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Warm  Leatherette

DJ Hell with ChiCKs On Speed
Warm Leatherette
(GO RECORDS No. 10 / EFA295607, Go Records, 7")
A. Warm Leatherette (Chicks On Speed)
B. Warm Leatherette (DJ Hell)

Produced by Tobi Neuman.

NOTE: a version of the track by The Normal (written by Daniel Miller).

"This was released in 1998, sold out pretty quick, and so another 500 were released in Japan under the label Pop Biz. The seven inch had hand made labels, each being stuck on by the Chix; as the hole had to be sealed, it was a virgin record (you had to break the seal to play the record.)" - CoS

Mäuse with Chicks On Speed
Euro Trash Girl
GO RECORDS No. 9 / EFA295597, Go Records
* 2 versions

[lyrics] / [original lyrics] [2.]

Produced by Tobi Neuman.

NOTE: "A cover version of the Cracker / F.S.K. (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle) classic (written by Camper Van Beethoven), with two completely different versions coming out. One for the dance floor and the other for lovers of death metal. The Mäuse were Tex Rubinowitz and Gerhard Potuznik, and this track reflects their true hardcore love for music. Long live the Mäuse!" - CoS

DMX Krew/Chicks On Speed/The Boob Monster
Smash Metal (2x7" with a gatefold sleeve)
(Go 08 / EFA 29558-7)
March 1999
1. For All The Boys In The World
2. All Over The World
3. Procrastinator
4. Seppi Welt
5. Stop Ad
6. Ohhh
7. Lush Life
8. Lovely Girls

NOTE: "It was after Ed (of DMX Krew) rang up to offer us these hard rockin' tracks that this project really began; we then became completely inspired to do versions influenced by him. The project was complete, when Gerhard Potuznik from Cortison Junkies also became interested to smash some guitars on his laptop." - CoS

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Mind  Your  Own  Business

Chicks On Speed vs Pulsinger, Gaier/Reents
Mind Your Own Business
(go7 / 7" / efa 29557-7)
15 October 1999
A. Mind Your Own Business (Original)
B. Mind Your Own Business (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)

NOTE: The Delta 5 classic, reworked by Chicks On Speed with Ted Gaier (Die Goldenen Zitronen) and Mense Reents (Egoexpress), remixed by Patrick Pulsinger.

"A truly punk cover version on one side by Ted Gaier (Goldenen Zitronen) / Mense Reents (Ego Express) featuring Chicks On Speed with most of the instruments played by all concerned. The flip side is a cover version by Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap), who has created jazz in the form of electronic punk coming to hysterical climax, reminding one of a CoS live act." - CoS



Glamour  Girl

Chicks On Speed With Christopher Just
Glamour Girl EP
(go6 / 10" / efa 29556-6)
November 1999
1. Special Intro
2. Glamour Girl
3. Turn Of The Century

NOTE: "ChicKs On Speed featuring Christopher Just and with very special vocals by Punk Anderson." - CoS

Image from cover

"Go breaks their 7" format because this baby just wouldn't fit. It has potential to do really well and would sound really good in an East Village go-go gay bar and at the same time have all the girls with big hair doo's dancing at the soda shop Kalooka, Kentucky. One side sounds like the pop house musical experience of Rupaul's Supermodel with a Sandra Bernhardt type of girly vocal and the other is a hard nasty rocker in the traditional Chicks style." - Bent Crayon

Kaltes  Klares  Wasser

Chicks On Speed
Kaltes Klares Wasser (rmx 10")
go 5.5/Monika 11 / EFA077076 / Go/Monika Records
18 February 2000
A. Kaltes Klares Wasser (CoS version)
B. Kaltes Klares Wasser (Morgenstern version)

Limited to 1000 copies.

NOTE: "This is a Malaria remix with additional CoS text, Barbara Morgenstern is on the other side; it´s comin' out on Go and Monika" - CoS

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CoS  vs.  v/vm

V/VM split with Chicks On Speed (7")
Arthur Whiskey 5
Jonathon Whiskey/Norman Records
10 April 2000
A. Chicks On Speed (w/ Hecker, G. Potuznik & D. Carretta): Post Police Razzia In The Lecorbusier Lounge Marseille
B. V/VM: Right People Right Time Just The Wrong Location

NOTE: CoS featuring Hecker, D. Carretta & G. Potuznik; V/VM doing a Minder tribute; limited to 250 copies.

"This single's name is Arthur. Its full name is Arthur Whiskey 5. It's a split 7" with the Chicks On Speed (featuring Hecker, Gerhard Potuznik and David Carretta) c/w V/VM. It's limited to a pressing of 250 copies. The Chicks On Speed track was recorded live in the Lecorbusier Lounge in Marseille and it's part of the Monsters Project. Each band do one song each and both are damned lovely! V/VM's contribution is a tribute to one of television's finest comedy dramas from the last century, "Minder". Also see if anyone can spot the equally excellent comedians in there!" - Norman Records.


Robert Fisher

Chix  52 Chix  52  12

Chicks on Speed
Chix 52 (12"/mini-CD)
COSR2 / COS 002 CD (29902-6 / 29902-2) / Chicks On Speed Records
September 2000
1. Strobe Light (4:25) [original lyrics]
2. Give Me Back My Man (4:14)
3. Song For A Future Generation (3:48)
4. The Chixmachine (5:34)

1.-3. written by B52s, 4. by CoS, Potuznik & Bauer.
Cover by Tina Winkhaus.

