JULY / A U G U S T 2000

Last time updated August 30, 2000

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland

the curvature of space-time

Dexter: I Don't Care (Klakson 1, 12")
Egoexpress: Here Comes The Night (Op:l Bastards remix) (Ladomat 2097-3, CDS)
Ektroverde: Integral (Snowdonia-Mizmaze, CD)
Es: Flick (K019, (K-RAA-K)³, CD)
Imatran Voima: s/t (iv01, Kostamus Records, 12")
Christopher Just: Murmeln / Innerfleisch (Over Out 09-12, Overdrive, 12")
Dr. Robotnik: It's Class EP (Rikos 002, Rikos Records, 12")
Jimi Tenor: Out of Nowhere (WARPCD76, Warp)
Alden Tyrell: Krenk-Box (C#17, Clone, 12")
V/A: Kitchen Motors 1999 - Nart Nibbles (Kitchen Motors, 2-CD)
V/A: Musique Compacte Vol. 1 (VCD/13, Viewlexx)


Ektroverde & Big Band Brútal at Yo-Talo 270700. Finland vs. Iceland = it's grim up north.
Es live @ Mental Alaska 060800. The next big name coming out of Finland?
Suomi-Elektro rising: Op:ls & Mr. Velcro, Rikos Rec., Imatran Voima...
Grrl electro punks! CoS, Miss Kittin, Nicola Kuperus of Adult. - and hopefully more to come.
only one month of summer boredom left


still one month of summer boredom left

and remember: every dog has its day (woof woof!)

sakke (t:re, fi)

summer hits top 6

01 robert hood - nighttime world volume 2 [cd, m-plant]
02 dbx - accelerate, rare and unreleased [2x12", accelerate]
03 skinny puppy - vivisect vi [cd, nettwerk europe]
04 st. germain - tourist [cd, blue note]
05 guru - jazzmatazz volume 1 [cd, chrysalis]
06 delerium - reflections volume 1 (1988-1992) [cd, dossier]

Spike / Torched, Punkaharju, Finland

)EIB( - Rage (12"/BC Recordings)
Koneisto (4.-5.8.2000/Turku, Kupittaa)
Nirvana - Nevermind (Album/DGC)
Front 242 - Tyranny >For You< (Album/Epic Records)
Jimi Tenor - Out Of Nowhere (Album/Warp Records)
Free Booze ;)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Sybarite: otonomy 7" (Static Caravan)
. CiM: reference cd (DeFocus)
. Monolake: stratosphere/ice 12" (Imbalance)
. Japanese Telecom: s/t cd (Intuit Solar)
. Sean Deason: allegory & metaphor cd (Intuit Solar)
. Pluramon: bit sand riders remix cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Tone Language: patience is the key cd (Korm Plastics)
. Move D/Sutekh split 10" (Plug Research)
. Lester Lewitt: kombinations hypothetiqs cd (Elf Cut)
. Tomas Jirku: variants cd (Alien8)
. Robert Babicz: desert cd (Mille Pleateaux)
. Auch: it's tomorrow already cd (Force Inc)
. Microstoria: improvisors lp (Sonig)
. Metamatics & Clatterbox: project unison cd (Neo Ouija)
. Kpt.Michi.Gan: hey love lp (K-raa-k³)
. Kristian Peters: adlib cd (K-raa-k³)
. Oval: ovalprocess+ cd (Tokuma)
. Styrofoam: Pointe Misser cd/lp (Morr Music 010)
. Safety Scissors: deadpan escapement - reconstructed cd (Context)
. Arovane: tides lp (City Centre Offices)

Sampen, Unidentified Sound Objects, Helsinki, Finland

1. MC Lonestar - Laser Blues (song)
2. Lolita Storm - Girls Fucking Shit Up LP
3. V/A: Doob Doob O'Rama 2 - More film songs from Bollywood CD
4. Ihana Havo - Suomalainen Itsetunto (sculpture)
or: Juha Mieto vesisuksilla Fellmanninpuiston lammessa
(Lahti 28.7. 2000 onwards)
5. Ovuca - King Stacey 12"
6. Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk 2LP+7"
7. Paul Thomas Anderson - Magnolia (film)
8. Viikko mökillä: sadetta joka päivä.
9. AÏR - Traditional Melodies Decomposed by AÏR
10. Selfish Shellfish live at the opening of HÄH
Galleria Kipinä 3.8.2000


