Chicks On Speed/Kreidler: Sessions (Chicks On Speed)
Artist Unknown: Errorist (Disko B)

"We all need those angry Germans", went one of those berserk fed-backwards-through-a-food-mixer 'dance' records that only Piers Martin owns the other day, and it had a point. Five-one wins, Atari Teenage Riot. 'Allo 'Allo: where would we be without the odd spite-minded Jerry, eh? But do we really need those vaguely-esoteric-in-a-sparse-and-squonky-kind-of-way Germans? Observe: Chicks On Speed and Kreidler's 'Sessions' mostly sounds like They Might Be Giants having a crack at minimalist electro-spook while a Dusseldorf biology teacher lectures us sternly about the goat in her nan's kitchen for ten minutes. Cheers. Slightly more interesting are Berlin's Artist Unknown (although from the sound of it we'd guess John Lydon fronting Fad Gagdet), who wail "I'm your brain!" over some plinky '80s synths, presumably addressing Gary Numan. Danke bitte, but on reflection, nein.

- Mark Beaumont, NME 26 January 2002