misunderstood, so hard 2 get thru 2 U...
Not being able to make it to DEMF & Sonar. Now, where's my sugardaddy (or -mama ;) ...?

Suction Records, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

our top 13 [non-suction] current favorites in approximate order

1. skanfrom - "electronic fragments" (7" ep, a.d.s.r.)
2. v/a - "forgotten sounds of tomorrow" (CD comp, ersatz audio)
3. isan - "parrochi" (track, static caravan)
4. legowelt vs orgue electronique "he who rides the tiger" (track, bunker)
5. piano magic - "music for annahbird" (7" single, bad jazz)
6. g.d.luxxe vs le car "motorway sparks (rmx)" (track, ersatz audio)
7. future3 vs piano magic - "there's no need for us to be alone (rmx)" (track, morr music)
8. rude 66 - "track 01" (track, bunker)
9. hermann & kleine - "kickboard girl (take care on the corner)" (track, morr music)
10. pad 25 vs skanfrom - "sa:b (rmx)" (track, a.d.s.r.)
11. legowelt vs orgue electronique "derrick in nord korea" (track, bunker)
12. chromatix - "odetix corp" (track, spelunk recordings)
13. isan - "salamander" (LP, morr music)



Abunai!-Universal Mind Decoder CD (Camera Obscura)
Alva-Slattery For Ungdom CD (Menlo Park)
Alice Coltrane-Journey in Satchidananda CD (Impulse)
V/A-Iso Mies Ja Keijukainen: Lastenlauluja LP (Love)
Love-Forever Changes CD (Elektra)
Six Organs of Admittance-Dust and Chimes CD (Pavilion)
Stone Breath-Songs of Moonlight and Rain CD (Camera Obscura)
Stone Breath-Songs of Moonlight and Rain CD (Camera Obscura)
Syd Barrett-The Madcap Laughs CD (Capitol)
Sun City Girls-Carnival Folklore Resurrection CD (Abduction)
Tower Recordings-Fraternity Of Moonwalkers CD (Audible Hiss)
Robert Wyatt-Rock Bottom CD (Hannibal)

Lackluster, (Focus Records, UK), Helsinki, Finland

1. foc354: r u oho?
2. arovane: tides
3. boulderdash: we never went to koxut island
4. pole: 2
5. arovane: atol scrap
6. boards of canada: hi scores
7. autechre: amber
8. wagon christ: tally ho
9. 2 lone swordsmen: a virus with shoes
10. squarepusher: budakhan mindphone

Spike / Squid, Punkaharju, Phinnland

Pitchshifter - Deviant (Album/MCA)
NIN - Mr Self Destruct (Track off The Downward Spiral Album/Nothing)
Houscience - (Mp3s/unsigned)
Beastie Boys - Anthology: The Sounds Of Science (Double Album/Grand Royal)
Underworld - Dark & Long (EP/JBO)
)EIB( [AKA Bad Company] & Trace - Son Of Nitrous (12"/BC Recordings)
Squid - Fix (Chix' Mix By DDR Rhythm) (Track/unsigned)
Orbital & Angelo Bandalamenti - Beached (Single/FFRR)
Peter Nygård - Vitun Suomirokkia (don't know if it's released...)
Primal Scream - Five Years Ahead Of My Time (Track off XTRMNTR (US Version) (Album/Creation)
Smashing Pumpkins - The Everlasting Gaze (Track off MACHINA Album/Virgin)
NIN - Starfuckers, Inc. (Video/Nothing)

Mario Vogelsteller, Germany

FUNKSTÖRUNG: Appetite for Disctruction
WACKDADDIES: Fear of a Wack Planet
PERLON 10: Superlongevity
M:I:5: Mikrophon
WOLFGANG VOIGT: Diskoschleifen 2000
DIMBIMAN: K÷ppchen
POPACID: When Love Breaks Down

not the latest releases, but I found some old ones I missed somehow before in the record store...

