Mika Vainio
Onko CD
Touch # TO:34
late 1997
1. Kelvin
2. Jos [If?]
3. Onko Parts 1-11 [Is It?]
4. Viher [Green/Cellular]

MIKA VAINIO is one half of the ground-breaking PANASONIC (Blast First) and the man behind the highly acclaimed sound sculptures of ø, released by Sähkö in Finland, one of the most influential labels of the early nineties in pushing so-called Minimal Techno.
ONKO is Mika Vainio's first release under his own name. It marks a departure from his previous work, more tranquil, symphonic even, but no less intense in its exploration of the post-digital landscape and its quest to reveal the grain of the one/zero lifeform.
Imagine the sounds that cellular patterns might make as they face the scrutiny of a high-powered microscope. Or the soundtrack to a road movie, filmed in the Arctic Circle in high summer.
ONKO means 'It Is'.

In a category all on its own, a mystery to the marketing executives at the Coca Cola bottling plant, at once 'ambient' only to ignite in a flash of pure tone. An essential pleasure for anyone for whom the act of listening is still first and foremost a creative activity.