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"music is your only friend until the end" - j. morrison

Some Heaven 17, perhaps?

pHinn is always glad to share his knowledge of music with young people

"djing is just an excuse for wankers to support their record collecting habit."
- anonymous on idm mailing list, july 1999


Aamulehti/Valo 13 April 

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  • DJ pHinn does not do club gigs any more but instead concentrates now on doing music with Kompleksi. Though you might try to ask him to spin some records to your event, and see what happens.

    (There might be some Net radio shows and podcasts in the future, at least.)

    Listen to some pHinn DJ sets as MP3s

    If you want a technically superb DJ with immaculate beatmatching skills, go search somewhere else, but if you want to hear just a selection of killer tracks no-one else will probably play, DJ pHinn is your man! Kommandomixing is the name of the game.

    History (sorry, Finnish only) | pHinn @ media: press stories & interviews | pHinn

    Style: exp.noiseclectro vs. sci-fi lounge
    (occasionally also: antimusik, metanoise, humppa'n'bass)

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    DJ CV - Past parties:

    Yo-Talo, Tampere:
    Pop-Disko (1996), Pop & Dance (1996), Radio (1996), Tenorama (also co-organiser, 1997), Film Society Monroe 30 Years (1998), Alternative Night (1998-1999), Jet Lag (1998), Electric Pleasures (DJ & co-organiser, 1998-1999), Kineettisiä kuvia (1998), Kinetic 'Original Retro' album release party (1998), Club Telex (DJ & co-organiser, 1999-2001, 2004-), Bigpop (1999), Afterhours (2000), Alternative Night 5 Years (2000), Melankolia-klubi (2000), Koje (2000), Fashion Show (2001), It's Electro! (2001), Ever Had record release party (2001), pHono (2002), GoGo Mania - 60s Pop (2004), Seventies Heaven (2004)

    Villa 1898, Tampere:
    À la Fraiche (1997), Pyssy-Kerho (1997), Cocktail Stealth (co-organiser, 1998), Electronic Warfare II: Electric Pleasures Vs. Frantic Club (co-organiser, 1998)

    Café Valo, Tampere:
    Swäg (2004)

    Laterna, Tampere:
    Pyssy-Kerho (1998), Electric Pleasures (DJ & co-organiser, 1998), Swäg Festival (2004)

    Tulliklubi/Klubi, Tampere:
    Drunken Masters (1998), tAMPEREeLEKTRObASS2000! (2000), Bass:2001 (2000), Tampere Biennale (2004), Slavic Walkmen Does Underground Disco (2004, 2005), Slavic Walkmen Wednesday Special (2004), manSEDANse (DJ & co-organiser) (2005), Runo & Rytmi (2005)

    Cupola, Tampere:
    Spinni techno society parties (1997, '98), Bounce (1998)

    Apadana, Tampere:
    Eclectro Lounge (DJ & co-organiser) (2005)

    Hospital, Tampere:
    SubUrbia (1999)

    Telakka, Tampere:
    Mental Alaska (1999), Club Telex (2001), NoScene (2001-2003), Mental Alaska (2002, 2004)

    Apadana (ex-Green Grass), Tampere:
    Eclectro Lounge (co-organiser, 2005), Suomi Soundz (2005)

    Semifinal, Helsinki:
    Helsinki Turbo VII (2001), SuperKostamus (2001)

    Gloria, Helsinki:
    Avanto Festival (2001)

    Kaapelitehdas / Cable Factory, Helsinki:
    Koneisto Festival (2002)

    Aula @ Lasipalatsi, Helsinki:
    Homeisto, Helsinki (2002)

    Kerma, Helsinki:
    Flash (2003)

    Mbar, Helsinki:
    Music Is Better (2003)

    VR-Makasiinit, Helsinki:
    Entropy 10 Years (2003)

    Super, Helsinki:
    Music Is Better (2004)

    Päiväkoti, Turku:
    Electronic Therapy (2003)

    Parkki, Turku:
    Elextro (2004)

    Kåren, Turku:
    Uuden Musiikin Festivaali (2004, 2005)

    Fontana Club, Vaasa:
    Moowy Groowy: Electro (2004)

    Lavatanssit, Nokia (2004)

    (Also some private parties in Tampere)

    "one man's pHunk is other man's dirge"
    - stevvi, c8

    "if it kick, it kick, period"
    - tomi koskinen a.k.a. dj ebony, eira bass / helsinki turbo

    Techno, electro, Detroit, acid (the original 303 stuff before it was watered down), ambient, minimalism, IDM, monotrax (in small doses), experimental, analogue lo-fi, breakbeat, techstep or any harder/faster drum'n'bass, tr/hip-hop (the innovators, not imitators).
    Retro: alternative, indie, funk, soul, avantgarde (even classic music, though is not an expert there), jazz, 60's, psychedelia, garage rock, late-60's to mid-70's heavy metal, Krautrock, dub, disco (selectively), punk & new wave (well, not all of it), original 80's synthpop, original 80's EBM, (original experimental) industrial, early 90's hardcore techno, postrock, etc. etc.

    DMT + DXM + GHB + LSD + N2O + MDMA + STP + THC + 303 + 606 + 707 + 808 + 909 + SL-1200 = $$$$$$$

    Is not so much into:

    [NOTE: this list reflects only pHinn's personal, close-minded, purist tastes, and has nothing to do with the official open-minded, tolerant, PLUR and blaah blaah general attitude of pHinnWeb]

    handbag house (or whatever they call it this year), trance ("psychedelic" trance, my ass), big beat (though as a pop DJ and commercial whore he "has to" play some of it), speed garage (or whatever they call it this year), Eurodance, MTV "R&B" (hah!), gothic rock (which has absolutely nothing to do with techno or electronic music scene - unlike some seriously misguided people insist to claim - though pHinn has some Goth friends ;), bad Britpop like Oasis (pHinn's pet hate!), bad Front 242/Depeche Mode/synthpop imitators for whom the 80's never passed - (ever heard of Detroit, you "more-Aryan-than-thou" Hitler-Jugend wannabes?); heavy metal/grunge/alternative bands who dare to call themselves "industrial" (teenage angst aggression/adolescent rebellion against parents and teachers, mass-marketed to the black-clad youth via MTV); Tampere Britpop Mafia, who are luckily dissolving now(?); house yuppies with their fashion clothes and drugs; trendy white B-boys and smug hip-hop idiots in their expensive Tommy Hilfigers and other designer clothes, who are into it just for fashion, and have never been forced to live in ghetto and suffer from racism and violence. "Superstar DJs blaah blaah", "Ibiza blaah blaah", "Mitsubishi E's blaah blaah", "Gatecrasher blaah blaah", or anything hyped by "trendy" British "dance music" rags with letter "M" in their initials. Electroclash.

    Can't beatmix a shit (OK, sometimes in accident) but has always loads of good tunes in his bag.

    And remember: keep it surreal!

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    Good old Ludwig Van

    After a hard day pHinn likes to chill out at pHinnWeb Bunker with some good music as his company

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