sakke (t:re, fi)

top 10

01 front 242 - front by front 88-89 [cd, epic]
02 imani coppola - chupacabra [cd, columbia]
03 drexciya - neptune's lair [cd, tresor]
04 joe claussell & chuck perkins - jazz funeral [12", guidance]
05 adonis - we're rockin' down the house [12", trax]
06 soldiers of universal love - got 2 get 2 heaven [12", undaground therapy]
07 mira calix - one on one [cd, warp]
08 romanthony - bring u up [12", glasgow underground]
09 maw feat. wunmi - ekabo [12", maw]
10 dd - haisee [unreleased]

Markus, Helsinki, Finland

Lately I've been listening to these

1. Peter Brötzmann Sextet & Quartet: Nipples CD (Atavistic)
2. Borbetomagus: Sauter, Dietrich, Miller, Doherty LP (Agaric)
3. Henri Chopin: Cantata for two farts & Co. LP (Alga Marghen)
4. Henri Chopin: Alphabet et Glotte 7" (Hot Air)
5. Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Summer 1967 CD (Emanem)
6. Anton Bruhin: InOut CD (Alga Marghen)
7. Sandy Denny and the Strawbs CD (Hannibal)
8. Butthole Surfers: Double Live 2CD (from MP3's at
9. Asian Dub Foundation: Community music 2LP (London records)
10. Mike Seed: Passing Trade CD-R

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany

charts 06.00

01. Tone Language - Patience Is The Key (Korm Plastics)
02. Christian Kleine (City Centre Offices 006)
03. Frederik Schikowski vs. Skanfrom (A.D.S.R. 009)
04. Closer (Kompakt)
05. Four Tet v Pole (Leaf)
06. Styrofoam - The Point Misser (Morr)
07. Zorn - Towerpark (Lux Nigra)
08. Bauri (Pitchcadet)
09. Multicast - Sympathen (Obliq)
10. Papa November (Static Caravan?)

Niko Skorpio, Some Place Else Recordings, Turku, Finland

"in no particular order":

BISK: Ticklish Matters CD (Sub Rosa)
COIL: Musick to Play in the Dark 2 CD (Graal/World Serpent)
COIL presents Time Machines: Eskaton 24 CD (Eskaton/World Serpent)
BARRY ADAMSON: Soul Murder CD (Mute)
MATERIAL: The Road to the Western Lands CD (Triloka)
CYCLOBE: Luminous Darkness CD (Phantom Code/World Serpent)
NIGEL AYERS/JOHN EVERALL/MICK HARRIS: Mesmeric Enabling Device CD (Soleilmoon)
HARSHASHISH: Salvation Endless... CDr (AFP)
+ SILENCE (self financed)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Lowfish: eliminator cd (Suction)
. John Beltran: Sky, Episode 2 12" (Exceptional)
. Reinhard Voigt: Premiere World cd (profan)
. Herrmann & Kleine: Kickboard Girl: cdep/12" (Morr Music 007)
. Phonem: Hydro Electric cd/2xlp (Morr Music 009)
. Styrofoam: Pointe Misser cd/lp (Morr Music 010)
. Casino Versus Japan: go hawaii cd (Wobblyhead)
. Lackluster: container cd (Focus)
. Modern Supermarket Music compilation cd (City Centre Offices)
. Pole: 3 cd (Matador)
. Arovane: tides lp (City Centre Offices)
. Signer: giving it up to feel effected cd (Involve/Kog)
. Goem: extensie remix cd (Noise Museum)
. CiM: warm data 12" (Focus)
. Aphelion: Click 12" (Focus)
. Noto: Telefunken cd (Rastermusic)
. Phillippe Cam: Mixte/Karine 12" (Traum)
. Phillippe Cam: Caddie's Day - Die Salze Remixe 12" (Traum)
. Sound Options comp cd (Systorm)
. State of the Heirloom comp cd (Toshoklabs)
. Staedtizism comp cd (~Scape)

