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8 May 2002 - DMX Krew is one Ed DMX from Britain. His workload as a purveyor of 80s-style funky electro has been amazing: on Rephlex Records, his own Breakin' label, and many more. Ed took some time from his busy gig schedule to answer some e-mail questions to pHinnWeb's Net correspondent (who always wants to have it easy way as it turned out), in occasion of his May 2002 gigs in Finland at Flash club of Helsinki and Tampere's Telex. Later on I briefly met Ed face-to-face at Telex, this lanky guy working out sounds from his Powerbook + mixer and working the crowd.

- So what's now happening in the life of DMX Krew, any news?

Gigs, gigs, gigs. Never at home any more. I need a holiday!!! Also new records coming, the Man Parrish remixes are doing quite well, EDMX EP on Breakin' just came out (MPC Trax Volume 7), more new stuff on Breakin' from Sol_Dat and Computor Rockers, DMX Krew stuff on Ersatz Audio, White Leather (Tiga's new label), Nitsa (Spanish label), etc. etc. Busy busy busy.

- How did you start to make music?

On a Bontempi organ when I was a kid, then Casio etc.; bought some more equipment when I left home. Kept practising. Used my ears and brain and emotions.

- How would you describe your style of music?

Many styles. I like to use synthesizers and machines, not acoustic stuff so much. Mostly stuff top dance to. I don't care about deep lyrics much. Just good grooves and tunes.

- What kind of equipment you create your music with?

Some old synths, a sampler, some effects units, a mixer, an FM synth, a good mic, a compressor. The older stuff was done on reel-to-reel 8-track, the new stuff will be multi-tracked on Cubase.

- Are there any role models or influential artists for you?

Yes, many. For example, Prince, Drexciya, Kraftwerk. These are the most important ones, also things like Arthur Baker/John Robie productions, any old stuff with synthesizers.

- And any current acts which would particularly impress you, or feel are on the same wavelength with you?

Not really. Just occasional records I like, Timbaland is good sometimes; I am finding it hard to find any good new records. There was lots of good breakbeat stuff last year, all the 2-step breaks thing, but now it's gone a bit tame.

- Tell me a bit of your co-operation with Chicks on Speed. How did you meet and how did that 'Smash Metal' 2x7" happen? Any funny stories from the recording sessions?

I recorded my record at home, they did theirs somewhere else: it is a pair of unconnected 7"s. I don't know why they didn't make it 2 separate releases instead of a double pack. I made the tracks to try and destroy electro; people are so reverential and drone on about 'Planet Rock' and all that, it's a great record but I just wanted to kill it. People who like electro can be so obsessive and boring.

We met in a club in Berlin, we had fun; they are nice girls. I thought they might like to release the tracks on their label, so I gave them to them for nothing.

- Your take on the current "Electroclash" hype and how the trendy mags etc. seemed to have taken on electro recently; a good or a bad thing eventually?

Can't talk about it any more. It's too boring and such bullshit. We will see who is still making records in a year from now and who is just getting their hair done again. Let's not give them any more coverage.

- What are the differences between the scene in the UK, continental Europe and the US as far as you are concerned; any personal ideas?

Dunno. What scene? I don't feel part of any scene.

- Your Top Ten for the moment/all-time?

I dunno. Here's 10 amazing records anyway:

Prince - Lady Cab Driver
Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak
Jose Feliciano - California Dreaming
Drexciya - Living on the Edge
Womack & Womack - Teardrops
C Bank - Perfect
Pajama Party - Yo No Se
Jamie Principle - Your Love
AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 1
Model 500 - Interference

- How about your future plans?

See answer for the first question. Also a new album hopefully by the end of the year, it's been finished for ages. And I want to stop touring for a while and chill out a bit and make some new music.

- Your favourite question they never ask in interviews?

Don't try and make me do your job for you.

- Oh well... glad I didn't ask you about your sex life.

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