Freestyle Man featuring George Spruce
Solid Support EP (12")
July 1999
A1. Blue Skies
A2. Tender Rain
B1. Latin Lover
B2. Images Of You
B3. Fleecy

All trax mixed and produced by Sasse for West 20 Ltd., Turku, Finland.
Keys on A1 by Jay La Casa for Isotalo Brothers Entertaiment.
A2 & B3 co-produced by George Spruce.
Solo and edits on B1 by "The Hand".
Vocals on B2 by Sasse. Moog on B2 by Jimi Tenor.
Remix and additional production on B3 by Jimi Tenor.
Some trax appearing on the forthcoming Freestyle Man album.
©+(p) Keys Of Life 1999
Published by ELP.

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