Erityisen hyvää ollut:

Charalambides: Internal Eternal CD (Wholly Other)
Leonard Cohen: Songs of Love and Hate LP (Columbia)
Donovan: Sunshine Superman CD (Epic)
Incredible String Band: 5,000 Spirits CD (Elektra)
Jandek: Six and Six CD (Corwood Industries)
Kiila: Heartcore CD (Fonal)
Terry Riley: Rainbow In Curved Air LP (Columbia)
Sun City Girls: Dreamy Draw CD (Abduction)
Sun City Girls: Superculto CD (Abduction)
Rober Wyatt: the End of an Ear LP (CBS)

multipara (berlin, germany)

some releases multipara has enjoyed in the past weeks, in not much of an order.

aku raski: koottava (3" cd, teosto (?))
---->record of the month, august
electromagnetic beam: the arne sand ep (10", mjaell)
---->record of the month, july (if played on 33)
senor coconut y su conjunto: el baile aleman (cd, multicolor)
---->record of the year, maybe
marco passarani: 6 katun (cd, nature)
v/a: frankfurt trax vol. 3 (cd, sony dance pool)
phase iv vs the rubber intruders from planet baoh (cd, force inc.)
dave phillips: iii+ (cdr, tochnit aleph)
pure: king kong pt. 2 / katharsis (12", praxis)
spin: supercharged (12", force inc.)
hex (12", hex)
frederik schikowski / skanfrom (12", adsr)
16-17 (12", praxis)
blectum from blechdom (12", orthlorng musork)
scarcubem 41'17 praesenz (12", heimelektro ulm)
c2064 (12", no label info)
d'arcangelo (12", engine)
headware: force fields vol. 1 (12", weird beard)

... and there's a lot of stuff still waiting to be heard.

Arttu, Mental Alaska, Tampere, Finland

Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet: Stone/Water
The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine man
Cale/Conrad/MacLise/Young/Zazeela: Inside the dream syndicate volume 1
Vibracathedral Orchestra: Versatile arab chord chart
Steven Wray Lobdell: Automatic writing by the moon
Sunroof!: Delicate autobahn under construction
Roscoe Holcomb: The high lonesome sound
Forest: Forest
Rashied Ali/Frank Lowe: Duo exchange
Jazzactuel compilation 3cd
Love: Story 1966-1972
Sun City Girls: Cameo demons and their manifestations
Peter Brötzmann sextet/quartet: Nipples
Dr. Strangely Strange: Kip of the serenes
Hungry Ghosts: Alone alone
Master musicians of Jajouka!
Jimmy Corrigan, the smartest kid on Earth! (a comic book)

Lifesaver Records, Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland

Top 20 in no particular order

Imatran Voima Ep (Kostamus 12")
J Live: Them That's Not (white 12")
De La Soul: Oooh. (Tommy Boy 12")
Break n' Bossa chapter 3 (Schema CD/LP)
Les Gammas: All Of Me/Love Ultd (Compost 12")
Aavikko: Viitostie (Hawaii CD/12")
Erule: Listen Up (Pallas re-issue 12")
Dr. Robotnik Ep (Rikos Records 12")
V/A: Universal Sounds Of America (Soul Jazz CD/LP)
Jimi Tenor: Out Of Nowhere (Warp CD/LP)
Common: The Bitch In You (white 12")
Mellow Drama (75ARK 12")
Les Gammas: Exercices De Styles (Compost CD/LP)
Nicole Willis: All The Time (PUU 20 12")
Annie: The Greatest Hit (Telle 12")
V/A: Misturada 4 (Far Out CD/LP)
Bebel Gilberto: Tanto Tempo (Ziriguiboom CD)