Circonium, Berlin, Germany

what i've been listening to lately:

. cutterblade (process 05, 2000)
. multicast - sympathen (obliq 03, 7", 2000)
. obliq compilation (obliq cd 1.3, 1998)
. pan american - 360 business / 360 bypass (kranky, 1999)
. quadrant - infinition (planet e, 1993)
. plastikman - are friends electrik? (track from "artifakts" album, 1998)
. plastikman - rekall (track from "artifakts" album, 1998)
. open house feat. pace - keep with the pace (nu groove 61, 1990)
. legowelt vs orgue electronique - derrick in nord korea (bunker 3008, 2000)
. perspects - desire & efficiency (track from ersatz audio compilation, 2000)
. mimmelit das stadtkaninchen (deutsche schallplatten, 1984)

J T Stewart, USA

what i'm listening to lately:

.accellerate - dbx rare and unreleased 2x12 [accellerate records 2000]
.electronome - een drumcomputer en een synthesizer [viewlexx v12/8 2000]
.duracel - u-turn [viewlexx v12/7 2000]
.paris the black fu v jock costeau - stalking you [throw/twilight 76]
.danny wang - silver trophies [environ 2000]
.hanna - talk to god ep [headspace 2000]
.bumblebee unltd - lady bug [red greg 1978]
.legowelt vs orgue electronique - derrick in nord korea (bunker 3008, 2000)
.perspects - desire & efficiency (track from ersatz audio compilation, 2000)
.sharon redd - love how you feel [prelude 1983]

and demf still in my head

tango mike's (eevo lute, germany)

happy flowers on the balcony music in june 2000

* cataract beats. aii1 / pitchcadet 02.
* marumari: the wolves hollow (carpark 04)
* kid606: the soccergirl ep (carpark 06)
* ersatz audio: the forgotten sounds of tomorrow (ersatz 011)
* rhythm overload: for bone shakers (7th sense 003)
* remote viewer / kid606: split picture disc (555 rec. 020)
* kid606 / lsr: european tour single (555 rec. 025)
* simulant (scopex 002)
* adult.: new-phonies (clone 014)
* cutterblade (process 005)
* reinhard voigt: premiere world (profan 029)
* le car: remixed (ersatz 012)
* id/lp
* ensemble: sketch proposals (rephlex 101)
* accelera deck: conviction & crack (555 rec. 017)
* like a tim: red and blue boxing (rephlex 107)
* phonem: hydro electric (morr music 009)
* accelera deck (forward 003)
* md3: face the nation (dj international)
* solaris8 (sunos 2.8)

Wolf Kemker, Germany

More a weekends playlist than charts

1 all these shapes & forms mp3's (cd-r in the car)
the albums are called 'berlin' and 'plagiarism' for a reason!
2 granitcd01 (recordings under construction cd)
3 lackluster - container (focus cd)
perfect for not-interested-in-music friends these two.
4 cataract beats (aii / pitchcadet cd)
4b valence - ohm (pitchcadet)
support your overseas indi-labels!
5 the torture chamber (tortured cd)
5b adam beyer - remainings 3 (drumcode 2x12")
yes, i am guilty of liking 1997's-outtakes ;-) turn it up to 11.
6 a murder in the company of vespertine (vespertine cd)
outstanding funny mixture with a spooky theme. bola track included.
7 st. germain - rose rouge (blue note 12")
played on 33+5 not 45 of course. cool vibe. which leads to...
8 john coltrane - live in japan (impulse 4xcd) disc 4
the third time in 12 years i bought this set after selling it.
test your nerves with this one. i'll probably never fully understand it.
9 biosphere - cirque (touch)
had to change the mood a bit after the last one.
0 oh, and arovane's atol scrap is still in the car;
tracks 3-5 slow me down gently. well, from 220 to 200 maybe ;-)
blissful experience. unchallenged record of the year.

