Space: 1999 Trading Cards

Here you can see my collection of Dutch Space: 1999 trading cards from 1976. Every card has on its back a piece of black & white puzzle, and one could also order the same image as a poster from the manufacturer, called Monty, in the Netherlands. There are totally 64 cards in the series. These cards are from the French version of the series, with the Space/Cosmos: 1999 logo, as the Dutch version cards had a logo which read Space/Alpha: 1999 (see these at Space: 1999 Catacombs). [Thanks for scanning assistance to Mikko Niemelä.]

  • Trading Card Set 1 (129K)
  • Trading Card Set 2 (138K)
  • Trading Card Set 3 (150K)
  • Trading Card Set 4 (122K)

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