Cae$ar EP (12")
September 2003
A1. Do You Have A Dime?
A2. Extend Bonu$ Beatz
B1. Jack On Deez Track
B2. Boyz Of Caligula

Recorded at The West 20 Studios,
Turku, Finland in August 2002.
909 by Burdock.

Cae$ar: Lyrics, vocals & TB 303
Randy Barracuda: TR 808 & SH 101
Mesak: Akai S90 & TR 909

Cae$ar would like to thank God - the Creator - for giving me all this talent and strength. I dedicate this record to Armando, R.I.P.
Randy B would like to thank Kristian Poika "Crazy Pommac" Hakala, house it up!
Mesak would like to thank the ladies for giving the inspiration...

©+(p) 2003 Keys of Life Records

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