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maya (mäyä), n. Hinduism. 1. the power, as of a god, to produce illusions. 2. the production of an illusion. 3. (in Vedantic philosophy) the illusion of the reality of sensory experience and of the experienced qualities and attributes of oneself. 4. (cap.) Also called Mahamaya. a goddess personifying the power that creates phenomena. [< Skt] -mayan, adj.

Maya (mäyä), n. , pl. -yas, (esp. collectively) -ya 1. a member of an Amerindian people of Yucatán who had attained a relatively high pre-Columbian civilization. 2. the historical and modern language of the Mayas, of Mayan stock.

-Webster's Dictionary

A l s o :

maya. Sanskrit: Illusion, i.e. the true nature of the world. Matter, according to Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, as the "veiling spirit".

Maya. In Greek mythology the nymph who, lately loved by Zeus, gives birth to a boisterous child named Hermes, the god of commerce and communication.


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