A. Massaccesi (formerly Entox of Skreem), Hampton, NH, USA

1) Chicks On Speed - Will Save Us All
- of course
2) Polysics (Sony Japan)
I just heard them today but GOD they are WONDERFUL. I need to get their full length... they are like a new Japanese Devo. They dress exactly like the old Japanese new wave band P-Type... even with "P" on their uniforms. But it's superb noisy, crazy Devo-dirt rock. On Sony Japan, too. Weird!
3) Mondii, T:P.
Another Japanese guy, this album is on Hefty records in Chicago. Very very nice cut up "beats" (sort of) with very nice plinky melodies and cuteness. Hooray!
4) Prince - Black Album.
Jesus, this one is his most dirty, I swear. Really foul lyrics and ultra sexy odd funk from Princey. Nice design too. Stolen from Keiji Haino, I guess...
5) Kreidler - Appearance and The Park.
This one got stolen from me but I just copied a new one. Man, they are underrated. Everyone and their brother loves To Rococo Rot but I think Kreidler are much better. Düsseldorf's finest! OK, next to Kraftwerk ;)

I am also still constantly listening to Beck's "Midnite Vultures" album. That thing will never die. Brilliance!

Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

May/June Top 21, in no particular order

People Under The Stairs: The Cat (OM)
Hip Hip For Respect: One Four Love (Rawkus)
Deepah Ones Feat. Jasper St. Co: Dancin' (Basement Boys)
Kerri Chandler: Trionisphere 3 (King St. Sounds)
Les Nubians: Makeda (DJ Spinna Remix)
Romanthony: Bring U Up (Glasgow Underground)
Coldfeet: Pussyfoot (Trüby Trio Remix) (Compost)
Common: Like Water For Chocolate (MCA)
Maspyke: The Gong Show (Bukarance)
Jurassic 5: Quality Control (Rawkus)
Kyoto Jazz Massive: Eclipse (Compost)
Tony Allen & The Africa 70: LP reissues (Afro Strut)
Spayes Cayes Ft. MC Sandor: Live At Club Rangus Tangus (Snickars Records)
Isaac Spayes: Polymystic (Snickars Records)
Isaac Spayes: Caleidoskank/Holodub (Snickars Records)
Snickars Records Presents: Book Of Five Scratches (Snickars Records)
Syrup: Different Flavours (Compost)
St. Germain: Tourist (Blue Note)
Larry Levan: Live At The Paradise Garage (Strut)
Femi Kuti Vs. The Roots: Black Man Know Yourself (white)
Roy Ayers: Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Polydor reissue)

J Sumner, Bedroom DJ Massive, Detroit, MI

Top NYC Scores

1) David Toop, HOT PANTS IDOL (Barooni)
2) Various Artists, ISOLATIONISM (Virgin)
3) Various Artists, SAMPLER (Touch)
4) Various Artists, MIXED UP IN THE HAGUE VOL. 1 (Panama Records)
5) Chicks On Speed, WILL SAVE US ALL! (Chicks On Speed Records)
8) Gemini, IMAGINE-A-NATION (Relief Records)
9) Gemini, ON THE NORTH STAR (Peacefrog)


Top Detroit Electronic Music Festival Performers/DJs

1) Carlos Souffront
2) Adult.
3) Derrick May
4) Theo Parrish
5) Dego (4 Hero)
6) Stacey Pullen
7) Umar Bin Hassan (Last Poets)

DJ Pirkka (mix of the week, helsinki, finland)

Intruders: I Will Always Love My Mama (TSOP)
Kapteeni Jukka: Seis! (Salamastudio)
Roope K: Hiphop-skeidaa (DS)
Kenny Bobien: You Are My Friend (Cover)
V/A: The Big Playback (Rawkus)
Kerri Chandler: You Are My Life (King Street)
Capleton: Stay Far From Trouble (Studio 2000)
Sasse: Bluekey Sessions (Love & Music)
Samble Orchestra: Love Vibes (Life Line)
Deep Sided: X-Pand (Chicago Deep)

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