Land Great Britain/Australia
Year 1971
Directed by Nicolas Roeg
Script Edward Bond from the novel "The Children" by James Vance Marshall
Cinematography Nicolas Roeg
Editing Antony Gibbs, Alan Patillo
Music John Barry
Production Designer Brian Eatwell
Starring Jenny Agutter (Girl), Lucien John (White Boy), David Gulpilil (Black Boy),
John Meillon (Father), Peter Carver (No Hoper), John Illingsworth (Ehemann)
Producer Si Litvinoff
Production Max L. Raub/Si Litvinoff
Length 95 min. (video release 100 min.)
Format 35 mm, colour

After the suicide of their father, a brother and sister are forced to learn how to survive in the Australian outback. They meet a young Aborigine boy who has been sent on a "walkabout" by his tribe - i.e., he must also learn to survive by his own efforts. - "The aborigine and the girl were at a point where they could have been in love with each other. They had everything to offer each other, but they couldn't communicate and went zooming to their own separate destinies, through odd placement of identity, the identity that other people had put on them" (Nicolas Roeg).

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