Chix 52 are:

Gerhard Potuznik - 7 am in the morning at Furstenhof!
Ramon Bauer - the bass.
Melissa Logan - nice robe babe
Kiki Moorse - new hair
Alex Murray-Leslie - a broken Mini-Disc player at Flex, Vienna
Pelle Krogholt / Datanom DK - datablood
Vocals on "Song for...": David Carretta - sexy under the strobe light

Made in Vienna, Marseille and in the bathroom on the train to Tilburg.

Thanks to some peoples, you know who you are.

Cover & foto: Tina W.-K. @ [Strada

Large image

NOTE: "Chicks On Speed goes B52s. Again far from boring cover-version-business-as-usual. Again produced by Gerhard Potuznik and Ramon Bauer. Featuring 'Give Me Back My Man' from their debut album and three previously unreleased tracks."

"Some versions of classic trax from California. 3 songs with special male vocals by David Carretta (Gigolo Marseille) and Pelle Krogholt (Xart Hybrid Copenhagen). The production is pure beautiful mayhem with CoS and friends being stuffed into envelopes and twisted by Potuznik (Cheap) and Bauer (Mego)." - CoS

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Euro  Trash  Girl

Chicks On Speed
Euro Trash Girl (12")
klp124 / K Records
January 30, 2000
A. Euro Trash Girl
B. Angel In Black - DJ Mause remix

NOTE: a re-release of the Go Records 7". Limited to 2000 copies.

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Kaltes  Klares  Wasser

Malaria! vs. Chicks On Speed
Kaltes Klares Wasser - Disc One (12")
superdj2013, Superstar (GER)
A. Chicks on Speed Version
B. Lazerboy-Remix by Electrochemie LK

Kaltes  Klares  Wasser

Malaria! vs. Chicks On Speed
Kaltes Klares Wasser - Disc Two (12")
superdj2013r, Superstar (GER)
A. Remix by DJ Koze & the Tease
B1. Barbara Morgenstern Mix
B2. Rudeboy Mix by Thomas Schumacher

DJ Koze Mix: remixed and produced by S. Kozalla - T. Mynther
at Soundtology Studio St. Georg HH

CoS  vs.  Kreidler

Chicks on Speed / Kreidler
The Chicks on Speed / Kreidler Sessions (CDS/12")
COSR4 / COS 004 CD (EFA 21101-2) / Chicks On Speed Records
November 2001
1. Polar Love
2. Sliding Down Your Ribcage
3. Frequent Flyer Lounge Song
4. Where the Wild Roses Grow

All songs by Chicks on Speed / Kreidler, except
4. by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.

Recorded April 2000 at the Alte Post in Düsseldorf, Germany. Cover artwork by Detlef Thomas of Kreidler and special additions by 3 Chix.

NOTE: CD includes "The Making of", a QuickTime video of 3 1/2 minutes of the studio sessions (edited by Juliane Solmsdorf, sound edits by Betty Nguyen).

The front cover together with back cover credits


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Chicks on Speed
Fashion Rules (12") COSR8 / Chicks On Speed Records
end of June 2002
A. Fashion Rules! (Original)
B. Fashion Rules! (Alter Ego Remix)

B. remix and production by Roman Flügel & Jörn Elling Wuttke @ Klangfabrik.

"This is the long-awaited new CHICKS ON SPEED single. The first track from their next album. With a cover-photo of COS by the king of fashion KARL LAGERFELD himself (no joke)! "Fashion Rules" was produced by CHICKS ON SPEED in Toulouse (with the help of Holger Hiller) with GLOVE (TOBI NEUMANN and THIES MYNTHER), who were recently involved with mixes of club hits like 2-Raumwohnung's "Sexy Girl", Golden Boy's "Rippin Kittin" and Peaches' "Set It Off". And if this would be not enough, on the B-side we find a remix by ALTER EGO who recently dominated worldwide clubcharts with their own tracks, their Human League remix and their productions for Sven Väth. ALTER EGO turn "Fashion Rules" into a raving/rocking club-anthem. Hot!"

NOTE: there is also a limited edition marbled yellow 12" having a different cover.

Image: Karl Lagerfeld photographing CoS

Chicks on Speed
We Don't Play Guitars Remixes (12")
September 2003
A1. We Don't Play Guitars (Album Version)
A2. We Don't Play Guitars (Christopher Just Remix)
B1. We Don't Play Guitars (Captain Comatose Remix)
B2. We Don't Play Guitars (Cristian Vogel Remix)

We Don't Play Guitars We Don't Play Guitars
Chicks on Speed
We Don't Play Guitars (12")
October 2003
A. We Don't Play Guitars (Chicken Lips Play Dub Version) (11:04)
B. We Don't Play Guitars (Tiefschwarz Black Box Mix) (7:25)



Wordy Rappinghood

Chicks On Speed
Wordy Rappinghood (12")
December 2003
1. Album Version
2. Acapella Version
3. Dave Clarke's No Techno Mix
4. The Playgroup Mix

Cover art by Daniel Richter.

Flame On

Chicks on Speed vs. Mika Vainio
Flame On (10")
March 23 2004
A. Flame On
B. Flame On (Instrumental)

Written and produced by Mika Vainio.
Lyrics written and performed by CoS.
Additional production: Cristian Vogel.
Special guests: Ana and Panocha.

Artwork: skull by Pablo Alonso. The rest: CoS.

NOTE: Released as hidden track on the CD version of the album 99 Cents, this release a 10" vinyl only. The team up with Pan sonic's Mika Vainio track brings a powerful, dark Death Disco track, that was defined by the additional production of Super_Collider's Cristian Vogel.


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Girl Monster 
A Girl Monster 

Various Artists
Girl Monster (12")
June 2006
* A3. Chicks on Speed: Plastic Surgery

Written and produced by Gerhard Potuznik and Chicks on Speed.


Chicks  On  Speed