Thaddi Herrmann, City Centre Offices / de:Bug, Berlin, Germany

charts 08.00

01. v/a - neurokinetic (toytronic / 5)
02. b. fleischmann - a choir of empty beds (fuzzy box / 23)
03. two lone swordsmen - tiny reminders (warp / 77)
04. cim - reference (focus / 3521)
05. geiom (city centre offices / 7)
06. bacuzzi (kss / 4)
07. kpt.michi.gan - hey love (trim / 3)
08. denzel & huhn (demo)
09. aspen - are you that retail snob (involve / 2)
10. space for notes

tango mike's (eevolute, germany)

sweet silence charts august 2000

01. rene & pete, rhythm & sound feat. tikiman @ leiseste party, berlin
02. gregory isaacs: corn a go bust (exterminator 7")
03. junior byles: fade away (jama 7")
04. ini kamoze: world a music (taxi oldies 7")
05. black uhuru: guess who is coming to dinner (taxi oldies 7")
06. fuxa: techno light (rocket girl 7")
07. downpour: don't go breakin' my art (555 recordings 7")
08. sybarite: otonomy (emanate 7")
09. cim: reference (focus lp)
10. aphelion: click (focus 12")

J T Stewart, USA

another chart for the hell of it...

1 .cim.reference lp [focus]
2 .lackluster.container lp [focus]
3 .fischerspooner lp (forget the label...)
4 .new world aquarium 12" [delsin]
5 .patrick adams presents Phreek lp [atlantic]
6 .plastic sleeves.messages from machines cdr [dL]
7 .c-pen [couple of 12"s on seasons]
8 .andres dblpack [kdj]
9 .deepchord 08 & 09
10.waverider/pulsewidthin cdr [1200 / dL]

erkko (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)

1. mr. velcro fastener: who's gonna bend? ep (i220 12")
2. green velvet: red lights / coitus ep (music man 12")
3. green velvet: flash danny tenaglia remix (f111 12")
4. imatran voima ep 12"
5. mr. velcro fastener: electric appliances (1220 12")
6. ellen allien: dataromance (bpitch control 12")
7. rob hubbard: commando (.sid)
8. instant remedy: commando (.mp3)
9. forthcoming c64-album by tero... just can't wait!
10. tracks from the forthcoming electro ep by jori hulkkonen & tuomas salmela... damn :-)

++ der dritte raum: raumgleiter (virgin cd)
++ der dritte raum: schrittmacher (virgin 12")
++ electro / italo disco mixtape by i-f from '97
++ rikos records live performance at koneisto ;-)

Ross Carew, The Offworld Selection, Jazz Fm, Dublin, Ireland

I present a weekly 2 hour show on Jazz Fm here in Dublin and I DJ irregularly all over the city, my favourite colour is blue and my star sign is Leo :)

In no particular order...

  Vladislav Delay - Synkopoint [Mille Plateaux]
Arovane - Tides [City Centre Offices]
Tim Tetlow - Beauty Walks A Razor's Edge [Planet µ]
Passarani - Unspeakable Future Outbreaks [Hymen]
Static - Static Islands [Mermaid]
Soul Circuit - Don't Spoil The Tension [Sirkus]
Redcell - Interim [B12]
Metamatics/Clatterbox - Project Unison [Neo Ouija]
CiM - Service Pack [Delsin]
Sierra Romeo - Carcass [Fwd]
Norken - The Last Day [Delsin]
Visitor - Basement Life [D1]
Esoterica - Repetitive Music [Elusive]
David Donohoe - Just [Minimise]
Norken - Soul Static Bureau [Beau Monde]
Meat Beat Manifesto - Not Playing God [Skam]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Brutal [Warp]
Lackluster - r u oho? [Defocus]
Ambulance - Sleet [U:mack]
Jega - Unity Gain [Planet µ]

DJ Pirkka (, Helsinki, Finland)

  Bounty Killer & Merciless: No One Cares (Greensleeves)
Bacuzzi: ? (King Syndrome Sounds white)
Headrush, dead prez & People's Army: Murda Box (Raptivism)
Black Sun: Work To Do (Estereo)
The Last Poets: It's A Trip (OST records)
Swayzak: Illegal (Swayzak)
Charles Webster: Your Life (Peacefrog)
Anthony B: Zagga Zow (J&D)
Imatran Voima: EP (Kostamus)
Crue-L Grand Orchestra: Time & Days (Disorient)

Mario Vogelsteller, Germany

Special Charts 2000/8

My long awaited chart of the best Pet-Shop-Boys-Songs ever

1. Always on my mind (Extended dance version)
2. Heart
3. Being boring
4. Domino Dancing (Disko Mix)
5. It's a sin
6. You only tell me you love me when you're drunk
7. Red Letter Day
8. Shameless
9. What have I done to deserve this?
10. Liberation

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