The Movie
Jimi Tenor, Panasonic, Ø, Hertsi, etc.
44 min video, directed by Jimi Tenor,
shot on 16mm film.
"Shows you what these guys get up to in their native Finland and their
adventures as they attempt to conquer the world, and win!"
Available in PAL format VHS only.
Available only from: Mute Bank Mail Order.

"The packaging is plain white cardboard with a red ink Sähkö stamp on it. Inside, the cassette itself and a small piece of white paper with translations of Finnish dialogue to English.

The film itself is grainy in quality (what would you expect from 16mm), oftentimes it is nearly impossible to tell what is onthe screen. Sound is better, though. There are some whole tracks,but mostly they are just snippets from live performances and recording sessions.

There is absolutely no script whatsoever - the scenes just come one after another. Shots from various studios, live performances and recording sessions. A visit to Kirlian's studio is just a flash of darkness and white keyboard keys. Live at the Limelight. A party in New York. Jimi Tenor playing saxophone in his apartment. A quick explanation of what Sähkö is by Tommi Grönlund. A semi-humorous scene depicting "Holmes," a self-built bass element that allegedlyre produces sound down to 15 Hz; include an experiment with sauna and you have the funny part.

I find the scene about "Liberace", the portable organ most entertaining. I can describe the instrument with words, but it has to be seen before understanding. To me, Sähkö the Movie shed a lot of light on their ideology and approach to music." - Nuutti Meriläinen

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