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Jukka Tolonen
Silva The Cat (12")
August 2002
A1. Silva The Cat (4:46)
A2. The Sea (8:19)
B1. Aurora Borealis (8:23)
B2. Together (3:15)

(p) Love Records 1974-1975
licensed exclusively to Sähkö Recordings 2002

Jukka Tolonen: Guitars and piano
Heikki Virtanen: Bass
Esko Rosnell: Drums and percussion
Esa Kotilainen: Moog, clavinet and accordion
Pekka Pöyry: Alto, soprano sax and flute
Seppo Paakkunainen: Baritone sax

All tunes by Jukka Tolonen.
Recorded at Marcus Music AB in Stockholm 5-11 August, 1974.
Produced by Måns Groundstroem.

Live photo by: Pete Nurmi.
Sleeve lay-out by: Speedshop, Henrik and TG.
Licensed exclusively from Love Records.
(Jukka Tolonen - The Hook, LRLP 113 - 1974 and Hysterica, LRLP 149 - 1975)
Thanks to Sini and Timo at Siboney and Dimitri Tolonen.

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